Product Highlight: 6×4 Photo Boxes

Hallo to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts.  It’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa here to share a product that works for me – photo boxes.  I know there are lots and lots and lots more exciting products available but I tend to use these all the time and this is why:

They are: cheap, readily available, see through, sturdy, the perfect size for Project Life goodies and it’s so versitile – you can use it for brads, die cuts, flowers, paperclips, etc.


 The picture is of the brand we get but I’m sure your stores will stock something similar.

I only have one teeny, weenie problem – their lids fall off when you store them on their sides but don’t fear when IMPERFECT ME is near …………….. I use underwear elastic to keep them closed. Yeah, I can hear you laugh but once again it’s cheap and readily available even down under in Sunny SA and I always look for the nice, funky colors (on the elastic, not the underwear!). I even pretty them up with felt die cuts and some buttons ……………….  love it!!

Here is a picture of my system:


You can see how I pack my Project Life monthly kits (top right) , label the boxes and then stack them in another plastic container (bottom left).  When the container is full, I stop buying / up my usage / give away.  This is another thing that I love about containers – they are made to “contain” a certain amount of stash – once it’s done, you have to kick up a gear and make a plan.


I’ll give you a quick review of how I organize my Project Life kits.  They get packed in 6×4 photo boxes and labeled.  In the lid, I’ll add a pic and a list of what’s in the kit.  If the kit corresponds with something in my stash, I’ll add a note to the lid.  First, I make a layout from the kit, and then I do a double page Project Life page or more. Once that is done, I sort the remainder of the kit into general boxes of 3×4 and 6×4 photo mats and journaling cards.  All the embellishments get filed into various containers for stickers, flowers, paperclips, etc.

I’m a firm believer that if you can see what you’ve got, you will use it.  I get inspired by colors, textures and beautiful things and therefore I use see-through containers – I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I go into my Craft Closet.

That’s if from me. Thanks for visiting Craft Storage Ideas today and please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots more to share right here. Please leave me some comments – I would love to see and hear what you do ……………………….. until next year ……………….. lots and lots and lots of love and sunshine from Sunny South Africa.


6 thoughts on “Product Highlight: 6×4 Photo Boxes”

    1. Thanks for the info Julie. It is a great idea to use hair elastics – Next time you see pictures of my Craft Closet, you will spot some in there!!

  1. Hi Hazel. I live in KZN and would really love to know where I can find these awesome boxes. Haven’t seen them anywhere locally.
    Thanks n Hugz

    1. Great to hear from a local storage enthusiast! I get mine from Plastics for Africa in Somerset West. If you don’t have a store near you / they don’t stock it, let me know and we can make a plan. I really love storing in them.

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