Just One Tip- Using Flea Market Finds To Corral Your Tools

Hello readers, Kim here to share my January Just One Tip for storing the crafting tools that you use everyday with a flea market find!  My tip:  Find something that you love to hold all of the everyday tools and keep it on your desk right in front of you within easy reach.

Craft Storage Ideas Just 1 Tip

Do you have a few craft tools and items that you use every single time you sit down to create something?  If you’re anything like me, you have a handful of tools that you reach for every time you work on a project.  They end up all over your work space by the time you’ve finished working.  These are my must have tools:

Craft Storage Ideas Just One Tip

I’ve made it a habit to tidy my craft table before I leave my studio for the day.   I love walking in to the room each day to find my space all ready to go.  It’s so much more relaxing to craft in an organized space! (Okay…I’ll ‘fess up!  Most days I leave it cleaned up!)

One thing that I’ve learned about myself is that if putting things away is work or if my tools are stored together like jigsaw puzzle pieces, it won’t work for me.  It needs to be quick, handy and within reach.

Craft stores and home decor stores are filled with pretty baskets and plastic containers in all sizes and shapes that you can purchase for a pricey sum.  Plus…I’m not known for entering a craft store and leaving with just the one pretty basket that I need.  (What can I say?  They have those giant carts by the door and it would be a shame to leave empty handed.)

My solution came while browsing a local flea market…a small wood caddy.  I’m not sure what it was originally used for.  It looks like one of those men’s dresser caddies to hold their wallets and watches.

Craft Storage Ideas Just 1 Tip

This is perfect for my needs.  It holds all of my tools, I like how it looks and it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on my craft table.

Craft Storage Ideas just one tip

The crafty gal in me loves to re-purpose items that I find at flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores.  This little caddy will become another DIY project when I finally decide how I want to paint or decorate this.  I know that I will paint it with a white base, but I’m trying to decide whether to paint a design on the front or perhaps I’ll use my Mod Podge to add some designer paper with a pattern that I love.

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for how to refurbish this wood caddy to decorate my desk and hold my tools!  Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

Until next time, let’s make 2015 the year we get our craft stash organized!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner



3 thoughts on “Just One Tip- Using Flea Market Finds To Corral Your Tools”

  1. Wow, fantastic find. I wouldn’t do anything to this piece. I love things left in their original state if they are functional as they are. What a sturdy piece to hold those tools. Thanks for sharing. I use a wooden mail / desk organizer to hold my tools.

  2. Hi Kim,
    So nice to see a familiar face. We met at the Unite & Excite in Hauppague.
    My favorite craft storage idea is boxes. I’m on the borderline of hording boxes, especially small boxes, like from a mug-gift or an iPhone box. These are usually petty sturdy. Sometimes, if I’m in a drug store and like a container, I’ll just buy the item to use the container. I may have a life time supply of Q-Tips. Ha. Ha. You can maneuver them into any configuration you want, they fit in desk draws and keep things tight and organized. Stay warm and cozy and in doors!

  3. I like the paint and distress look, or shabby chic look.
    My crafty tools that I use most often is in a big plastic 50l tub that I can carry anywhere to craft nights or to another room. Holds – scissors, double sided tape, mat, glues, cutting board, etc in small plastic baskets or tins. Works a treat for me.

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