Just One Tip: Using clothing hangers for craft storage

Hey all, Noelle here with a tip on some inexpensive storage, some that you might already have “hanging” around! 😉 I am not fortunate enough to have a closet in my space… not that it’s prevented me from hanging a curtain rod upside down under a shelf and making my own hanging bar, though! 🙂  But I bet many of you do have a closet, or maybe you’ve even turned a closet into your crafting space! Here are some ideas to incorporate clothing hangers as storage in your studio.

This has been one of my favorite storage solutions in my own studio. I use giant plastic zipper storage bags (2 ½ gallon sized) suspended from inexpensive pant hangers to store all my “themed” items. One is for Christmas, one is for Halloween, one for school, etc. I even have one bag for each of my kids keepsakes (things like report cards, certificates, and class photos) that I’d like to incorporate into their scrapbooks. It’s great, because, when I go to scrap, say a First Day of School page, I pull down the “School” bag, and rummage through to find my school papers, stickers, and embellishments. They are all right there together, I just love that!

While searching around for other cool hanger ideas, I came across these….

Use a vintage hanger as a frame! This would be a great way to showcase your kids art, or your most recent scrapbook page.

Use a scarf or shirt hanger to store ribbon lengths on.

You might remember in my “Ribbon Re-do” I used a multi-tiered pants hanger with arms that swing out to store ribbon spools.

If you are a jewelry maker, adding cup hooks to a wood hanger, could be a great way to store strings of beads, or lengths of chain.

Going back to the pant hanger idea, here’s a great way to store fabric so you can see it all without rummaging through a big pile.

How about using hangers to store tissue paper, so it doesn’t get crushed or torn?

And if you want to dress up some hangers to make them look pretty in your space, here’s a clever way to use some of that scrapbook paper or fabric on those free wire hangers from the dry cleaners. This could even make a fun gift!

Do you think you could use some more hanging storage? There are so many great closet organizational goodies out there that could be used for crafts, just think of all the possibilities! 🙂

Thanks for popping by Craft Storage Ideas! See you again very soon!


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