Just One Tip: Small Stamp Storage

Whether you have a few stamps or many, the dilemma of how to store those stamps is the same.  And it’s tricky.

Shannon  loves to purchase  $1 stamps from Michael’s and Joann’s

When my stamps get buried I have a tendency to forget what I have, but I believe I found the perfect solution by Madigan Made Simple DIY Ideas.  Shannon Madigan has come up with a easy stamp storage solution designed with a tool chest and colored paper.   This is a perfect option for organizing a small stash of stamps.

Tool/hardware storage chest


Shannon sorted through all her stamps first and then cut out little squares of colored paper to fit inside the front of each drawer,  She then stamped one image on each piece of paper as a label and placed the paper at the front of each drawer.

Handmade labels to keep track of what stamps are in each drawer


That’s going to do it for me.  I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect rubber stamp storage solution!









4 thoughts on “Just One Tip: Small Stamp Storage”

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