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Happy Tuesday!  I’m happy to introduce Stacey Michaud from It’s Just Paper.  You can also find Stacey designing for Lily Bee, Teresa Collins, and Webster’s Pages!  Let’s give her a warm welcome!



Hello!  I am a teacher by day and an avid scrapbooker by night!  My husband, two feisty children and pets give me lots to scrap about.  Paper serves as my muse and I love to create theme-based layouts that document my family’s history.  Here’s a look into my craft room!

My craft room is actually a shared space with my family.  In my house, we refer to the room as our office.  It is in a well-viewed and well-traveled part of my main living area.  As such, I needed to almost hide my scrap supplies.  The room needs to be neat and easily accessible for doing homework, paying bills and watching TV.  I decided to use handsome bookcases as my storage units because my goodies can be concealed in pretty baskets and boxes.  It is easy for me to use and looks more like a library than a scrap room.  I need to clean up at the end of each day so my storage ideas have to be user friendly.

I started with Expedit bookcases from IKEA.  I slowly purchased insert boxes and baskets in all different sizes, ensuring that every piece serves a good purpose.


I have a clear system for the boxes. Several of the larger ones hold the embellishments for the companies I design for.  I need those supplies to stay sorted by collection and by company.  I am a big believer in galloon size plastic bags.  I place all the embellishments for one line into a bag, label and then store.  It makes my design team work run smoothly.  I like to grab a box and get to work!


The small green boxes hold smaller, mixed embellishments that I have acquired over time.  These are items I don’t need for design team work.  As a part of my storage system I have sorted my extra embellishments and goodies by color, not paying attention to company or collection.  If I need a pop of orange, I reach for the box with all my orange colored items.  It has streamlined the process.  The only small embellishments that don’t live in the boxes are my buttons, which I have stored in glass jars from Ikea.


My children are older now, so I am able to keep my paper cutter out on a lower shelf.   Having it so close to my desk makes it easy to reach, yet gives me working space.  A square, black wooden box holds layouts and projects that are in progress.


My most-loved tools and supplies go inside the drawers.  I tried to keep them in boxes, but the lids and sliding in and out bugged me.  I recently installed the drawers units, which are a part of the Expedit system.


I love alphabet letters and have struggled with an efficient way to store all the packages.  I once had them in drawers, but had to empty the contents out to find what I am looking for.  Right now, I am storaging them in the woven Ikea baskets.  It seems to be working. alphabetjpg

The other side of my room contains a large, wrap around desk, a command center and a couch.  I sometimes display layouts on the corkboard.  The calendar allows me to organize deadlines and the containers on that side hold everyday office supplies like my stapler, scissors, colored paperclips and my pens.


The stacked white cubes serve as an end table for the couch, but also are home to completed layouts that are waiting to be put into albums.


1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I always try to stick to a reasonable budget when organizing any space.  I had planned for the wrap around desk while we were renovating our home. For the other items in the room, I like to hunt for the best bargains.  Places like Ikea allow for affordable, functional, and attractive decorating.

2. What was your greatest challenge?

My greatest challenge was designing a space that I could easily access, yet fits my entire family’s needs.  The room is in a place in my house where it is visible from several rooms.  I needed to create a space that serves as a family room.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I am constantly reassessing my storage solutions.  I try to purge and reorganize every winter and summer.  If I am not using something and have had it for a while, I donate it.  I only want the essentials at hand.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?
I  have a hard time organizing consistently used items like adhesive, glue dots and foam squares.  It gets so messy that I often open a new package.  I need a better solution for the things I use every time I craft.


I’m loving how clean and organized Stacey’s space is!  And it definitely shows that a space can be multi-functional and accessible by the entire family and still look good!  Thanks, Stacey, for joining us!  For more information, check out Stacey’s blog here!

7 thoughts on “It’s Just Paper {Stacey Michaud}”

  1. As I was reading your article, I kept thinking, “I’ve seen that craft room before!” Now, I know why! How exciting to have you join our team, Stacey! I’m so glad you agreed to have your room featured in CSI – and now, you’re “one of us!” You already know I love your room (wink!), and now we get to see all the wonderful storage ideas and crafty goodness you’ll be sharing with us! Welcome aboard! ~ Doris

  2. Now THIS would be a dream room for me…uncluttered, multipurpose and thoughtfully organized to meet the needs of the owner! Wonderfully inspiring!!! Thanks so much for sharing your space with us! 🙂

  3. This is exactly what I’m working towards. I also have a craft room in the area that used to be exclusively office. I’m working with a limited budget and so am using plain old bookshelves at the moment. I love your expedit shelves!! I’m wondering if you would share what brand of paper cutter you have. My sil is looking for one like that. Beautiful space!

  4. Stacey, thanks for sharing your space. You are a brave gal to be crafting in such a shared place. I have a neat freak in me who is being suffocated by my crazy crafting side! LOL. I loved your storage solutions & the gallon bags are genious. I really need to work on the purging aspect, but that’s for another day! Glad to be on the team with you and I’m looking forward to more inspiration from such a talented lady!

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