Great Do It Yourself Craft Space {Teresa Jaye}

I love to look at craft spaces. More like drool, but you get my meaning. A well organized space is wonderful to work in, lovely to look at, and, for me at least, a something that makes my heart go pitter patter.

I am quite the organizer. Or OCD if you listen to my husband. I once moved my bed 1/2″ so that it would line up with the nap on our Berber carpet. Sad but true. So an organized craft space is a must!

My friend Teresa Jaye has a lovely space. She even decorated hers – something I will admit I don’t do. Love her matching curtains and chair covers.

Here is a look from the door into her space.

She has made her space fit her needs, dividing it up into zones according to how she works. She has space for scrapbooking, sewing and a section set aside for her computer/photo printer as well.

There is an abundance of natural light supplemented by well placed artificial light for crafting at any time. I really like how flexible her furniture is, she will be able to rearrange it all if her needs – or her mood!- change.

I love this wonderful glass cabinet that she keeps her embellishments and such in – no dusting!  Please stop by and take a look at her wonderful  studio. I am sure will take away some ideas of your own.


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