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Good morning!  I’m thinking you are going to love today’s guest post!  Here’s Genevive!

I’m Genevive Badilla – Rulona, a Filipino based in Singapore, wife to my very supportive and loving husband Benjo Rulona, and mom of two adorable boys Rujim and Miguel.  I am a teacher by profession but motherhood and scrapbooking changed my career plans. I am now a busy stay-at-home-mom, taking care of my boys, maintaining my online craft store, ThoughtfulCrafts.
Welcome to my “happy place”. So thankful to my dear husband for approving and supporting my hobby and passion to the point that he allowed me to use part of our dining area as my studio. I used to be in this room but I decided to shift outside so I can use the bigger table when I have workshops (yes I conduct a class of four here!), but more than that, I like to see my kids while doing my stuff and they won’t think their Mommy is hiding in her room all the time haha..
1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?
We are just renting this house so all the things you can see in my craft room are movable and temporary. As much as possible I don’t want to spend too much on storage. Apart from the fact that I am quite a stingy person haha! But I feel so blessed to be able to work as scrapbooking instructor and design team at Made With Love, a local scrapbooking store and so most of my stuff are freebies or bought using our  DT vouchers on top of huge discounts during sales! My greatest splurge so far is whenever I go to Ikea where I practically get anything white — from the white billy book case to white baskets and boxes.  I also like to go to  Cash Converters (a second hand store in Singapore) where I got these glass containers to hold my buttons and flowers…
2. What was your greatest challenge?
I must turn the lights on when I work and I must go outdoors to take photos of my projects. So when I will have my own place someday, that’s the first thing I must keep in mind!

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?
I think  I’m an “organize as I go” kind of girl and yes my storage solutions constantly evolve. There are times when in the middle of creating something, I just think of an organizing Idea and I do it right there and then. Like when I thought of this twine basket. I was cutting some  dress form die-cuts for a project when I just thought using it as  twine spools. It turned out cute 🙂 

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?
If we will be blessed to have our own place in God’s time, I would like the wall to be painted white instead of orange, I will get rid of those boxes under my work table (by using up those papers fast!) and think about a better way to organize my punches. 
… see my son’s art work on the wall 🙂
… latest projects on a, this was a  grocery basket given by a friend last Christmas 🙂
…out of sight, out of mind. I use washi tapes all the time and I believe it’s because they are right in front of me when I create.
…putting up this shelves was a fun experience for me. I felt like I was altering a giant printer’s tray 🙂
… I put all my dies at the bottom because they are heavy.  These bookcases will curve over time when you put heavy stuff on them.
… those white boxes hold my ribbons and embellishments.
I really do love Genevive’s room!  It’s perfect!  And I love that it’s not hidden away, but in plain sight so she can still interact with her family!  Be sure to visit Genevive’s blog for more details about how she works!

7 thoughts on “Genevive Rulona {Thoughtful Crafts}”

  1. This is such an awesome example of how someone can combine spaces effectively! I love it that she wants to paint her walls white – most of us can’t wait to cover up our white walls! I hope they are able to buy a home of their own in the very near future! Thanks for sharing this space with us, Rebecca! ~ Doris

  2. You have a very nice, friendly place to craft. Sometimes I prefer to be in the midst of the family, too, instead of “hiding” in my room. LOL Thanks for sharing your lovely space.

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