Daring DIY: Repurposed Storage Box

Today I am bringing you a very practical, economical and pretty daring DIY. How many times do you toss out old boxes? Once you see these pretty boxes, you are going to want to hoard hold on to your extra boxes. Simply cover the boxes with pretty paper and you have customized, beautiful drawer storage. And who can’t use more of that?

Rebecca at Soap Deli News Blog¬†did just that! She used pretty scrapbook paper to cover all of her boxes as well as the larger box she recovered. You don’t even need drawer space to make this fun project work! You could also cover your boxes with wrapping paper, contact paper, or vinyl.


I love that the small size boxes perfectly house her washi tape collection and you can easily see all of them.

Head over to Soap Deli News Blog to check out the full instructions.


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