Daring DIY: Craft Table Cover by IdeaLogical Mom

Hey all! Noelle here with my first ever “Daring DIY” post! This is a new topic we are bringing to you here at Craft Storage Ideas. This original DIY project is from Annie at IdeaLogical Mom.

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 This is a custom table cover for crafts and playing cards. When I first saw this, I just kept thinking of what a very cool idea this was… Not everyone has space for a craft room, or even a craft closet. And, the truth is that even if you do have a crafty space, you or your kids may still need a place to do messier things like; painting, clay, gluing, and more. This table cover is reversible, one side is felt for playing cards, and the other side is vinyl for those messy but fun activities. You could even use it for things like pumpkin carving, or decorating cookies.


Additionally, if you like to sew, you could use the felt side for pinning things. It would be a nice place to lay out a big piece of fabric, keep it flat, and prevent it from slipping around while you pin a pattern to it. If you do stained glass or pottery work, a felt cover might be just the thing you need to keep your projects from scratching the table. The felt side doesn’t only have to be for cards, although I have been missing game night lately! 😉

I really like that this is elasticized so it won’t slide around like a traditional tablecloth. I use basic vinyl tablecloths for when my youngest pulls out the play-doh, the markers, or paint. However, they get pulled around, and my son will often get frustrated if the cover gets bunched up underneath his picture and he can’t draw a straight enough line, or make his letters just so. (He can be pretty temperamental like many of us artist types!) 😉

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Annie is a personal friend, and I know from learning from her in the theater costume shop at college many moons ago that she’s a fabulous seamstress. There is an excellent, detailed tutorial on her blog right here. It even looks simple enough for those of us who are convinced that all we can sew are straight lines (Yes yes, I am talking about me here, I’ve made a LOT of curtains and pillow covers in my day, but never anything *too* complicated, KWIM?) She has some good tips on making one of these, too, even if your table is different than hers.

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And, the best part is, it folds up small and can be easily stashed in a tight space until you need it again. Awesome project! I hope you like it as much as I did. 🙂 That is all for me today, I will be back in May with some more great crafty info to share! 🙂

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  1. Cool idea! Thanks for sharing this, Noelle. I love vinyl tablecloths, and even used 2 from Target to make my curtains in my former craft room! Some of them have a thin layer of felt on the back, but adding a true length of felt would be even better! Tell your friend she did good!!! 😉

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