Daphne’s Craft Room

Curved detail

I love how Daphne Wünn-Rihm’s bright and sunny space uses a variety of some of my favorite Ikea pieces to create clever and practical storage solutions.  Here she combined a small Expedit with a ribbon rack and some tall shelves to make her own custom built-in. Love the size of that ribbon storage unit and how it can handle so many full spools! Expedit Combo

Here she cleverly mounted the rails for her punches onto a large moveable surface. What great flexibility this punch storage solution offers!Punch Storage

I love lots of closed storage for the items that don’t need to be on display. Cabinets like this also provide room on top for more storage in cute containers or for display.Closed Storage

I love the playful curved edges on these wall mounted cubes and how they work with the contemporary feel of this space:Curved detail

These fun cubes are located right over Daphne’s work area and store her go-to items:


To see some of the amazing creations that get produced in this craft space, and to read more about Daphne’s organizational strategies, stop by her blog: Dapfniedesign

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