Creative Uses for Drawers

open drawer

In the traditional sense, drawers are great for storing craft supplies. In my own space I use this 3-drawer dresser to store a large portion of my stamp collection:

storage dresser

open drawerSource: Pinterest

It’s got a nice big top surface that comes in very handy, as well.

In the non-traditional sense, you can get creative with drawers for craft storage. I found these great ideas on the web. As you can see, the drawers don’t even have to be in a piece of furniture to be useful (& pretty) storage pieces.

These smaller drawers are orphaned from old sewing tables –they’d make great ‘on the desk’ storage or cool storage boxes to line up on top of a shelf like in this photo:

Vintage sewing drawers
from Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

In this example, the owner put little feet on the sewing drawers and painted them in a bright color:

painted drawers
from: Blissful Elements

Source: Blissful Elements

I love how these drawers are mounted on a wall for easy open storage:

small green drawers
Drawer wall from Anthropologie

Source: Home Made Blog

Inspired by the Anthropologie example, this shop owner painted her drawers first then mounted them on the wall:

painted drawers

Source: Home Made Blog

And here’s another great way to use them on walls. Drawers with dividers could serve as small shelves when used on a vertical surface:

pastel drawers
From Shelterness Blog

Source: Shelterness Blog

I hope these photos  will inspire you to reconsider how to use drawers for storage in your space!

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