Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby
Check out these unique ideas for your craft room!

How many of you are looking for something “unique” for your craft room or art studio?

A single item to add some character or to inspire the “theme” of your creative space?

Or, maybe a collection of items to create a fresh look and feel for your space?

Well, we might have found what you’re looking for!

We’re sharing some non-traditional storage solutions to get your organizing mojo flowing.

These were spotted at my local Hobby Lobby and I just had to share them.


Because they have character and each is a great solution for storing specific types of crafting supplies…and they’re on sale!

Now I know there’ll be at least a few of you who don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, or who may not be able to find these exact units at your local store.

No worries!

The idea behind sharing these is to give you ideas about how you can use unique storage items and furnishings that are not specific to craftroom and/or crafting supply organization.

Along with each item I’ve shared my thoughts on what would best fit in that type of organizational unit, as well as characteristics of the unit so you can look for these same qualities in products and furnishings you might come across where you live (and bargain hunt!).

Let’s take a look at each option and chat about how it could be used…

Option One: A Shabby Chic Drawer Unit

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Shabby Chic Drawer Unit (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Shabby Chic Drawer Unit

This unit is ideal for storing the small stuff – papercrafting embellishments and adhesives, sewing and quilting notions, etc.

I have a similar unit in my craft room (mine is more narrow and taller and black) and I love it!

I use mine for storing small office supplies (in the top row), jewelry findings and metal items (in the middle rows), and small zip-top baggies, etc. in the lower rows.

It’s easy to label the outsides of the drawers so you know what’s inside them, and by removing supplies from their packaging and placing them in small baggies, you can fit a lot in each drawer.

Again, I love this type of drawer unit!

Option Two: A Vintage-Style Drawer Unit

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Vintage Style Drawer Cabinet (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Vintage Style Drawer Cabinet

This unit provides storage for a variety of different items.

My first thought was to use this as a die-cutting station. Any of the popular machines will fit on the top, with supplies stored below.

Add some hooks to the side and you can easily hang your cutting mats so they don’t get bent and are at-hand when needed.

Into quilting or sewing?

The drawers are perfect for smaller pieces of fabric (like fat quarters).

This could also be used for storing needle arts supplies (well, that is, if you don’t have a huge stash like some of us!).

Of course you can change up the look of this type of unit with a coat of paint and label the drawers with simple hang-tags.

Option Three: A Wooden & Metal Drawer Unit

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Wooden & Metal Drawer Unit (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Wooden & Metal Drawer Unit

The great thing about this unit is that it’s small enough to be placed on a work surface and it still holds a lot.

I can see the drawers being used for a variety of crafting supplies: paints and short brushes; mediums for mixed media projects; embellishments, art markers or small stamp sets for papercrafting; etc.

Option Four: A Decorative Desktop Drawer Unit

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Decorative Desktop Drawer Unit (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Decorative Desktop Drawer Unit

I would love to have a unit like this one for storing small adhesives and/or various small-sized liquid mediums.

It would also be ideal for sewing notions or even scrap papers (sorted by color, ROYGBP).

Just by changing out the drawer front decor you can easily indicate what’s inside – color-coding the drawers is a great way to quickly know what’s inside them!

Option Five: A Wooden Cubby Unit

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Wooden Cubbie Unit (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Wooden Cubby Unit

This unit could be perfect for storing Project Life® journaling cards, as well as small stamp sets or dies.

Depending on the inside finish, this could also be useful for fabric scraps.

What do you think – how would use a unit like this one?

Option Six: A Large Metal & Wooden Rack

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Large Metal & Wooden Rack (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Large Metal & Wooden Rack

This large rack is ideal for storing skeins of yarn or fiber or for folded fabrics, and would make a great home for mixed media supplies.

Add smaller storage units (like divided trays or individual containers) and you could make it work for most any type of crafting supply (think about those projects that require a lot of supplies and for which you’d like to keep all the supplies together for easy access and increased productivity).

A little too “dark” for your space?

A quick spray of paint and you can quickly and easily change the look of this unit.

Option Seven: A Narrow Metal Drawer Unit w/Numbered Drawers

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Narrow Metal Drawer Unit with Numbered Drawers (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Narrow Metal Drawer Unit with Numbered Drawers

I always fall in love with drawer units that are numbered.

Yes, I know I could number any drawer unit, but there’s something about those that are made that way that makes my left-brain-driven, organized self smile from ear to ear!

I know I can’t be the only one, right?

I would love to have a unit like this for a narrow space in my craft room that’s going unused.

It would be perfect for holding my journaling stamp sets and all my planner supplies (pens, sticky-notes, etc.).

Of course you could also use it to house your art pens and pencils by type or color or manufacturer.

Option Eight: A Wide Metal Drawer Unit w/Numbered Drawers

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Metal Drawer Unit with Numbered Drawers (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Wide Metal Drawer Unit with Numbered Drawers

Oh be still my heart! It was everything I could do to keep from taking this gem home with me!

I love this unit – the colors, the numbers, the “peakability” of the drawers.

I love that you can keep things neatly tucked away, but easily see what’s inside each drawer without having to pull it out.

Looking for something specific in your large collection?

These drawers are removable, making it easy to grab them and lay them on your work surface while you locate just the right supply.

And, you can easily take one or two along to a crop or other crafting event – just place them in your tote bag!

I can imagine this filled with embossing folders and my smaller dies, with my Cuttlebug stationed on top – great embossing and die-cutting station option!

What do you think – is this something that makes your organizing heart skip a beat?

Option Nine: A Wooden Caddy

Craftroom Organization: Unique Options - Wooden Caddy (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Options – Wooden Caddy

OK, this is another unit I had to tell myself to leave behind even though I REALLY wanted it!

I can see the openings filled with Mason (or re-purposed spaghetti sauce) jars and a variety of supplies (paint brushes, palette knives, tools, pens, pencils and markers, or knitting needles and crochet hooks), can’t you?

If you had this, would you leave it as is, or paint it? And, how would you use it?

We’d love to hear your ideas!

And a BONUS craft storage item from HomeGoods

Option Ten: Colored Glass Jars (w/Hole-Filled Lids)

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Items - Colored Glass Jars (image)
Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Items – Colored Glass Jars w/Hole-Filled Lids

I so wish you could see these in person – this picture does NOT do these justice.

The glass color is simply gorgeous and the rustic metal would make any lover of all things vintagey swoon.

And the best part?

They were less than $8 each!

These would be perfect for knitting needles, tall crochet hooks, thin paint brushes or your favorite pens or pencils.

Well, that’s it for this round of unique storage items.

We’d love to hear your thoughts,
and take a look at YOUR unique storage items.

Please share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

Thanks for joining us today, and don’t forget, we’re looking for you to share your thoughts about what we post here at Craft Storage Ideas.

Simply leave us a comment on this post or on our previous post titled, “Craft Storage Ideas: We Want To Hear From You!“, or send us an email – we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Organizing,
Steph & The CSI Team

Craft Storage Ideas' New Owner: Stephanie Hackney (image)
Craft Storage Ideas’ New Owner: Stephanie Hackney

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12 thoughts on “Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby”

  1. I love all of these. Just with I had a bigger space to decorated with these types of drawers….. Someday

    1. Teresa,

      I know what you mean.

      I would actually love to have drawer units all over the house! 😉

      Have a great day,


  2. LOVE all of the drawer units!! To me an empty drawer or box is screaming to b filled with all sorts of different crafty goodies! I have a few drawer units that I use for different things. One holds my 3D dry adhesives sorted by size and company. The second one holds ink dauber refill pieces, blade refills, sample size paints and such and my 3 year old granddaughter has even confiscated a few drawers for her seashells. She loves to open and close the drawers to find where her shells have been hidden each time she comes back home.
    I also have an old armoire that I found at a flea market for a $1 and I keep all of my paper mache items, tiles, Styrofoam, glass balls, mason jars and other glass items in the “hanging” area. In the drawers I have my adhesive machine refills, misc. craft supplies, refills for my liquid adhesives and tape runners, Fairy village items and lots of other assorted goodies. An old bureau houses all of my jewelry supplies, misc assorted chipboard pieces and embellishments, my Woman Tools and other assorted bits and pieces.
    I find that I would rather rescue something for free or a few dollars and make it what I need, rather than pay tons of money for something that is almost what I need and having to tweak that.
    It is amazing what goodies you can find for free if you drive around after garage and yard sales close up for the weekend. They just want it gone and I just want it at a great price so it is a win~win for me and the seller.

    1. Barb,

      Yup, me too – I love getting drawers and filling them!

      That’s actually one reason why I am not adding any more furnishings to my space – because I will fill them and I don’t NEED any more goodies! 😉

      I love that you rescue items and re-purpose them. It’s great to know fewer items are going into our landfills. And, older pieces often have so much character.

      I think you’ll like our latest post – the vintage items I saw at Flamingos are so fun!

      Have a great weekend,


  3. Whoa, I just love Hobby Lobby. These are all fantastic storage ideas. I really love #8. I wonder if all my 6×6 paper pads would fit in there, plus all my card making supplies. Oooh, this is on my wish list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Joan,

      I’m so glad you like the items we shared. It was a lot of fun “posing” them for pix!

      I do think #8 would be a great solution for the 6×6 paper pads (although I didn’t measure the available height for each drawer so I can’t guarantee it).

      Have a wonderful weekend,


  4. As much as I love Hobby Lobby for many things-I shop there often, but,I feel that their furniture is so out of line as far as prices. I don’t mind paying for good quality, but, their pieces are not a good quality,very poorly made of cheap materials , and do not hold up very well. The pieces at the several stores around me are always 30% off, so you can not even use a coupon. I hope others have a more positive experience with the furniture than I did.

    1. Anne,

      I’m sorry to hear you have not had a great experience with HL.

      I have purchased several items and the quality and value has been good.

      That said, there are numerous items that I saw that I did not photograph because I felt the item was not well made, or was priced high for what it was.

      The main idea behind sharing these items was to get crafters to think creatively about storage and organization, no matter where they shop.

      We appreciate your input and hope you have a great weekend,


  5. Now that DGD will be out of school for the summer, I think we may be up for a day trip to Hobby Lobby! I was so excited when they came to California, but they are still about 35 miles away, and I just don’t go that way often. Now I’m dying to see some of these cool pieces up close and personal. I have a plasticky drawered unit that my cutter sits on that has seen better days. I would love to find a sturdier, unique, inexpensive piece to replace that. It has to be big enough to hold my 12 x 12 Fiskars cutter on top. I even have a gift card burning a hole in my wallet! I just love the character of some of these pieces. You did well, Steph! You got my brain spinning!

    1. Suzi,

      Sounds like you and Sequoia need to make a road trip!

      Someday I’ll come out that way and we’ll meet for lunch and shopping. 🙂

      I can’t guarantee that every HL has these same items, but it’s likely you’ll at least find something similar. Of course you could contact the store and ask them – show them our post!

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post and hope you have a great summer with your little crafter.


  6. I love that Shabby Chic Drawer Unit. It just makes me wish I had a library card catalog (and some place to put it) even more. I have to admit that we got a Hobby Lobby in town a few months ago but I’ve only been there once. When I heard that they won’t take competitors coupons like ACMoore, JoAnne’s and Michaels, all of which are within 2-3mi of HL, I figured they didn’t really need my business. I’ll go in on occasion but it won’t be my regular craft store.

    1. jengd,

      Me too! I have lusted after an old library card catalog for years.

      A couple years ago I found one on Craig’s List and it was a super deal – 5′ across on a standing base and only $150!!! Unfortunately I have no space large enough for that large a piece of furniture and I would have had to get help to get it picked up, even with our full-sized truck. I bet another lucky crafter snatched it up!

      I spoke with our local HL’s manager and they will take coupons for specific items and they price match to competitors’ ads. You might ask your HL manager about that policy.

      I shop at all the big box retailers around me as they all stock different items, and we have no mom and pop stores left for me to visit. 🙁 I have found that each store has their own ways of “following the company policies.” Make friends with their managers!

      Have a great day,


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