Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – Ink Pad Storage from OrganizeMore

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – Ink Pad Storage from OrganizeMore
Looking for storage solution ideas for ink pads? We’ve got some!

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Jessica here with a storage product spotlight on ink pad storage from OrganizeMore!

OrganizeMore is a small family-owned business in Tennessee that provides hand-crafted and hand-painted storage units for crafters.

Currently, they have ink pad organizers, ribbon/washi tape organizers, pegboard wall units, punch/stamp storage, journaling card storage, marker storage, paper storage, paint storage and more.

And chances are, if you can dream it up, they can build it for you!

For today’s spotlight, I am going to focus on their ink pad storage units.

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - ProInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – ProInk Organizer

When I first started papercrafting I stuffed my (small) collection of ink pads into drawers in my craft desk.

I quickly realized that 1) the color I wanted would ALWAYS be on the bottom of a stack in the back of my drawer, and 2) I forgot what colors I had and would end up using the same limited palette…my early cards, lots of Peacock Feathers distress ink going on.  Ha!

When I finally decided to switch to an actual ink storage unit, I looked at several and ultimately settled on the OrganizeMore ProInk Organizer.

And I am SO thrilled that I found this product!

I started off with one of the ProInk Organizers which holds every ink pad size up to those the size of the Stampin’ Up pads.

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - ProInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMoreProInk Organizer

I purchased two of these units, but quickly filled them up and started looking at other options from OrganizeMore.

Around this time I was really getting interested in various techniques with Distress Ink Pads, Reinkers and Markers and I was looking for a unit that would hold all three.

OrganizeMore had units that would hold Stampin’ Up markers, reinkers and pads, but they didn’t yet have a Distress Ink option.

So I put in a request and, a few months later, the 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Style Organizer was added to the line-up!

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Style Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Style Organizer

I think this might be my most favorite unit just because it’s so pretty!

Here’s a closer look (below) at each cubby.

The dowels keep the re-inkers and ink pads from getting stuck too far back in each compartment – love that!

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Organizer

Now, I have to stop and admit that I’m a bit of an ink hoarder.

I LOVE the gorgeous colors and, with all of the companies continuing to put out such quality ink pads and colors, I kept needing more and more storage!

Next, I purchased a ProInk/ReInk Organizer (see below) which ended up working really well to store some of my extra ink pads, as well as the brand new Distress Ink colors that have been released this year.

Again, the dowels help to keep the re-inkers from getting lost in the back of the organizer.

And, this unit also fits Stampin’ Up pads.

Craft Storage: Product Highlight - Organize More - ProInk/ReInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – ProInk/ReInk Organizer

Finally, I totally ran out of room for storage units on my craft desk and, while all of the units can be wall-mounted, I didn’t want to take up wall space either.

So, a few months ago I contacted Mike at OrganizeMore about the possibility of creating an ink pad storage unit specifically for the cubbies of an Ikea Expedit/Kallax, and he was open to the idea!

In fact, so much so that he created this unit and I got a great reward – one for free when they were produced!

I have three of these new units now and I anticipate purchasing a fourth soon!

The dividers are a little different than OrganizeMore‘s traditional corrugated plastic inserts, but they work just as well and using these dividers allows customers to fit more ink pads into the unit (which is a total win in my book!).

Here’s a look at this style of organizer:

Craft Storage Product Spotlight: Organize More - Expedit/Kallax Ink Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – Expedit/Kallax Ink Organizer

While these units are slightly different than the other units sold by OrganizeMore, aesthetically these units still fit with the other units they sell, which is a big plus for my slightly OCD brain!

I have always chosen the white units with white inserts as they fit my craft room design best, but OrganizeMore offers nine different color options for the units so you can surely find something that will complement your craft space!

Organize More also offers daily deals where they discount one of their units by 15 percent.

And, as a special perk for our readers,
OrganizeMore has given us a discount code
good for 10% off your purchase,
good through July 25th!

The discount code is: CSI715.

I cannot say enough nice things about the products from OrganizeMore.

They’re classy, well-designed and perfect for corralling the craft products in your life!

I hope you’ll visit them and see if there’s anything that would work for your craft room.

Thanks so much for visiting and please stop by my blog, All The Sparkle, to say hi!

Have a great weekend,

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Jessica Frost-Ballas (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Jessica Frost-Ballas


2 thoughts on “Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – Ink Pad Storage from OrganizeMore”

  1. LOVELOVELOVE OrganizeMore!! They really do listen to their customers and make an incredible product!! I have their Pro Ink Organizer and am saving up for another one! I had an idea for an organizer and sent an email to them with my plans and was surprised with a phone call a couple hours later. We talked a few times and then my prototype arrived! Boy, was I surprised! It was exactly what I had imagined and works perfectly!! I am waiting for them to release it before I say what it is but I think it will be a hit!
    Thanks for sharing this info about an awesome company!! I can highly recommend them!!

  2. How cool that OrganizeMore came up with just what you needed! That is totally awesome. I redid my craft space a year ago with a place for everything, but a five year old junior crafting granddaughter does not see fit to keep everything in it’s place. I need a cubby designed just for her! She likes to crawl into the dog kennel. You don’t know how often I am tempted to latch it! :o)

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