Craft Storage Ideas: We Want to Hear From YOU!

Craft Storage Ideas: We Want to Hear From You!
Tell us what you’d like to see here at CSI!


Craft Storage Ideas: We'd Love to Hear Your Suggestions! (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: We’d Love to Hear Your Suggestions!

Hello Crafters!

After lots of “behind-the-scenes” activity to update the site, as well as updating existing social media accounts (FacebookPinterest) and launching new accounts (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) so we can offer you even more craft storage ideas through a variety of channels, we’re excited to get the ball rolling again!

For anyone who might have missed our big announcement,
Stephanie Hackney (that’s me!) has acquired Craft Storage Ideas.

To read all about it click here: Craft Storage Ideas Has A New Owner

And now that the deal is done and the Craft Storage Ideas contributors and I have had a chance to meet each other, it’s time for you to join in…

We’d love to hear from you – what specifically would you like us to investigate, to discuss and to offer you in the way of tips, tricks and solutions, and information and inspiration, for storing your one or many crafts’ tools, supplies and ongoing projects?

We’ll continue to bring you content based on the previously-covered topic areas (Craft Room Peeks, Crafter Interviews & Craft Space Tours, Contributor Team Spaces, Furnishing Shares, ‘Just One Tip,’ Storage Solution Round-Ups, DIY Storage Solutions, Re-Purposing/Recycling/Re-Using, Product Reviews and Organizing How-To’s), but we’d like to know what else we can provide – this is YOUR chance to voice your opinion on what we’ll be researching and sharing moving forward.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and we’ll return to our regular posting schedule (at least three (3) posts per week) starting next week.

Let’s get this party started!
Steph & The CSI Team

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12 thoughts on “Craft Storage Ideas: We Want to Hear From YOU!”

  1. Would like to see other craft rooms
    and how they are decorated and
    organized. Tips for storing things
    that doesn’t use counter space
    as that is almost full! Thanks for
    acquiring this web and bringing
    it back to life!
    Carla from Utah

  2. I am really looking forward to learning ways to organize my craft supplies! What I would love to see are a few articles on how to decide what to purge and what to keep. I know that paring down my supplies would be the first step in organizing (given that I don’t have an ever-expanding craft room) but it is so hard to do. I love seeing visual examples so seeing a before and after of a craft hoard that has been pared down and then organized would be wonderful!

  3. I love ideas for repurposing and reusing items for storage solutions!

    I am sure Steph has lots of great ideas planned for us to help us with all our organizing challenges.

  4. I’d like to see great storage ideas for people who do multiple crafts. It’s always been very scrapbook oriented and as a bead artist, we borrow from scrapbooks for our storage. I’d like to see what other beaders are doing.

  5. I would like to see the craft rooms of the every day crafter in addition to the popular crafter’s rooms. Storage tips from the every day crafter also. That way we get realistic ideas instead of seeing a craft room that costs thousands of dollars and is immaculate. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing the fancy craft rooms but the crafter on a budget just can’t afford to purchase thousands of dollars worth of storage pieces and still afford craft supplies.

  6. I’d like to see some ideas about sharing craft spaces- for example I do paper crafts and sew- and I have a ton of stuff for both. One room isn’t enough to hold it all- so maybe some ideas about alternate “hiding places” where craft supplies can be stored elsewhere- mine are scattered across 5 rooms!! Also some ideas for short people and vertical storage

  7. Ok-Totally swooning here over today’s fun storage findings at Hobby Lobby! I’ve seen some of them myself when shopping there. The ONLY reason I don’t purchase those kind of storage items, is because my craft room is very small, so I must go vertical (on the wall) for the majority of my storage needs. Unless it stores something I use very frequently (like my Raskog is filled with every adhesive I own,so I just wheel it around when I need it). Would love to see more storage items that can go on a wall, behind a door, or heck-even hang from the ceiling!! Gotta have my precious floor space! Thank you so much-LOVE LOVE LOVE this site <3

  8. Thank you for sharing these great storage ideas. I would have loved to view some price ranges with each item because that way I could have pictured what would have worked for me, as it is without price ranges, I have to realisticly skip getting excited about trying some of them.

  9. I would like to see modular storage ideas that make it easy to take the stored items and transport them to crops and other outside activities. I know for some people this would be an unattainable dream because their craft areas look like a craft store, but I have a more modest stash and would love some inspirational ideas for organizational portability.

  10. Love the post about unique storage units. I am always looking for the unusual. I have a Hobby Lobbynright down the street but I never look at their furniture. Needless to say I will be making a trip there soon to look at the furniture. Keep up the good work.

  11. I was wondering if you might have a web page where we can send photos of our storage solutions. That would be a fun way to share our ideas. I have one picture I would send right now.

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