Craft Storage Ideas: Does Your Creative Space Help or Hinder You?

Craft Storage Ideas: Does Your Creative Space Help or Hinder You?
Creativity comes from many places, including where you create – is your creative space an asset or a hinderance?

I saw this Economist article on famous artists’ spaces and thought y’all might enjoy reading it.
The Economist: Artists’ Creative Spaces

And, not only reading it, but thinking about whether or not your space enhances creativity, or diminishes it.

Could this quote from the above article describe YOUR space: “These spaces feed into a mythology of the workspace: the artist is not just a creator, but is surrounded by beauty so that he may create it.”

Or, is this a more apt description of your creative space? “Today’s studios are far less opulent: Jeff Koons’s studio features numerous Lysol cleaning spray bottles for polishing and fluorescent-hued cartoon paintings of a very different aesthetic era.”


Craft Storage Ideas: Steph's Craft Room | Office Circa 2005 (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Steph’s Craft Room | Office Circa 2005

For me, my ‘spaces’ are essential to what takes place in them.

My kitchen must provide me with a logical layout that makes cooking easy and enjoyable.

My bedroom must feel ‘relaxed’ and be free of ‘alert’ colors and electronics like TV.

My office must be free of clutter and have plenty of ‘spreading’ space for paperwork.


Craft Storage Ideas: Steph's Craft Room | Office Circa 2005 (Note My 'Treasures!') (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Steph’s Craft Room | Office Circa 2005 (Note My ‘Treasures!’)

And my creative space has to not just be super functional in terms of where items are stored and how easily I can access and retrieve them, but free of clutter and filled with items that bring me joy and/or inspire creativity.

The images above show my creative | office space from 2005 – we were in a temporary rental that just happened to have walls painted the same color as those in my office in the home we’d just sold.

I was thrilled that my ‘treasures’ fit right in and that the space met all of my requirements!

How about you – is the physical space in which you create important? 

And if so, what’s most important to you in terms of form and function?

We’d love to learn more about your creative space – whether it’s a rolling tote you only access while creating at crafting events; a single rolling cart or bag you take from room to room as your mate and/or family engage in activities in those spaces; a dedicated space in a multi-purpose area of your home; or, a full-blown crafting space, a space that’s your and yours alone.

And if you don’t yet have any space of your own, share your dreams for one…or why having one isn’t important to you.

We know from the numbers of Pinterest followers, and repins, we have on both the Craft Storage Ideas Pinterest account and PaperCrafter’s Corner Pinterest account that checking out others’ creative spaces is a popular activity among the creative set, and that gathering craft storage ideas is common among crafters.

What we’d love to learn about you is what inspires you in others’ spaces – is it the layout, furnishings, colors, ‘theme,’ hidden and visible ‘treasures,’ functionality, or?

Please share your thoughts on your own creative space,
and the spaces of those you admire and/or spaces that inspire you –
we enjoy being inspired too!

Oh, and if you take the time to read the article we linked above,
the article on Artists’ Creative Spaces from The Economist,
please share your thoughts about that article, and those spaces, too!

And one final request:
If you want to share your current or past spaces with us,
we’d love to see them –
post a link to pix of your space(s) in your comment.

One lucky creative space sharer
will receive a special treat!

Thanks for tuning in today – we love talking craft storage with y’all!
Steph & The CSI Team

5 thoughts on “Craft Storage Ideas: Does Your Creative Space Help or Hinder You?”

  1. My craft room was built to my specifications when we were building our home in 2012/2013. After we had moved in and gotten my craft oasis sorted out (first room to be finished) we built me a work island in the middle of my room. It is 70″X 44″ and I have my storage spinner, ink storage and glue storage separating it into 2 “stations”. On one side is where most of the magic happens and the other side is my misting, sequin, scoring and embellishment area! What I love most about my work island is that if I have a large project that I am working on I can move the “dividers” further to the other side and have more space to work. Right now I am working on a “mini” (24″ X 24″) scene scape and have scooted things over to the other side so that I have a good work area to build all the little pieces that will go in my scene. I like having the base nearby so I can try to decide where things will be on it as I am making them. Once a piece is finished and I know where I want it to go I adhere it and move on to the next piece! Will try to share some photos of my work space in the next day or two!!

    1. Barb,

      Thanks for sharing info about your space. It sounds like a great set-up!

      Please do share pix when you get a chance – we’d love to see your space. 🙂


        1. Hey Barb,

          I checked out the first and last two images – wonderful and busy craft space!

          I wasn’t, however, able to see the others – it says they’re unavailable (perhaps they are shared with friends only or no longer available on FB?


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