Craft Storage Ideas: Color Is Your Friend!

Craft Storage Ideas: Color Is Your Friend!
Craft Storage & Organizing By Color – Worth a Try?

Who’s looking for a little colorful inspiration?

How about colorful inspiration for organizing your crafting supplies?

I came across a three craft storage products that I thought you might want to check out, especially if organizing by color is something you want to try, or already love.

Of course these products would also be great if you just really like lots of color in your creative space or when crafting on the go!

This is the first time I’ve seen these items at retail, and I haven’t had a chance to try all of them out myself (yet!), but I thought I’d share them right away in case you’re on the hunt for a new solution for organizing by color, or simply organizing with colorful solutions.

Now keep in mind that just because a storage unit has a craft-specific name (such as two of those below have), that doesn’t mean you can only use them for that type of tool or supply.

When we share products, we’ll do our best to provide you with lots of use cases, no matter what type(s) of crafting you’re into.

After all, most of us dabble in at least a couple of crafty endeavors, so multi-use storage can be quite valuable.

And as our crafting desires change, it’s great to re-purpose our organizing and storage products rather than having to buy all new solutions, right?

O.K., let’s take a look at three plastic and portable storage units…

Craft Storage Ideas: Iris - Large Photo & Craft Keeper (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Iris – Large Photo & Craft Keeper

This first item, made by Iris, is a multi-drawer unit that’s ideal for smaller items – think paper and fabric scraps, embellishments and thread, embroidery floss, small tools like scissors and tweezers, etc.

It’s called the Large Photo & Craft Keeper and as you can see from this photo, it retails at Michael’s Craft Stores for $39.99.

Of course, when Michael’s puts their plastic storage items on sale, or you have a coupon that’s valid on this type of item, this item can be purchased for much less.

This product is “designed for” storing photos, but it’s perfect for so many different types of craft tools and supplies!

I have several of the clear Photo & Craft Keepers and I love them for storing items like Ranger Distress Ink Reinkers, extra Distress Tool pads, Stickles bottles, etc.

I like my craft supplies to be visible and portable so these are perfect for my needs!

If you’re a hand-sewer, embroidery nut, paper-piecer, quiller or jewelry maker, you might want to check out the unit above (or the XL and/or clear version) for storing your tools and supplies, especially if you’re on the go a lot.

Perhaps the best aspect of this type of unit is that you don’t have to carry the whole outer case with you – you can simply grab a few of the inner containers, toss them in your craft tote and off you go!


The second and third products we’re sharing today are made by Really Useful Products (the company is out of the UK, but their products are available here in the U.S., in stores and online, as well).


Craft Storage Ideas: Really Useful Products - Drawers Tower w/7 Drawers (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Really Useful ProductsDrawers Tower w/7 Drawers

The first product by Really Useful Products is called the Drawers Tower.

This version has seven (7) drawers and they make many versions of this item, with fewer or more drawers. 

If you buy this item directly from the company (link above), you can also buy the drawers individually and put together whatever configuration you need.

But, if you’re looking for this item locally, in the U.S., this exact configuration is available at Michael’s (which is where this photo was taken).

As you can see, the price is $39.99, but with a coupon or when their plastic storage items are on sale, you could get it for much less.

This drawer unit is great for scraps, small notions, jewelry-making supplies, etc., or for those who like their supplies sorted by color – you could quickly and easily add all purple items to the purple drawer, blue items to the blue drawer, etc.

And the benefit to this method of storage is that you wouldn’t need to label the drawers – you’d know exactly what was in each drawer just by glancing at the drawer color!

This unit could also be great for tool storage if you either just like a lot of color on your work area, or if your tools are colored and it would be easy for you to recall which tools are in each drawer based on the color of the drawer.

And yes, it’s even portable – it would definitely fit in a large tote or shopping bag, or simply add a strap around it for easy hand-carrying.


Craft Storage Ideas: Really Useful Products - Scrapbook Drawers Tower w/Eight Drawers (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Really Useful Products – Scrapbook Drawers Tower w/Eight Drawers

And the third and final product being shared today, another product from Really Useful Products, is called the Scrapbook Drawers Tower.

This version has eight (8) drawers (they also make versions with more or fewer drawers) and it comes with casters so even this larger unit is somewhat portable.

This drawer unit would be perfect for storing larger, 12×12 items such as scrapbooking paper* and cardstock*, sheet protectors*, finished scrapbook layouts, etc., as well as folded or rolled fabrics, interfacing, rolls of vinyl and many other items that require or work well in a horizontal larger space.

*Please keep in mind that you’d need to lift the larger, flat items mentioned to find what you need, but chipboard dividers between them could make this process easier.

Have lots of wood-mounted rubber stamps or ink pads?
You could fit a lot of either in each of these drawers!

This rolling unit would also be perfect for storing lots of smaller items in containers – think beads, jewelry findings, embellishments, notions, etc.

And, the drawers are sized well for storing short jars of paints, glitters, embossing powders and art mediums, items which sometimes spill and require a surface (like this plastic) that’s easily cleaned.

And again, this is a great solution if you prefer, or want to try, organizing everything by color – one of these drawers is large enough to hold a lot of pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple supplies!

This appears to be a new product for the manufacturer and it appears that it can be bought directly from them – again, I grabbed this picture at my local Michael’s.

The price of this unit is $129, but again, there are certainly opportunities to save by taking advantage of sales or coupons.

Well, that’s it for today’s shares.

Please let us know what you think of the products we shared today.

Have ideas for how YOU might use these storage units?

Please share your ideas with us and your fellow crafters
by leaving them in a comment!

Have a great week and happy organizing,
Steph & The CSI Team

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2 thoughts on “Craft Storage Ideas: Color Is Your Friend!”

  1. I like all three of these products! For the larger set of drawers I would keep my watercolor supplies and papers in this one! I have lots of different water color mediums and tools so this would be perfect for storing all of them! The smaller drawers would be great for paint brushes, colored pencils, markers and gel pens,
    Thanks for introducing me to three new storage options!

    1. Barb,

      I’m so glad you like these. I love the color!

      I have a few of the Iris boxes with the containers and they are so versatile.


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