Craft Room: The Card Grotto

Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here with another one of my favourite craft rooms.

This room belongs to Michelle Short, who is a total expert at organisation! I’ve taken her ideas for a lot of my own storage, especially my clear stamp storage.   What I like most about her room is how clean and fresh it looks, and even though her room isn’t huge, and like me, she has a lot of stuff, it just doesn’t look at all cluttered.


I love these clear acrylic storage boxes from Muji, and my clear stamps are stored in exactly the same way, it’s just so easy to flip through them and see exactly what you have.


Pop over to Michelle’s blog ‘The Card Grotto’ for more photos and a fantastic video tour of her beautiful room.


Thanks for stopping by CSI today! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Craft Room: The Card Grotto”

  1. So why put someone else’s work and ideas up on your blog, if you use mostly the same items as her? I just don’t understand why every blog now a days are just catch-alls of everyone else’s hard work and ideas?

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