Craft Room: Snapshots Of A Good Life{Karen Russell}

As I prepared my last post for CSI it made me a little sad.  But this has been a great opportunity to search and  post for so many people who follow Craft Storage Ideas for useful tips and ideas in this great hobby.  I would like to thank my team leader Rebecca Boyer for this opportunity to be a contributor and I would like to thank my team for your support and friendship.  May you all continue to follow CSI and welcome and support the new team members and you will soon meet and have new ideas to try.  Without any further delay here is my post,  a breath taking craft space that  Karen Russell  has designed with the feel of comfort in mind:

When you walk up the stairs and turn to your left, you’re directly in my scrapbook room/office.  It’s about 15×13 and is the only room in the house with the original wood floors”.  What more could you ask for from a home?  This space is naturally beautiful.


Most of the storage items were items that she already had or bought from Ebay.



How neat is this, a surgical tray!!!

There is so much character to Karen’s craft space.    This old Dewey Decimal Index card catalog holds a ton of stuff.  Most of the jars/canisters on top hold lace and ribbon.  The stand on top was from the post office out in Jacksonville, Oregon – and even has several of old postal stamps hanging on it.


Karen used the charm of her room and filled it with items that  fit the room’s character.  Visit her blog  for a more photos and inspiration.

Thank you all for your support and continue to craft and follow Craft Storage Ideas for even more inspiration!

Deirdre Smith

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  1. Awwww! Deirdre, I will miss seeing your posts, but I’m glad we’ll always have Facebook – lol! It’s been awesome getting to experience the whole “contributor thing” with you – and the other ladies who will be stepping down. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly with your move and your new start! ~ Doris

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