Craft Room Feature {Soapbox Creations}

Today’s craft room was an unexpected, but very welcomed find! I was originally checking out this die, which combines the use of a card and a gift sack to make one awesome present for someone! Laurie of Soapbox Creations must be the brainchild behind the Card Hanger Die, and it’s so popular, it’s currently sold out! In any case, she has a lovely room that I want to share with you.


As you can see by the photo above, she has everything neatly stored and organized with her “go-to” supplies situated where they are nice and handy!


The ribbon shelf was made by her father, modifying instructions she found on Nichole Heady’s blog.

Another smaller table holds her stamp pads, Copic Markers, and her Big Shot cutter.

Be sure to check out her post on her craft space to see more photos. She also posts a link to her original craft room, which looked much different! Nice to know that my room is not the only one that is a “work in progress!”

Speaking of my craft room, looks like my next post will be featuring my “happy place.” I’ve recently be purging and doing a bit of reorganizing, so it’ s not photo-ready, at the moment, by any stretch of the imagination! I can’t wait to share it with you and give you the “grand tour!”


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