Craft Room Feature: {Shabby Story}

I came across the prettiest craft room to share with you today. It’s actually a 3-for-1, because it’s owner shares the various updates she’s made over the past few years. There was something to love from each arrangement she had. I hope you enjoy looking looking at the photos here, but be sure to check out her blog for even more photos of the variations of her studio.


Believe it or not, this is a “before” photo of her craft room. It’s hard to imagine that she would need or want to improve on what she has here, but she downsized her crafting supplies and asked her husband to help her move her craft room to another location in their house – which he did.


Her new room is located in their “Great Room,” complete with fireplace and view of their garden.


Be sure to check out all the goodness she has stashed away in her repurposed hutch!


Bright, clean and cheerful. I hope you’ll check out all the studio photos at Shabby Story!







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