Contributor Craft Room Tour: Kim Skinner

Hello everyone!  It’s Kim from!  I am happy to invite you into my creative space today!  I think of this space as the Land of Unloved Furniture.  This is where all of those cabinets and shelving units that we once used and enjoyed somewhere in the house as the kids were growing up have come to rest.

My craft space is now in my basement.  In fact, this part of the basement was originally the garage of the house which was built in 1952.  The room is actually 27 feet long and only 9 feet wide.  I share it with my kids games and memorabilia from school.  In December, I moved my paper crafting furniture and stash to this space so that I would have a quieter space to sneak off to.  The room I used previously was right off the living room and it didn’t have a door.  I found that I couldn’t make videos or relax while the TV was on in the next room.

My room is a work in progress.  It’s currently a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture, garage sale and flea market finds and dollar store deals.  This room functions perfectly for me!  My sister is horrified by this room because nothing matches.  (Evidently, she has paid no attention to how I dress most days!)  I think the fact that nothing matches and the room just functions so well for my needs, just makes me happy.  It’s so me!

I have only met one craft that I didn’t love…tatting.  You will see traces of all other crafts in my craft room.  I’ve actually divided my space into sections for my different crafting obsessions.  I’ll start with my paper crafting area since this is currently what my business is all about.

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

This is my craft table.  I LOVE this table.  It’s “L” shaped and it’s huge!  I have plenty of space to keep all of my current stamp sets and tools right on the desk in front of me, plus a huge space to work in.  I love having everything at my fingertips.  I use what I see.  The minute I put something in a drawer or cabinet, I forget about it and never use it.  These shelves are all re-purposed items from my kids rooms.  At one time they were perfect for toy and book storage.  This is not pretty, but it’s functional.  (My sister thinks all of the shelves should be immediately painted white so they match the table and cabinets.)

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

Directly to the left of my craft table, I have my paper drawers and my Big Shot station.  These drawers are part of the set that I purchased with the craft table from IKEA.  (This is from the Alex Collection.)  These tall cabinets are fantastic for storing my card stock.  Each drawer has a different color family and a few drawers hold extra supplies and embellishments.  The smaller cabinet in the middle slides out on coasters and holds all of my 12 x 12″ papers.  The file bins on top hold all of my scraps.  The fold and file bins are from ThirtyOneGifts.  That is no doubt the most functional part of my room.  My papers are always organized and I can always find what I need when I need it.  (That’s not true about the papers in my office desk upstairs!)

I topped the tall cabinets with a 2 x 4′ piece of MDF from the home improvement store that I painted red, giving myself another work surface!  This holds my die cutting materials.  You can see all of my Big Shot tools are always out and handy as well.  The pegboard above this functions to hold all of my ribbons, paints and various tools.  I love pegboard.  It really helps you keep things in site so you can find them, plus using the vertical space in your room is really advantageous in keeping organized!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

While this furniture was actually carefully purchased to fit in my craft room upstairs, it is still working really well in this room.  I like that I can slide this drawer unit in out of the way, or I can pull it over beside my table when I’m working.  Those bins with my card stock paper scraps really keep my paper mess to a minimum.  I’ve learned to be diligent about filing the papers into the labeled folders as soon as I’m done crafting for the day.  I always try to reach for the scrap folders to use those papers before pulling out a new sheet.  They are organized by color family with an individual folder for each color of card stock that I use.

The last piece that I have in my paper crafting area is an old unit I picked up at a garage sale and crackle painted white over a red base.  At one time, it was in our entry holding hats, gloves, school bags and shoes.  I don’t need it there any more, so here it is in my craft room holding supplies!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

I have all of my kits in the bottom cabinets and more 12 x 12″ card stock in the 31 bins on the bottom shelf.  (Don’t you love my striped bin in the middle of the plaid ones?  That’s just who I am…the girl wearing the stripes when everyone else is in plaid!  What can I say?!)

On the other side of the room, I have my sewing station.

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

For this side, I purchased 2 stock cabinets and a piece of stock counter top from a home improvement store.  My husband added the shelves above to store my patterns and kits.  I have an old printer table underneath to hold my sewing machine pedal.  Since this is counter height, my legs aren’t long enough to reach the pedal if it sits on the floor!  I have beading supplies and polymer clay tools in the drawers to the side there as well.  Once again, all of my sewing supplies are within reach so I can see what I have and remember to use it.  I love having the ironing/cutting pad on the counter next to my machine.  It’s just so handy!

The rest of my room holds a table with 4 chairs that I’ve had since my first apartment.  My kids and I have spent years crafting on that table so it’s covered in paint and glitter.  (I call those happy memories!)  I also have a TV, a shelf full of games and my Nordic Track that still gets used several times a week.

All in all, nothing in this space cost more than $75 (except the Big Shot!).  It was purchased over time and much of it has been re-purposed and it all just ended up together in this space.  I do plan to add some trim around the pegboard to dress it up and I also plan to get those mismatched shelves painted and trimmed as well.  Otherwise, to be honest, this room functions so well for me that I don’t really want to change it.  It’s by no means my dream craft room, but for now it’s my space and it’s working for me.  I am planning and saving for my dream craft room now that we’ve made out last college tuition payment and our youngest is graduating from college!  I promise that room will be perfectly planned and it will all match, if only to keep my sister quiet!

Creating a space that you love doesn’t need to cost a lot!  You just need it to function well so that it stays clean and organized without a great deal of effort. There is nothing better than walking into a tidy craft room and being able to just sit down and start crafting!

Thank you for joining me on my craft room tour!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner


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