Clean and Pretty Craft Room {Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks}

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Hi all! Great to “see” you and I hope you will join me in welcoming our new Contributors this month! 🙂 You are all stuck with me for another term, I just love writing for this blog too much. It’s also helping keep me organized in my own space too, which is AWESOME! Today I have a fab room to show you! And it’s not even blue, aren’t you proud of me for branching out into other colors? Ok, ok… there is *some* blue in Kelsey’s room.

I love that Kelsey struggles with something I do as well, which is a craft room in plain sight! No door to shut when we get messy (which for me, is quite often!) She turned her dining room into a craft area, and it is really lovely. Want to see? Here we go….

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I love that the room already has a tile floor as tile is so user friendly for crafters, easy to clean!

The soft beige on the walls marries well with the elegant columns on the perimeter of the room, I love that Kelsey has a few pops of color with the blue base on her worktable, and the blue scissors on the wall, but she’s kept everything very elegant feeling, like the frame around the magnetic board. Plus, this girl even knows how to make a pegboard look classy!

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I don’t know if Kelsey built her desk, but it looks as if she did, and it’s just lovely to boot.

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Kelsey uses a vintage look trunk under her tabletop for some storage, she also uses a coat closet adjacent to the room to store other items. She doesn’t appear to have nearly as much stuff as many crafters (including me!), however, with those big walls and closet nearby, she could always expand if she finds herself venturing into the land of “too much!”

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 She uses simple jars for storing smaller items. I just love the rustic elegance that all of Kelsey’s room exhibits. hope you enjoyed it, too! Have a wonderful day!

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4 thoughts on “Clean and Pretty Craft Room {Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks}”

  1. What an awesome space! It would NEVER do for me to have my craft room “out in the open” like that, but she’s put something together that works very nicely! Thanks for finding it for us, Noelle! ~ Doris

  2. i soooooooooooo need a craftroom makeover. i organized and reorganized and reorganized again and it still looks NOTHING like anything i’ve seen on PINTEREST! but at least it’s neat.
    this is beautiful. love the colors.

  3. Thank you SO much for the feature! I must admit that I just reorganized my closet so it fits a LOT more stuff and my husband jokes that my supplies are taking over the house. Lol! I have stuff in the dresser under our TV and a shelf in the garage 😉

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