Just One Tip: File Cabinet Makeover

Cicily here with a quick, just one tip for you today. If you like to peruse second hand stores, chances are you come across your fare share of metal file cabinets, usually at a steal! Why not give it a makeover and turn it into craft storage?

Here’s a cute one with an entire tutorial for the chalkboard makeover at Design Improvised.

Just think of all the craft supplies you can stuff organize in here! LOL

This is my final post with CSI. I’m going to miss posting for you all but I feel after 2 years it’s time for me to move on. Thank you so much to all you crafty organizers!


Just a few Tips: Planner Stash Storage

Hello fellow craft storage enthusiasts!!

It’s Hazel all the way from Sunny SA here with you today to share the background to my Planner Storage solution. In the end I opted for a file to keep everything together and off my workspace. Remember, I shared it in last month’s Craft Storage Ideas Planner Blog Hop??

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Today I’ll share the wonderful Planner Storage ideas that I found while working on my Planner File.  First up is a beautiful wooden box. If I had desk space, this would have been the one for me.


LINK (scrolll down in the post to get to this pic)

Another desktop version:



I found this pic on Belinda Selene’s website.

My usual thing: Plastic and out of dust’s way.




What about repurposing a beauty organizer from Target?



Can you believe it? A Tool Caddie!



What about a hanging jewellery organizer for your sticky note stash?



And last but not least a video showing Belinda Selene’s stack of drawers to house her Planner stash.    Oh. I love her stuff!! ENJOY!!

That’s it. I’m off to Planner Planet. Thanks for joining me today on the Craft Storage Ideas Blog. Have a GREAT day!


Just One Tip: Washi Samples

It’s Cicily today with a quick tip. I found this great idea to catalog your washi tape and even see what it would look like on your craft projects!


I created these 1.5″ x 3″ tags with clear plastic, ran a strip of each of my washi tapes on each of the tags.  I punched holes using my crop-a-dile and attached them all to a large ring.

Now I can see all my washi tapes (I sorted them by color) and can lay one of the tags right on my page to “see” what it would look like!


I found this great idea from Studio Calico HERE. They used plastic microscope slides to create their tags. I was able to use a thick plastic that I cut with my paper trimmer, that my hubby had purchased from Hobby Lobby. I love creating projects from objects that I already have around the house!

What do you think of these Washi samples?


Just One Tip: Card Storage

Hi, Jessica here with a tip for how to store your finished cards!  For awhile, I was keeping my finished cards displayed on one of my shelves or just piled in a box.  It was a hassle to dig through everything looking for that one card I knew I had somewhere and I usually ended up knocking sequins off of a finished card or bending a corner.  Argh!  So I finally realized that I needed to come up with a better system for storing my cards.

When I first set up my craft room I bought a ton of white Kassett boxes of various sizes from Ikea to store craft supplies on my Expedit.  As I was looking for a solution for storing my cards I realized that these boxes would be the perfect size!  I cut cardstock dividers that would fit into the box and then die-cut banner tags from the My Favorite Things Jumbo Stitched Banners set.  You could easily use a circle, square, or other shape for the tab.

To make tabs I used a ruler to mark an edge of the divider with lines to indicate where I wanted the tabs to be.  Then I taped that divider guide to my work surface so that when the top of the tab was in line with the edge of my table it would be at the perfect height on the divider.  This also helped ensure that all of the tabs would be at the same height.  To help me align each divider on top of my guide I taped a piece of folded cardstock to the edge of the guide divider so that the dividers would butt against the cardstock.

card storage www.allthesparkle.com

I used my ATG gun to secure the tab to the divider and I actually added a second tab to the back of the divider for a more finished look!

card storage www.allthesparkle.com

I labeled my dividers with a label maker and then alphabetized them in two Kassett boxes!  I like the system because I can easily add dividers if I want to add additional categories of cards and I can also expand into more Kassett boxes if needed.  I purposely made the dividers large enough so that they would poke up from the top of the box for easier viewing.  This means that I can’t put the lid on top of the boxes which is okay with me; however, if that is important to you, just make sure your finished divider (including the tab) is shorter than the height of the box!

card storage www.allthesparkle.com

I keep my card boxes on a table in my craft room with a few essential card supplies so that it’s easy to send a card at a moment’s notice!  I hate having to run to different rooms to find a stamp in my office, an address book in the kitchen, etc.  On my table there is a separate box full of envelopes of varying size and color so that I can easily find an envelope that fits when I need it.  The box also holds all my return address stamps (I have one personal stamp, one family stamp, and a family holiday stamp).  I use an old desk organizer to store a letter opener, stamps, labels, and a perpetual calendar with important dates.  Finally I have my address book and a notebook where I write down the gifts and a brief description of cards I give to people over the year to ensure that I don’t accidentally send the same card (or gift) twice.

card storage www.allthesparkle.com

This system has really made sending cards a more efficient process which means I’m much more likely to do it! 😉 I hope this gives you some ideas for card storage and if you have a different system that works for you I’d love for you to share it in the comments!

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Just One Tip – Babywipes

Hi it’s Sharon here today and I’d like to share with you how I store my babywipes.

I found that when I left them in the original packaging they often dried out as the seal would become less effective with use.   You can buy plastic containers designed for baby wipes, but they were quite expensive.

I recently shared with you the Hobby Life plastic containers that I use to store my embossing powders and glitters, and I realised that the size of these would be perfect for baby wipes.  I used a 1.5L size as this is deep enough to hold two packs of wipes.

2015-03-02 13.28.08

The clip seal means that my wipes never dry out, and I keep the container handy on my desk so I can grab a wipe whenever I need one to clean my stamps or my inky hands.  If I ever leave the lid off while I’m working for a long time, I can just give them a spritz with a water mister and they are good as new!

2015-03-02 13.28.33

I got my containers from The Plastic Box Shop in the UK, but you can get similar boxes in any dollar store or DIY outlet.

Hope you’ve found my little tip useful!



Just One Tip ~ A Quick Idea For Your Paper Scraps And Leftover Embellishments

Hi Crafters!  It’s Kim here from Stamping Imperfection!  I am excited to share a Just One Tip idea for putting your scrap papers and leftover embellishments to good use!

If you asked me what the biggest clutter issue is in my house, I would say one thing:  “PAPER!”.  There is a constant stream of paper piling up everywhere in my house…my office, my kitchen counter and my craft room!  It’s a constant chore to keep up with it all.

I recently found a great tip for using up that pile of papers, ribbon bits and random embellishments in my craft room from a great home organization/decor website called At Home With Nikki!

Craft Storage Ideas Just One Tip


I always have a pile of paper strips, extra die cuts or punched pieces and bits of ribbon that I just hate to throw away because they are still useable for projects.  Honestly, I never seem to grab anything from the pile and actually use it.  It just keeps piling up!

Nikki saves those small scraps of papers, ribbons and twine in a magazine holder under her desk.  When it gets full or when she has a little extra time, she creates little card kits from the leftovers that she doesn’t plan on using.  She punches shapes out of the card stock and creates little kits using sandwich bags.  She then donates the bags to local organizations.

You can see this tip and many other tips for organizing your craft room by watching her video on How To Keep Craft Room Clutter Under Control.

Craft Storage Ideas Just One Tip

I love this idea so much that I’ve started doing this myself!

That is my current pile!  This should not go to waste, but I’m a realist.  If it’s in the pile, I won’t pull it out again.  I do have a system for the larger pieces of scrap papers that really works for me.  Now I keep this Littles Carry-All Caddy for $12  from Thirty One on the corner of my desk and toss all of those still useful little bits into the tote.  It doesn’t take up much room on my desk and it’s not so large that when it gets full I’ll be overwhelmed creating the card kits.



Craft Storage Ideas Just One Tip


I tried to create kits of several sizes.  I used my punches to create some little punched pieces and I tried to coordinate the papers and embellishments as much as I could.


Craft Storage Ideas Just One Tip

Where will I donate this?

I’ll be donating these to one of our after school care programs.  As a working parent, I had to find after school care for my children when they were younger.  We had several wonderful care programs to choose from.  They gave the kids a snack and then they played games or crafted.  They were always asking for donations of supplies and materials.  I will keep the age of the kids in mind as I’m creating the bags.  Certainly the kits with the small buttons won’t go to the programs with the younger kids.  I do know that my own kids were delighted to get little goodie bags to create projects to bring home and hang on the refrigerator!  Each of those projects eventually got retired to a scrapbook of course!

I also think this would be great for fabric scraps as well.  I have no doubt that the 4-H and scout leaders would find those useful.

Don’t let your scraps pile up and get wasted!  Package them up and donate them to a group that will love them and use them!

Thank you for stopping by today!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner


Just One Tip for the New Year: Create a hanging ribbon organizer

Hi friends!



Hi there CSI friends! It’s Noelle stopping in today with a quick tip! When I recently revamped my craft studio, I created a hanging ribbon organizer for all my spools of ribbon. It was a really easy project, that cost me next to nothing to make!



Here’s what you will need:

1- large open frame; I got mine at the thrift store for 3$, but you can always use a frame you have on hand if you remove the glass and backing inserts.

2-screw eyes that are large enough to slip a dowel through. You will need 2 eyes for each dowel. As you figure how many eyes and how much dowel you will need, remember that you will want to make some of the spaces between dowels larger (for larger spools) and others smaller.

3- dowels that are small enough to slip through the screw eyes; calculate the length of the frame and multiply by the number of rows you intend to have. Be sure to take into account the length of the dowels themselves, as you may only be able to get one row per dowel.

4-optional items; paint for painting the frame, some sort of hanging hardware (I used 2 ribbons, each looped through the open frame on either side and joined in the middle. But I am foo-foo, artsy fartsy like that. 😉 )


Be sure to cut the dowels longer than the frame. Another tip is that you can use empty toilet paper rolls for ribbon that doesn’t have spools. I did that on my second row down, as you can see.


And, voila! 🙂 It is easy to slip the dowels out and remove empty spools. Ribbon art-what could be better than that?? 🙂


I hope you have enjoyed our month of “tips for the New Year.” In February we will return to our regular posts! Have a great weekend.


Just One Tip- Using Flea Market Finds To Corral Your Tools

Hello readers, Kim here to share my January Just One Tip for storing the crafting tools that you use everyday with a flea market find!  My tip:  Find something that you love to hold all of the everyday tools and keep it on your desk right in front of you within easy reach.

Craft Storage Ideas Just 1 Tip

Do you have a few craft tools and items that you use every single time you sit down to create something?  If you’re anything like me, you have a handful of tools that you reach for every time you work on a project.  They end up all over your work space by the time you’ve finished working.  These are my must have tools:

Craft Storage Ideas Just One Tip

I’ve made it a habit to tidy my craft table before I leave my studio for the day.   I love walking in to the room each day to find my space all ready to go.  It’s so much more relaxing to craft in an organized space! (Okay…I’ll ‘fess up!  Most days I leave it cleaned up!)

One thing that I’ve learned about myself is that if putting things away is work or if my tools are stored together like jigsaw puzzle pieces, it won’t work for me.  It needs to be quick, handy and within reach.

Craft stores and home decor stores are filled with pretty baskets and plastic containers in all sizes and shapes that you can purchase for a pricey sum.  Plus…I’m not known for entering a craft store and leaving with just the one pretty basket that I need.  (What can I say?  They have those giant carts by the door and it would be a shame to leave empty handed.)

My solution came while browsing a local flea market…a small wood caddy.  I’m not sure what it was originally used for.  It looks like one of those men’s dresser caddies to hold their wallets and watches.

Craft Storage Ideas Just 1 Tip

This is perfect for my needs.  It holds all of my tools, I like how it looks and it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space on my craft table.

Craft Storage Ideas just one tip

The crafty gal in me loves to re-purpose items that I find at flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores.  This little caddy will become another DIY project when I finally decide how I want to paint or decorate this.  I know that I will paint it with a white base, but I’m trying to decide whether to paint a design on the front or perhaps I’ll use my Mod Podge to add some designer paper with a pattern that I love.

I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions for how to refurbish this wood caddy to decorate my desk and hold my tools!  Please leave a comment below to share your thoughts!

Until next time, let’s make 2015 the year we get our craft stash organized!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner



Just One Tip – Paint Storage and Display

Hello dear readers! It’s Amanda and I’m here to share how I store all my craft paints.

DIY Paint Storage and Display Shelf

Paint, oh how I love the different colors and kinds of craft paint! You can do so many amazing things with paint! My problem… I see all those pretty colors lining the shelves in the craft store and I just can’t control myself! I can totally forget about any self-control if there happens to be a sale going on. Or you’re buying supplies for a project and don’t remember if you already have the exact perfect color you need for your project so you buy it anyway. Then when you get home you realize that you actually already have three but they are stashed all over the place and hard to find.

So your paint storage might end up looking like this if you’re lucky. All corralled in a basket, but impossible to see what colors you have. Oy!


So maybe it’s time you think outside the box a bit for some creative paint storage. That’s right. You’re creative already to have so many supplies at your fingertips! Get creative with your storage! For example… take this adorable yet plain little crate that I believe is intended for CDs. I picked these up from my local craft store in the section with all the wood items.


Take some leftover trim paint from working on your house (or use some of that craft paint stash) and paint up your crates. Or stain them. Or leave them natural. Whatever makes your creative decorating heart go pitter-patter. Then just hang them up on the wall by drilling two holes through the bottom of the crate. Place your crate on the wall where you want it and mark the wall inside  the hole with a pencil. Then add a wall anchor and screw your crate into place.


Line up several crates to create a display shelf as well as paint display. Since I do work for DecoArt on occasion I have my paints sorted by type of paint. I have the bottoms of the bottles facing out so those lovely bright colors can inspire me.


It always puts a smile on my face to see all these lined up and cheerful looking with the array of color. It also helps me see at a glance what colors I have a lot of and what colors I’m more limited on. Not to mention it gives me a shelf which is a great place to display my recent works.


Now I challenge you to corral all those craft paints into some semblance of order that works for you. Do you like to have your paints out on display like mine, or would you rather they be stored behind doors or in bins so they are out of sight?

 photo 5e62b471-e0a8-47a9-a431-c3c875bfff8e.jpg


Just One Tip: Pocket Page aka Project Life Organization

Hello! It’s Cicily with my special Just One Tip for you. Last year I started using pocket pages and I’m loving this style of scrapbooking . I’m still doing some traditional scrapbook pages, but with 3 little ones I want to stay some-what caught up. I’m not doing Project Life so much, more my own take on the pocket pages. However I use various pocket page styles and now my collection is growing. I don’t want to sort through them all to see what I have as I create each page.

The solution? Organize them in a 3 ring binder. I’ll happily admit this was not my idea, my mom’s collection is substantially bigger then mine (yes I just called you out! LOL). It was her idea, so thanks for saving my sanity, Mom!

You will need an empty Binder,  white 12×12 cardstock, a Marker, pen & Pencil, & your pocket pages.


I started by creating 3″ grids on my paper, which creates twelve 3″x3″ boxes. I used the sharpie to do this so the boxes stand out.


Now looking at my actual pocket page layouts I created a different layout/style one in each of the boxes. I used the pen and also marked the pocket sizes for easy reference. (and yes I made a couple of mistakes!)


The next step is taking out all the pocket pages from each of their separate packages and putting them in the binder in the same order as they are on the reference page. I added a post-it so I could easily find the different pages. I labeled each square a different letter and those correspond to the divider post-it tabs.

The last step is to count each different layout and note it on the reference sheet. Do this in pencil so you can easily change it as you use or buy your pages. Because the reference sheet is in a plastic page, I didn’t want to have to remove it each time to update the quantities. I added small squares on the outside of the sheet over each 3″x3″ for the quantities.

Now I no longer have to look through each of my packages to determine what I have and I can also easily see what I’m running out of.

I’d love to hear how you have organized your pocket pages.