An Exclusive CHA Sneak Peek!

Are you loving Papercrafter’s Corner’s CHA sneak peeks?  I for one am drooling over all of the new paper and embellishments that are on the way to our local stores!

And I’m super excited to show you an exclusive peek at a new organizational product from We R Memory Keepers!  It’s so new that we even get to see the product sketch.

Washi Tape Dispenser from We R Memory Keepers

I do believe I see room for eight rolls of washi tape…and I suspect the entire unit spins (but don’t quote me on that)!  This design is completely different that anything else we’ve seen here, here and here.  I can’t wait to see it in person!  Hopefully I’ll be able to get a few photos next week in Chicago!

So, what do you think?  And what other organizing tools are you hoping are released at CHA?

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Facebook Love & Target Finds

Do you “like” us on Facebook?  We’ve been posting a few of our recent craft storage finds while out and about!  How about this  swiveling caddy from Target ($14.99)?


Swiveling Caddy from Target

Have you found anything that could be used for crafty storage while shopping for Spring? Feel free to share your fun storage shopping finds with us on our Facebook page too!

CHA 2012 Sneak: Heidi Swapp {Memory File}

So, who loves Heidi Swapp?  Who’s been waiting for her to come out with a new line?  Raise your hand!

There’s a sneak of her new line No Limits on PaperCrafter’s Corner today and I have a storage sneak you are going to love!

Say hello to Memory File

Pardon me, but did you see those super cute, die-cut labels?  Wouldn’t they be perfect in your craft room?  And what a cute box to organize your mementos!

Take a look at these file folders and envelopes!

So, what do you think?  Will you be using any of these tools to organize in your craft room?

A Well Organized Stamp Room (Tosha Leyendekker)

I think stampers may very well be the most organized of all crafters.  At least I think that based on some of the most gorgeous craft rooms I’ve seen that belong to stampers.

Tosha Leyendekker’s room is no exception.  Her room is light, airy and completely organized.  She’s also implemented a great storage area in her closet, helped along by removing the closet doors.

Here’s that ingenious closet.

Check out more photos on her blog.

CHA 2012 Sneak: Cropper Hopper

Posted today on as “Coming Soon”.  If I were a betting woman, I’d bet these new products from Cropper Hopper will be out in all their glory at CHA!

New Tote-ally Cool Tote

New Tote-ally Cool Shoulder Tote














New Tote-ally Cool Drawer Tote














 New Craft Carousel

New Embellishment Box and Refills


New Spinning Ribbon Rack

spinning ribbon rack














New Sticker Clipper

cropper hopper sticker clipper

Which one is on your wish list?  Can you narrow it down to just one?

CHA 2012 Sneak: Uni-Keep {Extreme Case Binder}

Have you been watching all of the CHA sneaks over at PaperCrafter’s Corner? I’ve been loving every minute of it, but keep wondering what new storage products will be introduced to store all of those new papers and embellishments?

So, without further ado…an official Craft Storage Ideas sneak!

UniKeep™, a division of the award-winning leader in eco-friendly packaging and organizational products, Univenture Inc., will be offering the crafting and scrapbooking community a comprehensive line-up of binders and accessories, crystal-clear envelopes and adhesive pockets that are ideal crafting tools.”

After looking over what they have to offer, I think the most helpful to all of us is the UniKeep Case Binder.  It’s fully enclosed, which means, once you shut it things aren’t going to fall out!  You can use these binders to store embellishments, paper scraps by color, and even unmounted stamps.


So, what do you think?

Martha Stewart Living Craft Space

So, you’ve probably seen this image floating around.  This is Martha Stewart’s craft space.

And it features her new line of furniture, Martha Stewart Living Craft Space.  There several really interesting pieces in the line.

This large flat file storage unit as well as this table/workspace.

Everything comes in three different colors, and the price seems reasonable (the larger pieces are listed at $359, which isn’t a steal, but it seems feasible).  Here’s another room that shows the pieces off even better.  All of the pieces can be seen on the Home Decorator’s website.

What do you think of this line?  Have you purchased it?  Does it hold up well?