Product Highlight: Yarn Container

Today’s product highlight will be helpful for our readers who knit and crotchet. I am trying to teach myself to crotchet, and one of my biggest pet peeves is having my yarn get tangled while I am working. I also have cats and a 4 year old, so keeping my yarn contained is essential. I came across these great Snapware yarn containers at Jo Anns.

Snapware Yarn Container

Pretty ingenious, right? While I did a quick search for these containers in use, I found many DIY versions that work just as well.

Source: Hooked on Crafting

Source: Simple Joys

Source: Till We Quilt Again

Source: Chatter Box Jenn

Repurposing antibacterial wipes containers, oatmeal canisters and tupperware all work well to contain your yarn. I love that two of these examples were made pretty by using ceramic tiles or duck tape of all things! Whether you purchase a ready made container or create your own, your yarn will be safely stored while working on your projects!

How do you store your yarn while working on a project?


Product Highlight: Scrapbook Storage Box

Sometimes the simplest items can work the best for storage. Many of us are scrapbookers, and even if you are not, I am sure you have some memorabilia you need to store. A simple scrapbook storage box can be the perfect solution to store loose items.

scrapbook storage box

For those of us that scrapbook, maybe you need a place to store memorabilia until you have time to scrap it. Ticket stubs, pamphlets, receipts, small tokens from a vacation – all of these need to go somewhere until you have time to put them in an album. And if you don’t scrapbook, maybe there are special items you want to hang onto, such as, special art work from your children, cards or love notes.

These boxes come in all sizes and colors. I have a large white one that sits on top of my bookshelf to hold all the special items my kids make for me. I haven’t decided yet if I want to put these in a scrapbook album or not, but for now, if I need a little pick me up, I can look through the box.

How do you store memorabilia?


Product Highlight ~ ArtBin

Hello friends, Lisa here today with a product highlight to share. The product I’m featuring is from ArtBin.  They offer several storage containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. I use two styles of the Prism Compartment Box. I like the box because they’re crystal clear, lightweight and a good size for me. Before I show you what I use this item for, let me share a few more organizational ideas.


They’re good for storing those little office type supplies neatly in a drawer.


This six compartment box is great for specialty markers, pens Sharpies or even Copics.


Perhaps you’re a scrapbooker with just a few rubber stamps in your collection.


And finally they way I use the Prism Boxes, to store my ink pads! The six compartment box holds cat’s eye and dew drop inks perfectly. The one compartment box stores my larger ink pads. Papertrey Ink ink pads have a curve that lets me stack and store 18 pads per box.  Or you can use it for 10 stacked rectangle ink pads.


I purchase my boxes at Joann. With a coupon you can get them for about $5 each. They’re also available at Walmart and online thru Amazon and several art supply sites. Just Google ArtBin and you’ll find more options available.


Product Highlight: 6×4 Photo Boxes

Hallo to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts.  It’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa here to share a product that works for me – photo boxes.  I know there are lots and lots and lots more exciting products available but I tend to use these all the time and this is why:

They are: cheap, readily available, see through, sturdy, the perfect size for Project Life goodies and it’s so versitile – you can use it for brads, die cuts, flowers, paperclips, etc.


 The picture is of the brand we get but I’m sure your stores will stock something similar.

I only have one teeny, weenie problem – their lids fall off when you store them on their sides but don’t fear when IMPERFECT ME is near …………….. I use underwear elastic to keep them closed. Yeah, I can hear you laugh but once again it’s cheap and readily available even down under in Sunny SA and I always look for the nice, funky colors (on the elastic, not the underwear!). I even pretty them up with felt die cuts and some buttons ……………….  love it!!

Here is a picture of my system:


You can see how I pack my Project Life monthly kits (top right) , label the boxes and then stack them in another plastic container (bottom left).  When the container is full, I stop buying / up my usage / give away.  This is another thing that I love about containers – they are made to “contain” a certain amount of stash – once it’s done, you have to kick up a gear and make a plan.


I’ll give you a quick review of how I organize my Project Life kits.  They get packed in 6×4 photo boxes and labeled.  In the lid, I’ll add a pic and a list of what’s in the kit.  If the kit corresponds with something in my stash, I’ll add a note to the lid.  First, I make a layout from the kit, and then I do a double page Project Life page or more. Once that is done, I sort the remainder of the kit into general boxes of 3×4 and 6×4 photo mats and journaling cards.  All the embellishments get filed into various containers for stickers, flowers, paperclips, etc.

I’m a firm believer that if you can see what you’ve got, you will use it.  I get inspired by colors, textures and beautiful things and therefore I use see-through containers – I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I go into my Craft Closet.

That’s if from me. Thanks for visiting Craft Storage Ideas today and please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots more to share right here. Please leave me some comments – I would love to see and hear what you do ……………………….. until next year ……………….. lots and lots and lots of love and sunshine from Sunny South Africa.


Product Highlight: Creative Options Crafter’s Caddy

Hallo, it’s Hazel and I’m here to share the Crafter’s Caddy that I recently bought.  I work all around the house – the office, the dining room table, a desk in the middle of our living room or my Craft Closet …………………….. wherever my family members are, I go!!

This means that I have a “mobile crafting system” and I recently added another item:  Creative Options Crafter’s Caddy.


The Craft Caddy is available in two color palettes: the French Garden palette and the Viva Le Pink palette. The French Garden version has a bright magenta base with an avocado green drawer, perfect for refreshing any craft room. The Viva Le Pink version has a black sparkle base with a platinum drawer, for a timeless look that appeals to anyone. Both versions feature the same compact design and measure 12.88 x 8 x 6.75” for portability.

It was readily available (even down under in Sunny SA) and rather “affordable”. I really love the tray that slides out as I’m currently into staples, stitching and paperclips.  More than enough space for all of that.  And here is a picture of what my caddy looked like two weeks ago ………………………………..


I was working on a Christmas 2012 layout, made a dress for daughter-in-law #2 and recycled scraps into mini tags. That’s a lot isn’t  it?? And everything fit – from the 12×12 papers to the scissors, pens, Cuttlebug plates, dies and tons of embellishments. The only thing that IMPERFECT ME added to the caddy was a piece of recycled cardboard to keep my 12×12 papers standing up.  The caddy already has slots on both sides so I just cut it to size and slipped it in. (in my picture, look for the pink arrow)

That’s it!  Another addition to my “mobile crafting system”. Thanks for looking at Craft Storage Ideas today and please check back as we have lots more to share right here.


Product Highlight {Spools}

Hey there, it’s Lisa here on this crisp November day! Have you ever purchased an item for your crafty endevors but never got around to using it? I know silly question right ~ we ALL do that!!! I have a jar of wooden spools that are about to be rescued. Today I’m sharing a variety of ways to use them as a storage solution.  First up are these gorgeous shabby chic memo spools. A great way to use up snippets of favorite ribbons or trims and a pretty place to store notes or ideas!



Turning a spool into a sweet little pincushion keeps fancy pins and sewing needles close at hand. I see something like this in my future!

wooden spool pin cushion

A perfect way to store delicate or vintage trims can be seen at the Paper Doll Girl!


Ready for a touch of  happiness in a jar? Even a small spool can hold yard after yard of twine then be tucked neatly into a jar.



Larger vintage spools that can be found on Etsy, Ebay or specialty stores work beautifully for buttons or wrapping twines as well as hemp cording and jute. I love the idea of pretty scissors placed in the spool ~ decorative and handy!


Altering one end of the spool to be removable is a cute way to store and color coordinate your Washi Tape collection.


This is a delightful way to store ribbon! Neat, tidy and easily accessible!


I’ve been inspire to put my neglected spools to good use I hope you have too! Don’t have any spools? Most stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and Joann carry them in large and small quantities. Archivers and other scrapbook stores usually stock Maya Road and Jenny Bowlin. And if you have a fondness for the vintage variety try Etsy, Ebay and antique stores they offer a great selection.

Thanks so much for your visit, we appreciate it!


Happy Halloween and a Winner!

Happy Halloween from us to you!  Here’s hoping you have a fabulous day!

Now on to the important stuff!  The winner of the $150 gift card to purchase your very own Scrap Rack is…..Nicole Doiron!  Nicole – send us an email at craftstorageideas {at} yahoo {dot} com and we’ll arrange everything!


And if you didn’t win the $150 gift card – you can still snag 15% off of your order at Scrap Rack by using coupon code CSI15 until November 15th!

Thanks to everyone for commenting!

Product Highlight: EZMount Stamp Storage Panels and EZBinders

I am a huge fan of binders for organizing. I talk about them all the time over at my blog. They work well for papers, but also for storage as well. If you can’t access your supplies easily and be able to find what you are looking for, you will probably not use much of what you have. Also, you may end up buying duplicates.

For today’s product highlight I am sharing a product  I think will help many of us that use stamps. It utilizes one of my favorite tools for organizing – the binder. Crafter’s Companion makes these great EZMount Stamp Storage Panels that can be used in one of their EZBinders.

These binders are really great in that they are fully enclosed. They have a locking clip on the side to keep them shut tight, so none of your items fall out. They are made of plastic so they protect your stamps (or metal die-cuts) from the elements. Who wants to dust all those little stamps?

The EZMount Stamp Storage panels will allow you to mount any temporary mount stamps. You can adhere stamps to both the front and back. You could sort your stamps by theme, holiday, or even designer.

The trend in stamps seems to be moving away from wooden mounted stamps to acrylic stamps. I love these because they are clear so you can see exactly where you stamp. They are also perfect because they do not take up much space. And now you have an easy solution for storing and organizing your stamps.

Do you use acrylic stamps and if so, how do you organize them?


A little tour, a review and a BIG giveaway!

I’ve been itching to share a product review for a few months now, and today is the day! I can’t show you how this product works, though, without giving you a little tour of my craft area. Ready?


I have a very small crafting space. In fact, this space works as my entry, dining area and scrap area. I know some of you can relate. I’m lucky in that I do actually have an entire bookshelf I can devote just to crafty things.

Here’s the thing, all of my supplies with the exception of two dresser drawers in another part of the house (one drawer holds cardstock, chipboard and items waiting to be altered and the other drawer holds completed mini-albums for my Etsy shop). and a couple of items on my crafting table are stored on this bookshelf. You read it right. All of my supplies are here.


I keep my crafting table pretty clean since it plays so many roles. Washi tape, tools in a spinner, a box to hold wood veneer pieces, buttons and ribbon, and a clear acrylic tray that I keep “must use now because I loooove it” embellishments in. And my Silhouette. To be honest, a lot of the time it gets put on the floor in the corner closest to the window.


And that’s about it. I’m a scrapping minimalist (at least that’s what I consider myself – I’m sure there are others out there that work in far less space and with far fewer supplies). If I bring something in, it has to be useful. And I’ve learned that if I don’t use it in 6 months, with the exception of a very few, select items, I’m never going to use it. So every 4 or 5 months I am ruthless about cleaning out every single type of supply. I tend to invest in tools (punches, paper trimmers, crop-a-dile) only after a lot of hemming and hawing (that’s southern, ya’ll) because they take up precious space.

You’ll notice this bookshelf doesn’t hold a ton of supplies. Here’s a little diagram.


To be honest, those drawers are pretty empty – I could probably even downsize, but I like to have space for when my supplies fluctuate. And now for the shameless plug. Keeping my supplies organized and in this small of a space would not be possible without that rack on the top of my bookshelf. It’s a Scrap Rack. Before I start extolling it’s virtues…I paid for this Scrap Rack myself. I am not being compensated for anything I say here.

A Scrap Rack is a base that holds three ring spinders on heavy duty velcro…which in turn hold heavy duty page protectors.


Purchasing a Scrap Rack is a big deal. First, it’s an investment. Second, they aren’t sold in stores, which was difficult for me, because I like to feel, touch and caress anything I am considering buying, especially when it costs a lot. I looked at it for months online. I watched a ton of videos, read reviews. I even sent emails to a couple of people who sold (not to me, unfortunately) their Scrap Racks. I wanted to know why it didn’t work out for them. And then, I trekked to the Stamp Expo and saw one in person…and officially grilled Tiffany, Scrap Rack’s creator, with questions.

What does minet hold? All of my patterned paper, letters (stickers, thickers, wood veneer), embellishments, acrylic stamps, and projects where I’ve pulled paper and embellishments and am just waiting for time to work on them. It holds a lot! I label my patterned paper with washi tape so it can be easily relabeled. It’s all stored in Side Loader Single pages.


Thickers and letters are stored in Double X-Long Storage Pages. To be honest, I can never have enough of these particular pages. I use these for letters and embellishments as well.  I use a combination of Triple Play Storage Pages, Fabulous Four Storage Pages, Perfect Six Storage Pages and Straight Eight Storage Pages for my remaining supplies.

The one exception is acrylic stamps. My collection is pretty small and I don’t have a problem removing the branding/packaging from them – so they are stored in Inque Boutique Stamp Keepers. They are basically a plastic clam-shell – acrylic stamps stick to the bottom plastic and they don’t slide around hardly at all. I purchased these a long time ago – and they are actually no longer being made. But, Scrap Rack now has something identical (they may even be better because they have tabs on the sides), called Klearly Krafty Storage Trays. One stop shopping!

I’ve been using the Scrap Rack for over a year now – so I feel highly qualified to give you a list of pros and cons.


  • Holds an enormous amount of stuff I used to keep everything that is now in the Scrap Rack in the white drawer units on my bookshelf. And when I needed something I dug, and dug and dug. Now I just flip the pages on my Scrap Rack and can see everything I own
  • Nothing gets lost
  • While it does have a bigger footprint, it’s pretty small for all it holds
  • It’s expandable. If I ever wanted more binder rings – I can get them, along with an expansion tray
  • I can customize every single page based on the supplies I’m storing. Which means, when I realize something isn’t working, I can try another type of storage page easily, without investing a ton of money.


  • It’s an investment
  • You can’t necessarily see what you are ordering ahead of time (but I have had no quality issues)
  • The pages do sag a little. This doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. The fuller my Scrap Rack, the less the sag.

See – the pro list is way better!

Things that didn’t work for me, but might work for you

  • When I placed my first order I ordered Trader’s Twelve Storage Pages and Sweet Sixteen Basic Storage Pages, thinking I would store loose buttons, brads, ribbon, etc. These did not work for me. It to difficult to get things in and out. I had a hard time keeping the flaps closed so that my items wouldn’t fall out when I turned the pages. They just weren’t for me.
  • I’ve also discovered that Straight Eight Storage Pages don’t work for me either….mostly because the type of embellishments I buy don’t seem to fit in the pockets. I tend to need the larger pocket pages. This is probably hugely dependent on the types of embellishments I gravitate to.
  • Something that makes a huge difference in how your Scrap Rack works Order dividers. More than you think you actually need. They are super sturdy….and the more you have, the easier it is to navigate your Scrap Rack. I don’t actually label mine – I don’t even use them to divide “sections”. They are there as support for the page protectors. The more dividers you have, the less your pages sag. Trust me on this one.

And now that I’ve written a book – do you have a Scrap Rack? Do you have any specific questions for me? I’d love to take a stab at answering them!

And now for the big, big thing!

Want 15% off of your order at Scrap Rack?  Use coupon code CSI15 until November 15th!

Want to win a $150 gift card to purchase your very own Scrap Rack?  All you have to do comment here and letting us know which item in your crafty area you think is the most organized!

We will announce the winners of our giveaway on October 31st!



Stamp Inventory Using Evernote

Hi everyone, I’m so honored to a guest poster for Craft Storage Ideas today!

For several years I kept an inventory of my stamps in binders and while it works, it’s pretty cumbersome to pull these huge, heavy binders out every time I want to find a specific type of stamp. When my stamp collection grew to fill two 4 inch binders filled to the max, I knew I needed a new way to inventory my stamps if I was ever going to use them again.

My solution? To create a stamp inventory that is electronic and can be accessed from my computer as well as my iPhone. I recently found a free program called Evernote which does all of this and more.

Use Evernote to create a digital stamp inventory!

About Evernote

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. There are a series of videos on the Evernote website that explain exactly what you can do with this program. Click here to view them.

To download Evernote for your computer, click here.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

I knew that it was going to take a long time to get all of these stamps switched over to a digital version so to keep from getting overwhelmed, I told myself that I would only spend 15-30 minutes each night transferring them over to the new system. Then I ended up getting sick and while I was stuck in bed, I actually finished it quicker than I thought.

Whether you have 20 stamps or 2000, don’t let the idea of starting from scratch overwhelm you. Depending on your lifestyle and schedule, set aside a specific time each day/week to enter your stamps into your Evernote Inventory and believe it or not, it WILL get done. Sooner or later. (LOL)

Getting Started

First of all, each “inventory” is called a “notebook” in Evernote. Each entry in your inventory/notebook is called a “note”. Below are step by step instructions for how I’m use Evernote to create my stamp inventory binder:

Step One:

Open Evernote, Choose “File”, “New Notebook” and then name your notebook whatever you’d like. I named mine “Stamp Inventory Notebook”. If you wanted, you could separate your stamps by category or by manufacturer, but I find it easier for me to keep them all in one notebook.

Step Two:

Click on “New Note”, where it says “Click to set title”, click there and enter the title of your stamp set. I always put the manufacturer in front of the name if I know it. For example: “Paper Smooches – A Little Lovin’” is the title of one of my stamp sets.

Create a New "Note"

Step Three:

Where it says “Click to add tag”, click there and start typing your tags with a comma in between words. Here is an example of tags that I used for the “A Little Lovin’” stamp set:

  • “announcement, baby, carrot, crown, elephant, frog, heart, i love you, kangaroo, lips, kiss me, new baby, mom and baby, paper smooches, welcome baby, thump I’m in love”

I put both tags for the images and the sentiments so that when I’m searching for something, it will be easier to find it.

Enter Your Tags

Step Four:

Next, I find an image of my stamp set on the web, and use my “snippet” tool to copy and paste the image of the stamp set into Evernote. If you don’t know how to use the snippet tool, click here for a tutorial. You’ll be amazed at how much easier this little tool will make your life! (online anyway LOL)

So I go into the text portion of the note and either right click and choose “paste” or I just use ctrl-v to paste the image I snipped. (See image below)

a little lovin

If you do not have the name of your stamp or the manufacturer, you can just take a photograph and copy and paste it into your inventory notebook. I have some that I stamped out and photographed because I bought the stamps at a thrift store or just forgot to write down who made the stamp and what it was called. Here is a sample:

photographed entry

That’s it! Your first note is complete. Now, just start all over and click on “New Note” again. Easy right? Time consuming, yes but in the end I you will have a searchable database of all of your stamps which will make you more likely to use them more!

Here is a copy of my finished (but always ongoing) digital stamp inventory using Evernote: Kat’s Evernote Stamp Inventory

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to contact me via email or on my blog.