It’s Silhouette Time!

Silhouette has a wonderful promo going on right now!  All of their specialty media is 30% OFF when you use our promo code of STORAGE on their sale page!    So, if you already have a machine, but you’ve been on the fence about using the print & cut feature, now is the time to order your supplies!


If you don’t have a machine yet, then you are in luck, because now you can get a specialty media collection with your new machine at a great deal!

  • Silhouette CAMEO® and Specialty Media Collection (tattoo paper, kraft paper, gold foil, silver foil, white sticker paper, clear sticker paper, cotton canvas):  $357.92  $269.99
  •  Silhouette Portrait™ and Specialty Media Collection (tattoo paper, kraft paper, gold foil, silver foil, white sticker paper, clear sticker paper, cotton canvas): $237.92 $129.99
  •  ALL Specialty Media is 30% OFF!
To order, click on this link and use the code STORAGE at checkout for your 30% discount or to receive the machine bundle deal!

A Weekend Giveaway from

How about a giveaway for our weekend readers?

Does your computer overflow with files that you just can’t seem to organize?  Do you spend hours looking for one particular file instead of creating? is offering one seat in the Digital Organization for Windows: ACDSee class!  If you own the ACDSee software or have been wanting to take advantage of the free trial – then this is the class for you!

To enter to win, all you need to do is head on over to our Facebook page here and comment on the link to this blog post.  We will draw our winner Sunday!


Studio tour: Boxwood Cottage

Good morning to all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts. Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from Sunny South Africa with you today. This is my first post for  2014 and I would like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year. We are already in Week 2 ………………… if you haven’t started on your New Year’s resolutions, now is the time!!

Talking about resolutions, if you haven’t fixed up your craft space,  join me in a tour all the way to Germany to see Carola’s Boxwood Cottage Studio.  Just the motivation you need to get going.  And if that weren’t enough – we’ve got a giveaway at the end of this post that can help you get organized!!  Seatbelts fastened? Here we go.

Carola has been blogging since 2005 and it started out to be mostly about her garden and home interior.  Since then she has discovered Mixed Media, Altered Art and the art of soldering. She has a rooftop studio and this is the view from the last step of the stairs:

Studio left side

And this is her white table. She has 3 more tables in her creative space and this one is used when she has friends over.  Hop over to her blog where she tells all about it.

White table

 Not only 3 tables but 3 HUGE double attic windows as well:

Under the attic windows

Like me, Carola is a collector of all things beautiful and “vintagey”.  I love how she used the suitcases for extra studio storage.

Vintage suitcases for studio storage

And why not use your chandelier to show off another collection?

Top hat chandy

I have to confess, I used pictures from two of Carola’s posts.  I just loved the detail  SO much. Here is the link to her 2011 post and here you can find the 2013 one. There is a health warning on these posts: the pictures are SERIOUSLY beautiful and addictive and I counted more than 50 of them!! Get a cup of tea, sit back and ENJOY!!

Before I go, I want to thank Carola for sharing her Boxwood Cottage studio with us.  Hop over to her blog and leave a comment to tell her that Craft Storage Ideas sent you. While there, remember to check her Christmas décor posts as well ………………. it’s beautiful!

That’s it from me. I’m off to my Craft Closet to do some serious vintage storage.  Thanks for visiting the Craft Storage Ideas blog today and please leave me a comment – I love to hear and see what you think and do. And OH, before I forget …………………………….. let me know how many collections you spied in Carola’s Boxwood Cottage Studio – we will have a guessing game and then ask her for an answer afterwards. Come on,  join in the fun!



Need a little help organizing your craft space?  We are excited to giveaway one (1) seat to the Big Picture Scrapbooking Workshop called “Organizing Fundamentals”.

Organizing FUNdamentals
6 weeks to a fun & functional scrapbook space

Do you spend more time collecting than crafting? More energy searching through supplies than actually scrapbooking? Then it’s high time you cleared out that clutter, streamlined your stash, and put a tried-and-true organization process to work in your workspace!

Whether you have a closet or a craft room, Organizing FUNdamentals will help you take control of your stuff and transform your space into an organized haven where you know what you have and can actually use it.

In six stash-busting weeks, instructors Wendy Smedley and Aly Dosdall will walk you through their proven organizing process step-by-step, sharing helpful handouts, printable questionnaires, case studies, video chats, and more. Apply this process to your creative space or any other cluttered, confusing, and stress-inducing area in your home.

Bonus: If you’ll stay engaged and motivated through all six weeks of class, you’ll be rewarded not only with a fun and functional creative space, but also with a top-secret incentive that your instructors have lined up for you and will reveal on the first day of class. Organization awaits!

Want a chance to win?  Just comment on this post with what part of organizing your craft space is the most fun!  We will announce the winner on Wednesday!





And the winner is…

Thank you all for your comments on our giveaway!  It sounds like everyone has big organizing plans for this holiday season!  I can’t wait to hear how it goes!

The winner of the Medium Organizer from Close to My Heart is:


and Large Organizer from Close to My Heart is:


Congratulations, ladies!  Please send me an email with your mailing address to!  And thank you, Dr. Phil for sponsoring!


A Giveaway!

We’ve got one more giveaway before Christmas!  Courtesy of our sponsor Dr. Phil Scraps, we are giving away not one, but two organizers!

a Medium Organizer from Close to My Heart


Z4139-MEDIUM_ORGANIZATION_STORAGE_BOXand a Large Organizer from Close to My Heart

Z1834To enter, all you have to do is comment and tell us what your holiday organizing plans are!  Deadline for entering is Friday, December 13th!

Happy Halloween and a Winner!

Happy Halloween from us to you!  Here’s hoping you have a fabulous day!

Now on to the important stuff!  The winner of the $150 gift card to purchase your very own Scrap Rack is…..Nicole Doiron!  Nicole – send us an email at craftstorageideas {at} yahoo {dot} com and we’ll arrange everything!


And if you didn’t win the $150 gift card – you can still snag 15% off of your order at Scrap Rack by using coupon code CSI15 until November 15th!

Thanks to everyone for commenting!

A little tour, a review and a BIG giveaway!

I’ve been itching to share a product review for a few months now, and today is the day! I can’t show you how this product works, though, without giving you a little tour of my craft area. Ready?


I have a very small crafting space. In fact, this space works as my entry, dining area and scrap area. I know some of you can relate. I’m lucky in that I do actually have an entire bookshelf I can devote just to crafty things.

Here’s the thing, all of my supplies with the exception of two dresser drawers in another part of the house (one drawer holds cardstock, chipboard and items waiting to be altered and the other drawer holds completed mini-albums for my Etsy shop). and a couple of items on my crafting table are stored on this bookshelf. You read it right. All of my supplies are here.


I keep my crafting table pretty clean since it plays so many roles. Washi tape, tools in a spinner, a box to hold wood veneer pieces, buttons and ribbon, and a clear acrylic tray that I keep “must use now because I loooove it” embellishments in. And my Silhouette. To be honest, a lot of the time it gets put on the floor in the corner closest to the window.


And that’s about it. I’m a scrapping minimalist (at least that’s what I consider myself – I’m sure there are others out there that work in far less space and with far fewer supplies). If I bring something in, it has to be useful. And I’ve learned that if I don’t use it in 6 months, with the exception of a very few, select items, I’m never going to use it. So every 4 or 5 months I am ruthless about cleaning out every single type of supply. I tend to invest in tools (punches, paper trimmers, crop-a-dile) only after a lot of hemming and hawing (that’s southern, ya’ll) because they take up precious space.

You’ll notice this bookshelf doesn’t hold a ton of supplies. Here’s a little diagram.


To be honest, those drawers are pretty empty – I could probably even downsize, but I like to have space for when my supplies fluctuate. And now for the shameless plug. Keeping my supplies organized and in this small of a space would not be possible without that rack on the top of my bookshelf. It’s a Scrap Rack. Before I start extolling it’s virtues…I paid for this Scrap Rack myself. I am not being compensated for anything I say here.

A Scrap Rack is a base that holds three ring spinders on heavy duty velcro…which in turn hold heavy duty page protectors.


Purchasing a Scrap Rack is a big deal. First, it’s an investment. Second, they aren’t sold in stores, which was difficult for me, because I like to feel, touch and caress anything I am considering buying, especially when it costs a lot. I looked at it for months online. I watched a ton of videos, read reviews. I even sent emails to a couple of people who sold (not to me, unfortunately) their Scrap Racks. I wanted to know why it didn’t work out for them. And then, I trekked to the Stamp Expo and saw one in person…and officially grilled Tiffany, Scrap Rack’s creator, with questions.

What does minet hold? All of my patterned paper, letters (stickers, thickers, wood veneer), embellishments, acrylic stamps, and projects where I’ve pulled paper and embellishments and am just waiting for time to work on them. It holds a lot! I label my patterned paper with washi tape so it can be easily relabeled. It’s all stored in Side Loader Single pages.


Thickers and letters are stored in Double X-Long Storage Pages. To be honest, I can never have enough of these particular pages. I use these for letters and embellishments as well.  I use a combination of Triple Play Storage Pages, Fabulous Four Storage Pages, Perfect Six Storage Pages and Straight Eight Storage Pages for my remaining supplies.

The one exception is acrylic stamps. My collection is pretty small and I don’t have a problem removing the branding/packaging from them – so they are stored in Inque Boutique Stamp Keepers. They are basically a plastic clam-shell – acrylic stamps stick to the bottom plastic and they don’t slide around hardly at all. I purchased these a long time ago – and they are actually no longer being made. But, Scrap Rack now has something identical (they may even be better because they have tabs on the sides), called Klearly Krafty Storage Trays. One stop shopping!

I’ve been using the Scrap Rack for over a year now – so I feel highly qualified to give you a list of pros and cons.


  • Holds an enormous amount of stuff I used to keep everything that is now in the Scrap Rack in the white drawer units on my bookshelf. And when I needed something I dug, and dug and dug. Now I just flip the pages on my Scrap Rack and can see everything I own
  • Nothing gets lost
  • While it does have a bigger footprint, it’s pretty small for all it holds
  • It’s expandable. If I ever wanted more binder rings – I can get them, along with an expansion tray
  • I can customize every single page based on the supplies I’m storing. Which means, when I realize something isn’t working, I can try another type of storage page easily, without investing a ton of money.


  • It’s an investment
  • You can’t necessarily see what you are ordering ahead of time (but I have had no quality issues)
  • The pages do sag a little. This doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. The fuller my Scrap Rack, the less the sag.

See – the pro list is way better!

Things that didn’t work for me, but might work for you

  • When I placed my first order I ordered Trader’s Twelve Storage Pages and Sweet Sixteen Basic Storage Pages, thinking I would store loose buttons, brads, ribbon, etc. These did not work for me. It to difficult to get things in and out. I had a hard time keeping the flaps closed so that my items wouldn’t fall out when I turned the pages. They just weren’t for me.
  • I’ve also discovered that Straight Eight Storage Pages don’t work for me either….mostly because the type of embellishments I buy don’t seem to fit in the pockets. I tend to need the larger pocket pages. This is probably hugely dependent on the types of embellishments I gravitate to.
  • Something that makes a huge difference in how your Scrap Rack works Order dividers. More than you think you actually need. They are super sturdy….and the more you have, the easier it is to navigate your Scrap Rack. I don’t actually label mine – I don’t even use them to divide “sections”. They are there as support for the page protectors. The more dividers you have, the less your pages sag. Trust me on this one.

And now that I’ve written a book – do you have a Scrap Rack? Do you have any specific questions for me? I’d love to take a stab at answering them!

And now for the big, big thing!

Want 15% off of your order at Scrap Rack?  Use coupon code CSI15 until November 15th!

Want to win a $150 gift card to purchase your very own Scrap Rack?  All you have to do comment here and letting us know which item in your crafty area you think is the most organized!

We will announce the winners of our giveaway on October 31st!



Cataloging Supplies

Hello fellow crafters, it’s Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper. Have you ever found yourself at your favorite store, (that would be a crafting store btw!), and you can’t remember if you have that embossing folder already? Been there, done that!

In my quest (the never ending quest that is) to be organized I endeavor to know what supplies I have. Thankfully I have not purchased too many duplicates. But I have heard stories where people even purchase Cricut cartridges they already own! I’d much rather spend my money on new, the identical twin does not already exist in my craft room, supplies!

Here are some ideas to help catalog your supplies for easy reference, especially when you’re away from home. Most everyone has a smart phone so these first options are for you!

Evernote is a free app that I love to use. It lets me create Notebooks and then Notes in each book. I have my Cricut cartridges, Glimmer Mist and Distress Markers organized in here for starters. Each “note” in the notebook is categorized alphabetically and your notes and pictures can be added. Evernote also links up to a PC account so you can access all the features on your computer.

Evernote Collage

I also use Pinterest to organize my inspiration and ideas. You could use it to catalog supplies as well. I hope all you crafters are using Pinterest but for those who haven’t yet or aren’t quite sure what it’s all about, here it is in a nutshell. You create your personal account and  create your own “boards”, think of them like cork boards. You can have as many as you want and name them anything you want. Then while anywhere on the web or on Pinterest itself if you see something you like you can “pin it” to your board. Then when you want to see your pins you select your board & everything is there for you! Click the individual picture and it will take you back to the original website, so all the information is a click away! Here are some of my boards and my pinned inspiration.

Pinterest Collage

Another organizing tool I use on my phone is my shopping list. I don’t alway have planned trips to my favorite crafting stores and of course my mind draws a complete blank as to what supplies I just ran out of or need to work on a project. I have a shopping list app on my phone that lets me create lists for different stores. I created a “craft” list and add supplies as I need them. Then when I happen to be in a store, I can look at my list and get what I need. Ok so I do add some wants to my cart too!

So maybe the apps aren’t for you. Never fear you can still catalog your supplies (and there’s lots of ideas on Pinterest!). I created these tags more for reference in my craft room, but they could be tucked in a purse and taken to the store.

tag collage

I’d love to hear how you catalog your supplies!

Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters: A Magazine Giveaway

Have you seen the newest “Bookazine” from Paper Crafts Magazine? It’s called “Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters” and is chock full of 164 pages on storage, organization, paper crafting supplies, budget friendly solutions and more.


Look at that wine rack being used as a marker/pen storage. That idea would fit right-in with our “marker storage roundup” from last month, wouldn’t it?  Yes, we are all about crafts and storage and organizing …. and according to our budget poll in January, most of us are pinching our pennies these days too! What a perfect mag for us!

So since this magazine is something we’re all sure to love, we managed to talk our friends at Paper Crafts Magazine into giving us a copy to giveaway to one of you! It’s a $14.99 value!



Enter to Win

To enter to win the giveaway, simply leave a comment here telling us much you would enjoy curling up with this “bookazine” and what types of ideas you’ll most be interested in finding.  Giveaway closes on Monday, April 2nd at midnight eastern. Have fun & good luck!

PS: If you haven’t yet, please take a moment to “like” us on Facebook!

 Update: Giveaway is now CLOSED! Congratulations to Gabrielle L — the randomly selected winner!

Marker Storage Organizer Giveaway from OrganizeMore!

You guys sure loved our marker storage ideas roundup post earlier this week! Lots & lots of views on that one! In fact, so many that the folks at OrganizeMore who manufacture the Marker Organizer we featured have decided to donate one for us to GIVEAWAY!!

This is the item that had so many of you “oohing and aahing” this week!

Marker Organizer from OrganizeMore

Perfect organizer to store those craft markers, pens, and pencils! Store over 350 of the most popular markers,including Stampin’ Up, Copic, and many more!  This organizer is a full 5 1/2″ deep making for a very stable storage unit. Plus, the markers are stored perfectly horizontal (just a they should be), so the ink will not migrate to one end! It’s also good for storing the SU type embellishment containers and other small containers as well. Will fit most anywhere, taking up very little space at only 9 1/2″ wide! 24 cubbies; felt feet (for table-top use);cubbie dimensions: 2 5/8″w x 1 3/4″h x 5 1/2″d;overall dimensions: 9.5″w x 16.5″h x 5.5″d. ***tools and accessories not included***

Enter to Win!

To win this awesome marker organization unit from OrganizeMore, simply leave a comment on this post telling us some of the brands of markers that would find their way into this storage unit should it end up in YOUR craft room 🙂

Giveaway is open until Tuesday, March 13th at midnight eastern. For EXTRA entries to win (not required) you can be sure to “like” Craft Storage Ideas on Facebook and “like” OrganizeMore on Facebook. Use the “rafflecopter” gizmo below to log-in your entries. You must also leave a comment on the blog post. Winner will be chosen at random by rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for playing along!!