Craft Storage: American Crafts DT Room Tour – Giveaway Winner!

Craft Storage: American Crafts DT Room Tour – Giveaway Winner!
We’re sharing the creative spaces from some of your favorite crafters, American Crafts’ design team members!

Hello, fellow storage enthusiasts!

How many of you caught a glimpse of the rooms of the American Crafts design team members?

Inspiring, right?!

If you missed the peeks, check ’em out below.

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Up first, Gina Lideros and her description of her happy place:

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Members - Gina Lideros (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gina Lideros

Source: American Crafts

Her favorite items for storage are an Expedit bookcase, her custom-made desk and Raskog cart from IKEA.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Gina Lideros' Custom-Made Craft Desk (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gina Lideros‘ Custom-Made Craft Desk

Source: Gina Lideros

We totally agree!

Hazel especially loves the desk with a total of 18 storage baskets (nine on each side) that Gina’s husband built.

Read Gina’s post for American Crafts or hop over to Gina‘s blog to say hello.


The next American Crafts design team member is Heather Leopard and here is what she says about her creative space:

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Heather Leopard (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Heather Leopard

Source: American Crafts

She and her hubby just remodeled her scrap space.

It’s functional and organized with no clutter.

There is even a dedicated space for her children so they can create together.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Heather Leopard's Newly Remodeled Craft Space (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Heather Leopard‘s Newly Remodeled Craft Space

Source: Heather Leopard

Read Heather’s blog post for American Crafts and hop over to Heather‘s blog to say hello.

Next stop: Nicole Samuels

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Nicole Samuels (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Nicole Samuels

Source: American Crafts

Nicole uses her family’s bonus / play room to scrap.

Her Expedit bookcase is used as a room divider,which gives a little separation between her stuff and the kids’ area while still allowing her to be part of the action.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Nicole Samuel's Expedit Bookcase (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Nicole Samuel’s Expedit Bookcase

Source: Nicole Samuels

If you’re a part-of-the-action crafter, this will make a lot of sense to you too.

Read Nicole’s post for American Crafts and hop over to Nicole‘s blog to say hello.

Let’s see what Gillion Nelson has up her sleeve.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Gillian Nelson (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gillian Nelson

Source: Gillian Nelson

Gillian and her husband share opposite sides of an IKEA desk.

There’s lots of natural light and it looks calm and serene even though she claims that it is not representative of her reality.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team - Gillian Nelson's "Shared" Desk (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gillian Nelson‘s “Shared” Desk

Source: Gillian Nelson

Hazel shares an office with her husband and she had this to say: “Mine isn’t nearly as neat as hers, nor does it have the beautiful, light, airy and creative feel that I see in her pictures.

Read Gillian’s post for American Crafts and hop over to Gillian‘s blog to say hello.

And last, but not least: Ashley Horton.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Ashley Horton (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Ashley Horton

Source: American Crafts

She uses part of her bedroom as her craft space.

Even though she would love to have a dedicated room, this currently works very well for her and everything is neatly sorted and on-hand.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Ashley Horton's Bedroom Craft Storage (image)
Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Ashley Horton‘s Bedroom Craft Storage

Source: Ashley Horton

Not everyone is fortunate to have a separate scrap space and it’s great to see people who don’t have a dedicated space make this situation work for them.

Ashley used what she had on hand and we love how she incorporated her stash in her everyday living space. Well done Ashley!

Read Ashley’s post for American Crafts and hop over to Ashley’s blog to say hello.

And now, let’s have a bit of fun!

If you previously hopped along to check out all of the
American Crafts design team member’s craft rooms | crafting spaces,
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and left us a comment about what you most like from these spaces,
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Thanks to everyone for joining us for this craft room hop, and especially to those who took the time to wager a guess on the tool these designers love, and to share their thoughts about these craft rooms, both here and on the American Crafts blog. 

Have a great week and happy organizing!

Craft Storage Ideas Editor & Owner - Stephanie Hackney (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Editor & Owner – Stephanie Hackney

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Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour – Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room

Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour – Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room
Craft room storage doesn’t have to be huge to be great!

Hello to my fellow craft storage enthusiasts!

It’s Hazel, all the way from currently not-so-sunny South Africa, and today I’m inviting you to join me on a tour of Vanessa Brady’s Teeny Tiny Craft Room.

As my Craft Closet is very small, I tend to look in awe at crafters having even less space and making more with it.

Vanessa Brady’s Teeny Tiny Craft Room is definitely fitting the bill!!

Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour - Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour – Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room

Source: Vanessa Brady

Let’s see if you can identify which room she uses…

Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour - Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room (Part of the Pantry) (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour – Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room (Part of the Pantry)

Source: Vanessa Brady

That canned fruit wouldn’t have lasted in my Craft Closet!

According to Vanessa, she lives in a sweet little house built in 1936 and, while that makes for great character, it doesn’t necessary mean a lot of space to work with.

Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour - Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room (Wooden Slatted Storage) (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour – Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room (Wooden Slatted Storage)

Source: Vanessa Brady

Just look at this slatted wood panel gifted from her sister.

Supplies are added with hardware clips, the baskets for markers and pens are from Target‘s dollar section, and the baker’s twine is in an office in/out basket with some dowels strung across the openings.

The washi tape is in a thrifted hanging wood basket – it fits absolutely perfectly!

Everything is within easy reach and, as Vanessa says, what she lacks in space, she definitely makes up for in GREAT storage systems.

Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour - Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room, Everything Accessible from the Desk (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Craft Room Tour – Tried & True Teeny Tiny Craft Room, Everything Accessible from the Desk

Source: Vanessa Brady

I think it’s time for me and my Craft Closet to follow Vanessa’s advice and try to figure out better ways to store things and create more space.

Who would have thought that an unused space off a pantry could become such a functional craft space?

Well done Vanessa!!

Hop over to Vanessa’s original post and read all the inside info.

And while you’re there, remember to leave her some comments and thank her for sharing her space with us at Craft Storage Ideas.

That’s it from me.

Have a wonderful week, and please check back as my fellow contributors and I have lots more to share right here on the Craft Storage Ideas blog.

And please visit me on my blog as well – PlayAsYouGo!

Craft Storage Ideas: Hazel Hamman, Contributor (image)
Craft Storage Ideas: Hazel Hamman, Contributor




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Craft Room Tour – Hand to Paper, Regina Easter

Hi everyone it’s Sharon here, and today I’d like to share one of my favourite craft studios, belonging to the very talented Regina Easter of Hand to Paper.

What I love most about Regina’s room is that she manages to have a lot of stuff on display, but still manages to create a clean, organised look.  It’s very easy when you have open shelving like this for everything to look cluttered and the colour scheme not appear cohesive, but Regina pulls it off, and her cheerful colour scheme just ties it all together and it looks amazing.


I really like her central island for working.   This is what I am missing in my current temporary room.  I find that die cutting and stamping are so much easier when standing up.   A lovely Island like this one is top of my shopping list.

And look at this amazing ribbon storage:

Regina has an amazing amount of photos here on her Flickr pages, you can see all the updates she’s made for her room since these pics, and if you want to check out her blog page with full details about her room, you can find it here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed joining me for this tour of Regina’s gorgeous room.




Craft Room Tour: Gayatri Murali

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m super excited for today’s craft room tour!

I have long been an admirer of Gayatri Murali and I remember her sharing a sneak of her craft room creation last spring on her blog.  As I’ve been getting to know her better through “A Blog Named Hero” I decided to ask if she’d be willing to share more of her craft room.  Gayatri is an amazing paper-crafter and her design team resume and challenge wins certainly reflect that!  She designs for Penny Black, Pretty Pink Posh, Winnie & Walter, A Blog Named Hero, Curtain Call Challenge blog, Runway-Inspired Challenge blog, Tag You’re It Challenge blog, and is often a guest designer for many companies and challenges!  And now you can see where her magic happens!

Her craft room was a birthday present from her husband and it’s the stuff of Pinterest dreams! 🙂  She went from this (which is a gorgeous foyer…the home DIYer in me LOVES the striped wall):

The original entryway
The original entryway

To this downstairs…

Completed entry way
The completed entryway

And this upstairs!!!!

My tiny craft room
The completed craft room

She packs quite a punch in that space!  I love that everything is easily within reach when she’s working and it’s all organized!

Here are a few closer looks of her desk area!

my craft desk
Craft desk
Cardstocks and sprays

And a couple photos of her supplies organized by categories and various shelves:

All stamp sets and embellishments in boxes
All stamp sets in bins and embellishments in boxes
Some HA stamps, pattern papers and embellishments
Hero Arts stamps, patterned papers, and embellishments

I also like the window full of cards!  Great inspiration to see everyday!

Lots of dies
Die storage

And finally a few “in-progress” renovation photos!

Floor of the craft room
Floor of the craft room
Floor of the craft room from below
Floor of the craft room from below
Completed Craft Room
Completed Craft Room

So there you have it…you may have room for a dedicated craft nook in your home and you just never knew it! 😉

Thanks for visiting today and make sure you take some time to visit Gayatri!  Her designs are sure to inspire you!

jessica CSI signature

Jennifer McGuire’s Studio and storage ideas

Hi, all! Sharon here! I’m just so excited to be featuring Jennifer McGuire’s studio with you today.  I’m a total tidy freak when it comes to my studio and how I organise my supplies, and I have got an incredible amount of inspiration from Jennifer’s blog and videos.   If I could have a replica of her room I wouldn’t change a thing!  If you haven’t visited her blog then it’s a must, she is the most kind-hearted and sharing person and her blog and YouTube channel are just full of great ideas, but more on that shortly.

Firstly, here’s a photo of her studio.  As you can see, she has a fantastic island in the centre for working on, and most of her supplies are hidden away in custom made cupboards – this really appeals to me as I can’t bear too much clutter.

What I like most about Jennifer’s room is that, because she designed it from scratch, a lot of thought has gone into what products she wants close at hand, and how she wants to store them for easy access.  For instance, she stores her ink pads in the centre island, so they are right by her workspace – and the OrganizeMore cubby fits perfectly.

I could go on forever about this room and all the ideas I’ve picked up from Jennifer, but I’ll just share one idea here, then you can pop across to Jennifer’s blog and YouTube channel to see the rest (and I HIGHLY recommend that you do).

Aside from her stamp storage, one of the best ideas I’ve picked up from Jennnifer is her ink swatch idea.  She uses the Simon Says Stamp ink swatch stamp set to put together a swatch book, and she so generous, that she’s even shared ink swatch downloads for almost every ink brand you can think of, so you just need to print them out, cut them to size (and she’s added cutting guide lines too), then stamp them out.

I highly recommend you set aside some time, grab a coffee, and watch all her storage videos here.  I guarantee you’ll be inspired to start re-organising your supplies!

Thanks for popping by, and I hope you enjoy exploring Jennifer’s blog and videos.


Heather Bailey’s Sugar Shop Studio

Hello all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts!  Today I’m here to share Heather Bailey’s studio, The Sugar Shop.  Let me show you why I love everything she does:


With a B.A. in Apparel Design and a knack for style, Heather has run successful businesses in both women and children’s accessories. She designs fabric, sewing patterns, paper craft supplies, stationery picnicware and houseware. Just click here to hop over to Heather’s shop and all will be revealed.

Now for her studio.  Like Heather’s designs, her studio is calm, serene, modern with a vintage feel and super workable.

Isaac Bailey Photography

The tall green work-island has a ton of storage, with cabinets and drawers on each side. The cabinets contain art papers, zippers, vintage linens, interfacings, unfinished quilt-tops and stationery. In one of the drawers Heather stores sketchbooks and rulers but the rest she keeps empty for quick clean-ups.

Isaac Bailey Photography

She repurposed a bookshelf by adding a base unit and repainting the poorly white washed  top part – now it’s a super dooper proper dresser where she stores her art supplies, sewing notions and wool felt.  The yellow boxes above hold less-frequently-used items, like velcro and grommets, linoleum blocks for stamp- carving, elastic and cording.

Most of her furniture is “homemade” – the cabinet,  computer table, sewing tabletop and shelves.


What I love most is her personal touches. Just Look at this turquoise mirror.  Read all about it in this post.


And she used grandmother’s old sewing notions to decorate the large frame resting on the ribbon shelf.

Isaac Bailey Photography

That’s it – Heather Bailey’s Sugar Shop Studio!! You can view her original post here and her Flickr photos here.  Please leave her a comment to say thanks for sharing with us.

As this is my last post for 2014, I would like to thank you all for reading my posts throughout the year. Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. See you again around Blogland early in 2015.


Craft Room Tour ~ Card Therapy

Hello! I come to you today sharing the craft room of one of my dearest blogging friends as my final post with CSI.  My term here has come to an end. After much thought, I have decided to step down from the team. I want to give a big thank you to Rebecca for inviting me to be a contributor and to our new sister team of leaders, Noelle and Shelley for taking the reins of the blog and doing an amazing job! I’ve enjoyed working with my fellow contributors and look forward to all of the creative ideas they have for us in the future. Now on to that craft room!

Sue Lelli of Card Therapy has a pretty room filled with Florida sunshine. She doesn’t refer to it as her craft room, it’s her card room! But Sue makes more than cards. She brings creative mixed media projects to her blog on a regular basis and throws in an inspiring canvas work of art from time to time. With a room like this how could you not be inspired to create!


I love the crisp white walls and neutral furnishings with refreshing pops of bright pink…her signature color!


She even brought a pop of her favorite color into her storage closet with these handy canvas drawers.


I just adore this beautiful bay window, the perfect place to photograph her works of art. Sue has a crafting companion on a regular basis…her cat! Take a close look at this photo and you’ll spy this little feline’s darling petal covered bed!


Check out her card wall! What an amazing idea and a pretty feature in her card room. She shared with me that some of these are her works, but many are cards from fellow card makers. I like all of her pretty ribbons on display here too!

Stop by to pay Sue a visit and say hello. While you’re there have a look around, you’ll enjoy here blog!

Farewell friends


Craft Room Tour: Daisy Mae Belle

Welcome to today’s Craft Room Tour.

It’s Cicily and I’m super excited to share Melissa’s craft room from her Daisy Mae Belle blog.

I immediately fell in love with her blog, from her great pictures, her sense of style and her sweet southern charm. I think you’re going to love it too!

I’m so in love with her Playhouse! Her dad built this for her 3 girls and now that they’ve outgrown it, it’s been transformed into Melissa’s Craft Room! I’m thinking my kids need a playhouse!

Melissa recently posted a Craft Room Tour which you can see in its entirety HERE. But we’ll share a few sneak peeks.

Baskets and eclectic dishes are home for craft supplies.

Her organization technique: store like items together. This corner is dedicated to her wreath making supplies. Not only are these all items waiting for projects or projects in progress, but used for decoration and storage in the Playhouse. Example: the birdcage is home to her wire cutters!

If I had to choose a favorite organization idea it would be this one. Ladder, no it’s shelving!

I did think this was pretty clever. What else would we put in a scale but old books! BTW I so need that Owl and Pussy Cat book! Can you spot the S&P shakers?


I’m so very intrigued by all these items and will be checking back often with Melissa to see how she repurposes them!


Craft Room Tour ~ Uncommon Designs

Hello, Lisa here today with a new craft room tour. Today we’re paying a visit to Trish at Uncommon Designs. Trish shares this blog with her crafting partner and sister-in-law Bonnie. Her room is as cute as can be and full of fun storage ideas. I’m sharing a glimps of the after. Pop over to her blog for the before!


This is a great idea for storing bottles of craft paint. The color separation makes it easy to find what you need at a glance. Even if you never used the paint, this is the cutest display!


A coat of paint, the removal of the top hutch and the addition of open airy shelves gives Trish’s “office” area an fresh modern look.


Love the mix of storage containers with the trendy chalkboard labels!


This pop of pink florals in a beautiful silver frame adds a fun pop of color to her space. Adding a curtain to the opening under a counter or desk top is a perfect way to hid lesser used crafting supplies. And perhaps my favorite item in this room…a jar full of glitter!!

A big thank you Trish for letting us have a peek into your creative space!! Have a delightful day friends.




Room Tour with Kim Barrett

Let’s give a warm welcome to Kim Barrett! Her room is impressive – especially considering it was created using recycled materials!  Here’s Kim!



I’m a wife of 38 years, mother to four grown children and grandma to three. I live in beautiful Arizona and have worked for a major airline for the last 25 years.  I also have a small cake pop business that I began three years ago as a hobby.  I love anything DIY, cooking, baking, paper crafting and repurposing vintage pieces of furniture.




To truly appreciate my craft room, I believe I need to take you to where it all started. Here in the back of my husband’s truck.

 delivery of cabinets

A close friend of mine was remodeling her kitchen and was taking her old whitewashed oak cabinets to the dump.  I jumped at opportunity to save her that trip to the landfill.  My idea began with a clean slate and 22 kitchen cabinets that I needed to figure out how to make them work in an 11’x11’ empty room.  After figuring out a color to paint them, my new craft space was born. 




I was able to use all but two of the cabinets.  I did build a hutch to go over a base cabinet which allowed me to have open shelving.  My husband was nice enough to move all my outlets in the new craft room to counter height, giving me power in all the right spots.  Our biggest challenge was the layout as I wanted to be able to use all the cabinets.  We even made use of the cabinet that once sat over a stove making the perfect cubby for my flat screen TV.



finished hutchMorehutch

I’m one who loves to organize.  I prefer being able to see my supplies to some extent.  I also don’t care much for clutter, so I am a big fan of tiered stands and almost anything in which I can store items that will allow me to leave them in plain view. I absolutely love storage solutions.  Many items I purchase are not exactly designed for my storage solutions, but they are what I’m always drawn to. Our budget was (like most) to spend as little as possible, and do all the work ourselves.  The laminate flooring was the biggest cost at $300. The cabinets were free, and to bring them back to life was well worth the $50 for paint and glaze. 






One thing I would like to improve is the organization and storage of my paper supply. Being a bit of a scrapbook paper addict, I’m always buying paper, yet never seem to know what I actually have. I need a good 12”x12” paper solution, besides the plastic containers they are stored in at this time.  



Being organized, as I believe most will agree is a wonderful place to be and the journey getting there can be just as fun and rewarding.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

You can follow me on Facebook at Cakepops101 and also Instagram Cakepops101


Don’t you love her space?  I think the idea of repurposing something that was bound for the dump is brilliant.  And such low cost, too!