Craft Room {Clean and Scentsible}

Today I am sharing a craft room with you from one of my favorite bloggers – Jenn from Clean and Scentsible. She writes a blog all about crafting and organizing, so it is a perfect fit to share with our readers. Her space is the perfect mix of function, organization and pretty.

Clean and Scentsible

I love the way she organized her inspirational ideas pulled from magazines and books. She can easily find what she is looking for without paging through a ton of pages. And these files take up so much less space than all those magazines and books did!

The desk area is very well organized and functional as well. I love the wall treatment she used to really make her space feel special.

I love the use of the white furniture to really brighten up the space. She utilizes the Michael’s Recollections storage cubes throughout her room. I have these myself and they are so great for storing scrapbook supplies as well as other crafting notions. They don’t take up a lot of space but really can hold  a lot.

Be sure to head over to Jenn’s blog to see the full craft room reveal. You will be even more amazed after you the see the before of her space.


All About the Furniture: Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are a versatile furniture piece for any craft room. The vertical space in your room can often be so much larger than your floor space and so it makes perfect sense to utilize that space to the fullest. Today, I will share with you some clever ideas for using your wall space in your craft room. Using a standard shelf but adding a tiered shelf organizer on top allows you to add so much storage for small jars of buttons, embellishments, beads and all other sorts of odds and ends.



Source: Dornob

This hand built cubby shelf holds all sorts of ribbons, paints and threads. It makes a beautiful display piece as well.

Source: Shabby Story

Do you have a lot of wooden stamps? This wooden shelving unit holds them all in plain site.

Source: Home Designing

Installing small wooden shelves around your entire room creates a ton of space for stamps, paints, thread and beads. Since most of these items are small, you don’t have to make the shelves very wide.

Source: Fryxie

If you do a lot of sewing, having your thread easily accessible is a must. This wall unit from Martha Stewart is perfect for displaying all your thread at your fingertips.

Source: Home Decorators

I hope this has given you some ideas for your own craft space. And next time you are stumped on where to store your supplies – look up – to your walls!

Do you utilize your wall space in your craft room?


Craft Room {Gina Lee Kim}

Today I am sharing a beautiful craft room with you all. Gina Lee Kim’s studio is a gorgeous space that is sure to inspire. She was able to incorporate all of her own art supplies in a functional desk hutch that stores a ton of supplies in a relatively small space, as well as include a space for her son to come in and do art projects with her while she works!

Gina Lee Kim

Isn’t this hutch amazing? Along with the two bookcases, it can store so many books and supplies. Here is a view of her son’s crafting area:

I know my kids would love to have an art space like this to call their own.

Her creative nook has so many fantastic art supplies right at her fingertips.

She has also utilized the beloved Raskog Ikea cart that I have raved about before. I have a similar scrapbook storage cart that holds so many papers, but Gina Lee Kim utilizes it to hold other types of supplies. I love storage units that can serve many purposes.

Be sure to head over to Gina Lee Kim’s blog to see her studio reveal: Part 1 and Part 2. Tell her Craft Storage Ideas sent you!


All About the Furniture: Dressers

I love dressers for their versatility and concealed storage space. Have you ever considered using a dresser in your craft room? A dresser offers a ton of storage that you can compartmentalize. Paint it a fun color, and you have a show piece for your room!

For example, this painted dresser at Older and Wisor is a fantastic storage piece. I love the color and the numbers make the drawers stand out!

Older and Wiser painted dresser

I love this mint dresser at Classy Clutter.

Just a Girl Blog refinished a thrift store find into a beautiful show piece.

I love everything about the dressers in Delicate Construction‘s craft room. The color is beautiful and I am always in favor of pretty labels.

Have you used dressers for storage anywhere other than in the bedroom?


Craft Room {Bower Power}

Today I am sharing a beautiful office/craft room I found at Bower Power.

Bower Power

This room functions as both an office for them as well as a place to sew, craft and blog. This is a pretty tall order for one room. The room, as well as almost everything in it got a fresh coat of paint, including this fantastic green bookcase and red chair. I love the subtle color on the wall with the pops of color in the furniture. The pieces really stand out but don’t make the space look too busy.

She corralled her crafting and sewing supplies into a shelving unit near her sewing machine to make it easy to do her projects.

But my favorite thing in the room (must be my inner office supply hoarder) is the giant white board she has on the wall. What a great place to write ideas, keep track of projects, etc.

Be sure to head over to Bower Power to see the amazing before and after. You won’t believe your eyes. Tell her Craft Storage Ideas sent you!


Product Highlight: Yarn Container

Today’s product highlight will be helpful for our readers who knit and crotchet. I am trying to teach myself to crotchet, and one of my biggest pet peeves is having my yarn get tangled while I am working. I also have cats and a 4 year old, so keeping my yarn contained is essential. I came across these great Snapware yarn containers at Jo Anns.

Snapware Yarn Container

Pretty ingenious, right? While I did a quick search for these containers in use, I found many DIY versions that work just as well.

Source: Hooked on Crafting

Source: Simple Joys

Source: Till We Quilt Again

Source: Chatter Box Jenn

Repurposing antibacterial wipes containers, oatmeal canisters and tupperware all work well to contain your yarn. I love that two of these examples were made pretty by using ceramic tiles or duck tape of all things! Whether you purchase a ready made container or create your own, your yarn will be safely stored while working on your projects!

How do you store your yarn while working on a project?


Product Highlight: Scrapbook Storage Box

Sometimes the simplest items can work the best for storage. Many of us are scrapbookers, and even if you are not, I am sure you have some memorabilia you need to store. A simple scrapbook storage box can be the perfect solution to store loose items.

scrapbook storage box

For those of us that scrapbook, maybe you need a place to store memorabilia until you have time to scrap it. Ticket stubs, pamphlets, receipts, small tokens from a vacation – all of these need to go somewhere until you have time to put them in an album. And if you don’t scrapbook, maybe there are special items you want to hang onto, such as, special art work from your children, cards or love notes.

These boxes come in all sizes and colors. I have a large white one that sits on top of my bookshelf to hold all the special items my kids make for me. I haven’t decided yet if I want to put these in a scrapbook album or not, but for now, if I need a little pick me up, I can look through the box.

How do you store memorabilia?


Craft Room {Jen-uinely Inspired}

Today I am sharing a beautiful craft room with you from Jen-uinely Inspired. Her room is pretty and feminine. Her supplies are organized and lovely. I would love to create in her space! Actually, her ‘CREATE’ sign is what first drew me to this room. I have been wanting to make something similar for my crafting space!

Jen-uinely Inspired

She turned boring, standard plastic storage into something amazing. Look at these gorgeous fabric covered drawers!

She has all of her scrapbook paper organized by manufacturer and theme. I love how she found what works for her and made her supplies easy to find. She is absolutely correct when she says, “Half of scrapbooking is staying organized.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Jenny’s craft space, and tell her Craft Storage Ideas sent you! She has some fabulous organization ideas!


Free Printable Craft Supply Labels

Today I have a special treat for all of our readers. Over at my blog, Laura’s Crafty Life, I share a lot of free printables. I created some really cute craft supply labels to help you get your craft supplies organized!

I created two color options, pink and green. You can download the pre-printed labels with some common craft supplies listed on them or there are blank ones to be able to write in your own.

You can print these on adhesive paper or regular card stock. Cut them out with your paper trimmer or use a circle punch!

Pink Craft Supply LabelsPink Craft Supply Labels Blank Green Craft Supply Labels Green Craft Supply Labels Blank

Click to download:

Pink Craft Supply Labels | Pink Craft Supply Labels Blank |  Green Craft Supply Labels |  Green Craft Supply Labels Blank



Daring DIY: Repurposed Storage Box

Today I am bringing you a very practical, economical and pretty daring DIY. How many times do you toss out old boxes? Once you see these pretty boxes, you are going to want to hoard hold on to your extra boxes. Simply cover the boxes with pretty paper and you have customized, beautiful drawer storage. And who can’t use more of that?

Rebecca at Soap Deli News Blog did just that! She used pretty scrapbook paper to cover all of her boxes as well as the larger box she recovered. You don’t even need drawer space to make this fun project work! You could also cover your boxes with wrapping paper, contact paper, or vinyl.


I love that the small size boxes perfectly house her washi tape collection and you can easily see all of them.

Head over to Soap Deli News Blog to check out the full instructions.