Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – Ink Pad Storage from OrganizeMore

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – Ink Pad Storage from OrganizeMore
Looking for storage solution ideas for ink pads? We’ve got some!

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Jessica here with a storage product spotlight on ink pad storage from OrganizeMore!

OrganizeMore is a small family-owned business in Tennessee that provides hand-crafted and hand-painted storage units for crafters.

Currently, they have ink pad organizers, ribbon/washi tape organizers, pegboard wall units, punch/stamp storage, journaling card storage, marker storage, paper storage, paint storage and more.

And chances are, if you can dream it up, they can build it for you!

For today’s spotlight, I am going to focus on their ink pad storage units.

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - ProInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – ProInk Organizer

When I first started papercrafting I stuffed my (small) collection of ink pads into drawers in my craft desk.

I quickly realized that 1) the color I wanted would ALWAYS be on the bottom of a stack in the back of my drawer, and 2) I forgot what colors I had and would end up using the same limited palette…my early cards, lots of Peacock Feathers distress ink going on.  Ha!

When I finally decided to switch to an actual ink storage unit, I looked at several and ultimately settled on the OrganizeMore ProInk Organizer.

And I am SO thrilled that I found this product!

I started off with one of the ProInk Organizers which holds every ink pad size up to those the size of the Stampin’ Up pads.

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - ProInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMoreProInk Organizer

I purchased two of these units, but quickly filled them up and started looking at other options from OrganizeMore.

Around this time I was really getting interested in various techniques with Distress Ink Pads, Reinkers and Markers and I was looking for a unit that would hold all three.

OrganizeMore had units that would hold Stampin’ Up markers, reinkers and pads, but they didn’t yet have a Distress Ink option.

So I put in a request and, a few months later, the 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Style Organizer was added to the line-up!

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Style Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Style Organizer

I think this might be my most favorite unit just because it’s so pretty!

Here’s a closer look (below) at each cubby.

The dowels keep the re-inkers and ink pads from getting stuck too far back in each compartment – love that!

Craft Storage: Product Spotlight - Organize More - 48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore48 Distress Ink/Marker/ReInk Organizer

Now, I have to stop and admit that I’m a bit of an ink hoarder.

I LOVE the gorgeous colors and, with all of the companies continuing to put out such quality ink pads and colors, I kept needing more and more storage!

Next, I purchased a ProInk/ReInk Organizer (see below) which ended up working really well to store some of my extra ink pads, as well as the brand new Distress Ink colors that have been released this year.

Again, the dowels help to keep the re-inkers from getting lost in the back of the organizer.

And, this unit also fits Stampin’ Up pads.

Craft Storage: Product Highlight - Organize More - ProInk/ReInk Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – ProInk/ReInk Organizer

Finally, I totally ran out of room for storage units on my craft desk and, while all of the units can be wall-mounted, I didn’t want to take up wall space either.

So, a few months ago I contacted Mike at OrganizeMore about the possibility of creating an ink pad storage unit specifically for the cubbies of an Ikea Expedit/Kallax, and he was open to the idea!

In fact, so much so that he created this unit and I got a great reward – one for free when they were produced!

I have three of these new units now and I anticipate purchasing a fourth soon!

The dividers are a little different than OrganizeMore‘s traditional corrugated plastic inserts, but they work just as well and using these dividers allows customers to fit more ink pads into the unit (which is a total win in my book!).

Here’s a look at this style of organizer:

Craft Storage Product Spotlight: Organize More - Expedit/Kallax Ink Organizer (image)
Craft Storage: Product Spotlight – OrganizeMore – Expedit/Kallax Ink Organizer

While these units are slightly different than the other units sold by OrganizeMore, aesthetically these units still fit with the other units they sell, which is a big plus for my slightly OCD brain!

I have always chosen the white units with white inserts as they fit my craft room design best, but OrganizeMore offers nine different color options for the units so you can surely find something that will complement your craft space!

Organize More also offers daily deals where they discount one of their units by 15 percent.

And, as a special perk for our readers,
OrganizeMore has given us a discount code
good for 10% off your purchase,
good through July 25th!

The discount code is: CSI715.

I cannot say enough nice things about the products from OrganizeMore.

They’re classy, well-designed and perfect for corralling the craft products in your life!

I hope you’ll visit them and see if there’s anything that would work for your craft room.

Thanks so much for visiting and please stop by my blog, All The Sparkle, to say hi!

Have a great weekend,

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Jessica Frost-Ballas (image)
Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Jessica Frost-Ballas


Contributor Craft Room Tour: Jessica Frost-Ballas

Good morning and Happy Friday!  Jessica here, from All the Sparkle, to share a more detailed look into my crafting space! craft room tour teal and coral

Here’s the basic layout of my craft room: craft room tour teal and coral

When you’re standing in the doorway to my music studio this is what you’ll see: craft room tour teal and coral
And if you’re standing in the opposite corner next to my Ikea Expedit unit this is your view: craft room tour teal and coral
And this is the remaining wall: craft room tour teal and coral
My husband and I built our first home in the summer of 2013 and I spent months browsing Pinterest for ideas for my craft room.  I knew this was one room where I could go a little color-crazy so I decided on a coral, teal, and white color scheme.  The wall paint is Sherwin-Williams Tantalizing Teal and I love how bright and cheery it feels.  I chose Ikea furniture for the price point and for the variety of styles that were available.  I use three Linnmon tabletops and one corner Linnmon tabletop for my main papercrafting workspaces and my husband and I constructed a table from a hollow-core door for my gift wrapping and mailing workspace.  I used different bases to support the tables…Alex drawers, table legs, and Ullrik units which give me a lot of versatile organization space.  In the future I’m hoping to get glass cut to fit the top of the tables for even easier clean-up. craft room tour teal and coral
I use Organize More units to store all of my ink pads, reinkers, and distress markers.  I store my copic markers in Color Cubbies which are, unfortunately, no longer available as I believe the business has closed.  If you’re a regular reader of my blog you already know that I’m a big fan of color and sparkle and this wall of my room is one of my favorites.  It houses my copic markers, washi tape, distress inks, and 238 different shades and sizes of sequins! 😉 craft room tour teal and coral

Organize More recently built me 3 custom ink pad storage units to fit into my Ikea Expedit (they will also fit in the new Ikea Kallax) which has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and I’ve heard that Organize More will be offering the Expedit/Kallax units soon!  I will readily admit that Jennifer McGuire is a huge source of organizational inspiration so many of my storage systems are reproductions or adaptations of hers (as you can see with my stamp storage, ink swatch book, and peerless watercolor swatch book below)!  On my Expedit I store my embossing powders, glitters, stickles, dye inks, stamps, embossing tools, and cardstock/paper. craft room tour teal and coral
My most recent craft room addition is a second pegboard and a gift wrapping/packaging table. craft room tour teal and coralUnderneath the wrapping paper I have a portable sewing machine table and I also keep my Silhouette Cameo there.  The new wrapping table sits over my childhood spinet piano and the curtain keeps additional packaging materials out of view.  On the table I store miscellaneous gift bags, tissue paper, finished cards, envelopes, stamps, mailing stamps and labels, and various notebooks and planners. craft room tour teal and coral
I recently talked about how I store my finished cards here if you’re interested in more information!

So that’s my craft room!  I hope you enjoyed the tour and if you’d like a more detailed look please visit my blog!  Thanks so much for visiting and have a fabulous weekend! craft room tour teal and coral

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Quilling Strips Storage Round-Up

Hi, Jessica here!  I realize that today’s post might seem to be best suited for a very specific subset of crafters but I think the storage options can be applied to other craft supplies, especially bits of ribbon, twine, or thread!

If you don’t know what quilling is, it’s the art of rolling thin strips of paper into designs.  It is a STUNNING art form and I can easily get lost for hours searching Pinterest for quilling ideas.

Source –

I enjoy experimenting with quilling and I’ve acquired quite a collection of paper strips.  Over the holiday weekend I started looking for ideas for storing my supplies and I found some fabulous options I’m going to share with you today!

Paper Zen has several great ideas for storing paper strips of various sizes, lengths, and shapes:

Source -
Source –
Source -
Source –

Cheryl uses straight pins and a bulletin board to store her paper strips which makes it really easy to see all of the colors available to her!

Source -
Source –

Julie created a storage unit from a cereal box and uses it so store quilling strips that she cuts herself from recycled paper!

Source -
Source –

Sarah uses binder clips and plastic command hooks to store her strips on her wall!

Source -
Source –

Tracy stores her strips using t-pins and a decorative board.

Source -
Source –

And finally, Quilled Creations stores strips using binder rings and the result is beautiful but compact!

Again, if quilling isn’t your thing you could easily apply these organizational methods to ribbons or twine but, at the very least, I hope my post will inspire you to check out quilling!

Thanks for visiting!

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Planner Stamp Round-up!

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m going to do a variation of a storage solution round-up in honor of our upcoming planner blog hop!  I thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the planner stamps that are currently available.  Individualizing your planner has become huge these days and it’s so great to see stamp companies embracing the planner revolution by offering stamps specifically tailored for planners.  Many companies have even gone a step further offering dies to cut tabs or stamps for families, fitness, and more!

I hope you’ll discover a new must-have stamp set or discover a new-to-you company!  If you know of a set I’ve left off the list, please let me know in the comments!  I’ve just featured one stamp set from each company so make sure you visit the links as some of these companies have more than one planner set.  Also, you’ll get an up close review of a few of these sets next week during the hop plus the opportunity to win some! 🙂

Scheduled (The Ton)*
Fit Planning (V's Sweet Ideas)
Fit Planning (V’s Sweet Ideas)*
Life Planning (Simon Says Stamp)*
To-Do List (Hero Arts)
To-Do List (Hero Arts)
Planner Basics (My Favorite Things)
Planner Basics (My Favorite Things)
Moments Inked: Blog Banners (Papertrey Ink)
Moments Inked: Blog Banners (Papertrey Ink)
Stay Focused (Waffle Flower)
Stay Focused (Waffle Flower)
Plan Baby (Sweet Stamp Shop)
Plan Baby (Sweet Stamp Shop)
Financial Plans (Studio L2E
Financial Plans (Studio L2E)
PlanNERD (Bella Creationz)
PlanNERD (Bella Creationz)
Marion Smith Planner Stamps (Junque and Gems)
Marion Smith Planner Stamps (Junque and Gems)
Pretty Planners (Inspired By Stamping)
Pretty Planners (Inspired By Stamping)
School Days (Annie's Paper Boutique)
School Days (Annie’s Paper Boutique)

*These sets will be reviewed in-depth next week during the blog hop! 🙂

Whew, just looking at all of those stamps makes me want to get more organized!  Again, if you have a favorite planner set that I’ve left off please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the round-up!  Thanks for visiting and make sure you come back next week for the hop!

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Just One Tip: Card Storage

Hi, Jessica here with a tip for how to store your finished cards!  For awhile, I was keeping my finished cards displayed on one of my shelves or just piled in a box.  It was a hassle to dig through everything looking for that one card I knew I had somewhere and I usually ended up knocking sequins off of a finished card or bending a corner.  Argh!  So I finally realized that I needed to come up with a better system for storing my cards.

When I first set up my craft room I bought a ton of white Kassett boxes of various sizes from Ikea to store craft supplies on my Expedit.  As I was looking for a solution for storing my cards I realized that these boxes would be the perfect size!  I cut cardstock dividers that would fit into the box and then die-cut banner tags from the My Favorite Things Jumbo Stitched Banners set.  You could easily use a circle, square, or other shape for the tab.

To make tabs I used a ruler to mark an edge of the divider with lines to indicate where I wanted the tabs to be.  Then I taped that divider guide to my work surface so that when the top of the tab was in line with the edge of my table it would be at the perfect height on the divider.  This also helped ensure that all of the tabs would be at the same height.  To help me align each divider on top of my guide I taped a piece of folded cardstock to the edge of the guide divider so that the dividers would butt against the cardstock.

card storage

I used my ATG gun to secure the tab to the divider and I actually added a second tab to the back of the divider for a more finished look!

card storage

I labeled my dividers with a label maker and then alphabetized them in two Kassett boxes!  I like the system because I can easily add dividers if I want to add additional categories of cards and I can also expand into more Kassett boxes if needed.  I purposely made the dividers large enough so that they would poke up from the top of the box for easier viewing.  This means that I can’t put the lid on top of the boxes which is okay with me; however, if that is important to you, just make sure your finished divider (including the tab) is shorter than the height of the box!

card storage

I keep my card boxes on a table in my craft room with a few essential card supplies so that it’s easy to send a card at a moment’s notice!  I hate having to run to different rooms to find a stamp in my office, an address book in the kitchen, etc.  On my table there is a separate box full of envelopes of varying size and color so that I can easily find an envelope that fits when I need it.  The box also holds all my return address stamps (I have one personal stamp, one family stamp, and a family holiday stamp).  I use an old desk organizer to store a letter opener, stamps, labels, and a perpetual calendar with important dates.  Finally I have my address book and a notebook where I write down the gifts and a brief description of cards I give to people over the year to ensure that I don’t accidentally send the same card (or gift) twice.

card storage

This system has really made sending cards a more efficient process which means I’m much more likely to do it! 😉 I hope this gives you some ideas for card storage and if you have a different system that works for you I’d love for you to share it in the comments!

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Craft Room Tour: Gayatri Murali

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m super excited for today’s craft room tour!

I have long been an admirer of Gayatri Murali and I remember her sharing a sneak of her craft room creation last spring on her blog.  As I’ve been getting to know her better through “A Blog Named Hero” I decided to ask if she’d be willing to share more of her craft room.  Gayatri is an amazing paper-crafter and her design team resume and challenge wins certainly reflect that!  She designs for Penny Black, Pretty Pink Posh, Winnie & Walter, A Blog Named Hero, Curtain Call Challenge blog, Runway-Inspired Challenge blog, Tag You’re It Challenge blog, and is often a guest designer for many companies and challenges!  And now you can see where her magic happens!

Her craft room was a birthday present from her husband and it’s the stuff of Pinterest dreams! 🙂  She went from this (which is a gorgeous foyer…the home DIYer in me LOVES the striped wall):

The original entryway
The original entryway

To this downstairs…

Completed entry way
The completed entryway

And this upstairs!!!!

My tiny craft room
The completed craft room

She packs quite a punch in that space!  I love that everything is easily within reach when she’s working and it’s all organized!

Here are a few closer looks of her desk area!

my craft desk
Craft desk
Cardstocks and sprays

And a couple photos of her supplies organized by categories and various shelves:

All stamp sets and embellishments in boxes
All stamp sets in bins and embellishments in boxes
Some HA stamps, pattern papers and embellishments
Hero Arts stamps, patterned papers, and embellishments

I also like the window full of cards!  Great inspiration to see everyday!

Lots of dies
Die storage

And finally a few “in-progress” renovation photos!

Floor of the craft room
Floor of the craft room
Floor of the craft room from below
Floor of the craft room from below
Completed Craft Room
Completed Craft Room

So there you have it…you may have room for a dedicated craft nook in your home and you just never knew it! 😉

Thanks for visiting today and make sure you take some time to visit Gayatri!  Her designs are sure to inspire you!

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How to Store Distress Ink Blending Tools

distress ink blending tool storage

Hey there, Jessica here! I ADORE my distress inks.  If my craft room was on fire and I could only save one thing…I’d save my distress inks.  I love their versatility and all the bright, cheerful colors!  When I bought my first distress ink pads last year I just threw them in a drawer with the rest of my ink pads.  As I started using them I found myself keeping them out on a regular basis.  Then I discovered distress markers…and the reinkers…and the blending tools…and I was in trouble.

I had an ink organizer from Organize More that I loved and while browsing their site one day I realized that they had distress ink specific organizers but not ones that would hold the reinkers and markers.  So I put in a request for one and a few months later they added it to the line-up!

distress ink storage

After I received the organizer I really got into using the mini ink blending tools.  I started off with just two tools and a handful of pads but ended up making the investment for individual tools for each color.  I found myself accidentally smudging and ruining cards when trying to change the blending pads.  And I also had a tendency to accidentally mistake the colors and contaminate the blending pad or the actual ink pad.  I use them often enough that I figured it was worth it to have easy access to them.  I lucked out and was able to find the blending tools at JoAnn’s on sale and was able to add an extra coupon near Christmas bringing each tool to 75% off!  (Actually I think they may have been mismarked at JoAnn’s…but I wasn’t going to argue with the cashier!)

Then I had to figure out how to store them…I had wanted to have easy access to them but didn’t want them out on my workspace.  I found an Artbin container and realized the tools would fit perfectly.  I ended up grouping them in threes (in the same order as my ink organizer).

distress ink blending tool storage

I also made up a diagram with the name of each color in the grouping and washi-taped it to both sides of the lid so that I could easily find individual colors.

distress ink blending tool storage

In the front compartments I keep extra pads and a handful of leftover tools (including the older rectangular tools).  I also labeled each tool so that I wouldn’t make any mistakes with the colors.

distress ink blending tool storage

If you couldn’t tell I get a little excited about organizing supplies in my craft room! 🙂  I hope this gives you some ideas for how to store your distress inks and supplies!

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Just One Tip for the New Year: Embellishment Organization

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m excited to share my first Craft Storage Ideas post, Just One Tip for the New Year!  Today I want to talk about organizing and storing embellishments, in particular, gems and pearls that are adhesive-backed.

When I first started setting up my craft room last year I intended to use a Clip-It-Up to store all of my clear stamps.  I purchased Avery Elle stamp storage pockets for my large sets and Simon Says Stamp 5×5 storage pockets for my smaller sets.  I eventually realized that my stamp collection wasn’t going to comfortably fit on the Clip-It-Up (with room to grow) and I decided to switch to Jennifer McGuire’s method of storing my stamps in Fridge Binz containers.  I ended up moving all of my stamps into the larger Avery Elle pockets as it was difficult to see the smaller pockets when flipping through my stamps.  So I was left with a stack of the 5×5 pockets and I wanted to find a way to use them.

At the time I was storing all of my gems and pearls in their original packaging in a drawer and I was constantly re-buying things I already owned but had lost in the drawer or just forgetting to use what I had.  I needed to find a way to make them more visible and more organized.

I started off by taking each set out of the original packaging and grouping them by color.  Then I put each set of embellishments into a different storage pocket.  Each storage pocket already had a piece of white cardstock cut to fit inside.  The white cardstock really helps the color of the embellishment stand out.  Sets with multiple colors were put into a separate stack.  I cut 4.25×5.5 rectangles out of various colored 8.5×11 cardstocks and used them as dividers (I didn’t want to waste too much cardstock so cutting the dividers to a standard card size meant that the leftover cardstock was easily cut down for cards).  I have all the basic colors, then a striped piece of cardstock for the sets with multiple colors and glitter cardstock for the gold and silver gems.  I keep extra pockets in the back and I store the bin on a shelf above my workspace.

This storage system allows me to easily flip through all my embellishments of one particular color so that I can find the exact shade, shape, and size that I’m looking for.  I use the storage pockets because I had them on hand but there are many different ways you could customize this for your own use.  I’ve included links below for the products I used.  Unfortunately the exact bin I used is no longer available but the Fridge Binz Condiment Caddy should work nicely!

  • You could use ziploc baggies with a piece of cardstock inside to help the baggies keep their shape.
  • You could staple the sets of embellishments to pieces of cardstock, divide them by color, and store them in a fridge binz or a binder.
  • You could separate the embellishments by color and put each color group in a different ziploc baggie and then store them in a pretty basket.
  • You could store them in mason jars or tupperware containers, grouped by color.
  • You could store several sets in clear CD cases, grouped by color.

I hope this gives you some ideas for organizing your own embellishments!  Be sure to check out all our other tips this month!

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