Daring DIY: {Bookcase to Armoire}

Today’s Daring DIY comes from the creative minds over at Martha Stewart. I first ran across this idea somewhere else, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that the instructions for how to make one of your very own are posted at Martha Stewart’s website!

Source: Martha Stewart

On one side, you have plenty of storage space on the shelves.

Source: Martha Stewart

On the other side, a handy, built-in pegboard keeps your favorite and most used tools within reach. And the workspace folds out of the way to allow the two bookcases to close.


Source: Martha Stewart

And the work space folds down to allow for the bookcases to close and become an inconspicuous craft space in just about any area of your home!


If you make one of these for yourself (or anyone else, for that matter!), you will HAVE to share it with the rest of us! Be sure to go to Martha Stewart’s post here, for the how-to’s to building this awesome armoire!

Craft Room: {Inspire Lovely Studio Tour}

This wonderful craft studio belongs to Debee Campos, who has graciously allowed me to feature some of her photos in my post for today.

20130711_9999_45 -2
Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

I love how she chose to keep the main color scheme white, because it really makes the other splashes of color POP!

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

Check out this nook she created using some pieces from Michael’s and IKEA. I love that she’s been able to make use of every square inch of space in such a small area!

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

There is so much to love about this next photo. I love, love, love the cubbies – along with the goodies in them – but I ADORE the mismatched knobs she’s used on the dresser below.

Inspire Lovely Studio Tour

Thanks again, Debee, for allowing me to feature your studio in my post today! You’ll want to be sure to check out her blog to see even more amazing photos of her studio, and for more detailed info on how she pulled everything together.



Storage Solution Round Up: {Craft Vinyl Storage}

After purchasing my Silhouette Cameo almost a year ago, I began the process of “collecting” craft vinyl to be able to make some of the adorable ideas I’d seen in Facebook groups and on Pinterest. It’s very addictive stuff, that vinyl! Here’s some of the ideas I came across for storing vinyl, including the way I ended up storing mine.

Source: IHeart Organizing

This first idea is simply amazing. Be sure to check out the post over at IHeart Organizing to see her complete tutorial on how she created this pretty little storage cabinet!


Here’s another nifty idea that utilizes pieces of PVC pipe to keep everything tidy and organized. Just look how many different levels she’s able to keep in one centralized area!

Source: Measure Once, Cut Twice

This shoe-cubby-turned-vinyl-storage holder is easy to create, if you follow the instructions provided at the blog, Measure Once, Cut Twice. 

Source: Me!

And, in case you missed it from my craft room tour, here is how I chose to store my vinyl. A $20 over-the-door shoe organizer from Bed, Bath and Beyond was just what I needed to keep my ever-growing collection stored neatly and out of site, yet visible and accessible when needed!

I hope you’ll share any of your storage ideas…I might need to expand my current set up – ha ha!


Craft Room Feature: {Shabby Story}

I came across the prettiest craft room to share with you today. It’s actually a 3-for-1, because it’s owner shares the various updates she’s made over the past few years. There was something to love from each arrangement she had. I hope you enjoy looking looking at the photos here, but be sure to check out her blog for even more photos of the variations of her studio.


Believe it or not, this is a “before” photo of her craft room. It’s hard to imagine that she would need or want to improve on what she has here, but she downsized her crafting supplies and asked her husband to help her move her craft room to another location in their house – which he did.


Her new room is located in their “Great Room,” complete with fireplace and view of their garden.


Be sure to check out all the goodness she has stashed away in her repurposed hutch!


Bright, clean and cheerful. I hope you’ll check out all the studio photos at Shabby Story!







Product Review: {Stamp-n-Storage}

A few weeks ago, Rebecca approached me about reviewing some products from our new sponsor, Stamp-n-Storage. After checking out their website, my answer wasn’t just yes, it was HECK YES!!!

First of all, let me say a HUGE thank you to Rebecca for this opportunity. Secondly, I’d like to say thanks to the good people at Stamp-n-Storage for creating such awesome products, and for sending me two of them to check out “in person.” Once you visit the Stamp-n-Storage website, you will be able to tell how difficult it was to make a decision as to which two to pick! I mean, they have a storage solution for virtually every craft product you can think of! In the end, I decided to go with the Stickles Desk and the Distress Ink Pad Holder.

First impressions are everything, and I just have to say how well these products are made. Even though the wood is unfinished, you could easily use them “as is.” The finish is smooth like butter, and I will soon be painting mine white, to match my other storage containers, most of those being the Recollections brand from Michael’s.  Not only are the Stamp-n-Storage products better quality than those, in terms of workmanship and materials used, they also come fully assembled!

Stickles Desk

There is so much to love about the Stickles Desk. Well-made, and well-designed, being able to store up to 32 half-ounce bottles (’cause you know you have to have ALL the colors!!!), and the added convenience of being able to remove the separate drawers – not to mention they are stored upside down, ready to use – are just a few of the reasons why I chose this product. Taking up a mere 8.1″ wide by 4.75″ deep and 13.25″ tall, this little “desk” is an awesome, welcome addition to my craft room. Be sure to check out the Stickles Drawer Storage here.

Distress Ink Pad Holder

My second selection was the Distress Ink Pad Holder. Even though they make awesome products for full-size stamp pads (check those out here), I only have a handful of those. My collection of the Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads is a bit more impressive (ha ha), and having storage for them (instead of being stuffed away in a drawer), was something I knew I would like. This piece measures 14.75″ wide by 13.25″ tall and only 3.13″ deep, making it the perfect companion for my Stickles holder!

For those of you that do have a lot of ink pads, pens and refills, here is a little eye candy for you:

36 Combo Ink Pad Holder

Trust me, friends. You HAVE to check out Stamp-n-Storage products for yourself. Awesome products, amazing workmanship – what’s not to love?? And be sure to let us know if you already own any of their products, or if you end up getting any!


Daring DIY {Damask Love Twine Holder Tutorial}

Check out this darling DIY project for storing spools of twine. I’ve been spying these adorable frames from Michael’s, but couldn’t decide on a project to use them on…until now! Happy Dance!

Source: Damask Love

I told you it was darling and adorable! Here’s a close up shot:

Source: Damask Love

Be sure to follow the link to the Damask Love blog for a complete tutorial on how to create on of your very own, for just $12 and some change!

Source: Damask Love

If you wind up making one of these, you definitely have to share yours with all of us! ~ Doris


Craft Room Labeling

When you love collecting craft supplies as much as I do, having functional storage solutions is a must. That’s precisely why CSI is such a fun place for me to hang out! If you’ve seen the photos of my craft spaces (I’ve had 3, just not all at the same time!), you know I have tried just about every kind of storage solution there is. That’s why labeling what I have stored and where is so important.

Brother P-Touch

For the most part, I use my Brother P-Touch label maker for just about everything. One of the things I like best about it is the ability to use different widths of tapes. This allows me to label everything from large drawers to DVD and CD cases. But, that’s not the only type of label I use, and there are so many ideas for labeling our collections, that I thought I’d feature a few I’ve come across.

Source: Kojo Designs

Not only are the labels on these magazine holders fun and colorful, I love the extra step they took in decorating the clips that hold them in place! Unfortunately, the link provided for being able to print some of your own seems to be broken. Still, it gives you and idea of something similar you could create using your own printer.


How cute and simple is this idea? Design and function in one label! I’m such a visual person, I could really see this working for me – no pun intended!!!

Source: Etsy

The chalkboard look is still very popular in all kinds of decorative and functional purposes. How simple would it be to take some of the chalkboard-type vinyl and make labels? You could even find some, like these on Etsy, that are already cut to size.


Souce: Stampin’ Up!

Here is another cool idea – and someone else has done the hard part for you! The folks at Stampin’ Up! know us crafters all too well…they’ve come up with an adorable product for labeling all of our craft supplies.

As always, we’d love for YOU to share any of the creative ways you’ve come up with to label your things with the rest of us ! ~ Doris


Peg Board Organization {Honeybear Lane}

Just a quick post for you today. I stumbled across this awesome peg board feature from Honeybear Lane – complete with tutorial link to be able to make one of our very own!

Source: Honey Bear Lane

And here is the link to thestep-by-step tutorial for making one of your very own! Awesome!!!

Click here for more details.

I hope you’ve found some ideas and inspiration on how to incorporate some type of pegboard storage into your craft area!


Craft Room {Sew Woodsy}

I am so excited to share today’s craft room with you! I came across photos from this room on good ol’ Pinterest! I followed the link back to Sew Woodsy, and was delighted to be taken on a virtual tour of this amazing little room! I knew I had to show it to all of you, so I left a comment on their blog, and was thrilled when they got back to me, saying they would love to be featured! There are so many wonderful aspects about this craft room, and I want you all to get the “grand tour” so I will just feature a couple of photos to get you headed in their direction! I know you’re going to love it!

Awesome craft room by Sew Woodsy

Since you can’t see this from the photo above, I want you to have a peek at this amazing ribbon rack – complete with tutorial on how to build one of your very own! Mr. and Mrs. Woodsy are quite the creative and talented team!

Ribbon Rack created by Mr. Woodsy

Be sure to take the full tour over at Sew Woodsy! You will not be disappointed!

Thank you, Katie for allowing me to feature your amazing craft room with everyone today!


Product Review: {Recollections Washi Tape Dispensers}

Who doesn’t love Washi Tape? I know I do – it takes everything I have to keep from “collecting” every pattern and color out there! I have still managed to get my hands on several styles that I just couldn’t do without – wink, wink! I didn’t really have a good way of storing my rolls, until I came across these at Michael’s:



Here is another style:



And here are the two styles connected:



If you’ve read my other posts, you already know what a fan I am of the Recollections storage product’s. Especially when they put them on sale all the time! At the time I purchased these, they were 60% off. Sixty, as in 6-zero! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them 60% off before! I know there are a zillion ways to store/display Washi Tape collections, but this particular product fits me and my storage needs to a “T”!

Be sure an let us know how you store your Washi Tape! ~ Doris