Craft Room: Snapshots Of A Good Life{Karen Russell}

As I prepared my last post for CSI it made me a little sad.  But this has been a great opportunity to search and  post for so many people who follow Craft Storage Ideas for useful tips and ideas in this great hobby.  I would like to thank my team leader Rebecca Boyer for this opportunity to be a contributor and I would like to thank my team for your support and friendship.  May you all continue to follow CSI and welcome and support the new team members and you will soon meet and have new ideas to try.  Without any further delay here is my post,  a breath taking craft space that  Karen Russell  has designed with the feel of comfort in mind:

When you walk up the stairs and turn to your left, you’re directly in my scrapbook room/office.  It’s about 15×13 and is the only room in the house with the original wood floors”.  What more could you ask for from a home?  This space is naturally beautiful.


Most of the storage items were items that she already had or bought from Ebay.



How neat is this, a surgical tray!!!

There is so much character to Karen’s craft space.    This old Dewey Decimal Index card catalog holds a ton of stuff.  Most of the jars/canisters on top hold lace and ribbon.  The stand on top was from the post office out in Jacksonville, Oregon – and even has several of old postal stamps hanging on it.


Karen used the charm of her room and filled it with items that  fit the room’s character.  Visit her blog  for a more photos and inspiration.

Thank you all for your support and continue to craft and follow Craft Storage Ideas for even more inspiration!

Deirdre Smith

Just One Tip: Bookshelf Storage

One tip with many options

IKEA, Walmart or even a thrift store you can pick up a book shelf
I love the idea of putting this book shelf on top of a Lazy Susan

Cork board, magnet sheets, mirror or even chalkboard paint.  The options are endless and very nifty for a storage option.  Ikea sells shelves and Lazy Susan’s but you can also pick up shelves at Walmart, a thrift store or Pottery Barn, add your embellishments with basket for additional storage and you will have a masterpiece!

Happy crafting,




Just One Tip: Small Stamp Storage

Whether you have a few stamps or many, the dilemma of how to store those stamps is the same.  And it’s tricky.

Shannon  loves to purchase  $1 stamps from Michael’s and Joann’s

When my stamps get buried I have a tendency to forget what I have, but I believe I found the perfect solution by Madigan Made Simple DIY Ideas.  Shannon Madigan has come up with a easy stamp storage solution designed with a tool chest and colored paper.   This is a perfect option for organizing a small stash of stamps.

Tool/hardware storage chest


Shannon sorted through all her stamps first and then cut out little squares of colored paper to fit inside the front of each drawer,  She then stamped one image on each piece of paper as a label and placed the paper at the front of each drawer.

Handmade labels to keep track of what stamps are in each drawer


That’s going to do it for me.  I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect rubber stamp storage solution!









Storage Solution Roundup: Beads

Beads and more beads!  I have to a tendency to drool over anything color and are in  multiples.  The use of beads are becoming more of a crossover medium that are showing up on cards and page layouts as well as in jewelry.  I found some interesting ways to store  beads and hopefully they’ll prompt you to hunt for something like these storage options when storing your beads.



Love the idea of using a magnetic board
Love the idea of using a magnetic board


!!craftspace 009e (1)
Ikea storage with inserts


Mason jars filled to the top
Mason jars filled to the top


Craft Storage Ideas would love for your to share your storage ideas,  happy crafting.


13 in 2013: 6×6 Paper Storage



Okay, how many of you have a teetering stack of the cute little 6×6 inch packs of patterned paper in your craft space?  I know I fall into this category.  I was pretty excited when I stumbled on a blog to showing how to make a 6×6 paper storage box.

Chris Simon from Colorful OM  has an easy tutorial to put together this paper box.



The pieces to this box have been cut from foam core board and glued together using a hot glue gun.

5 pieces to making a handmade storage for paper
The dimensions to cut the box and assemble the box


The index tabs were made with a round tab punch and stapled to the tops of a divider

The box can be decorated to match your space


Love having decorating options

I am ready to go make one of these or two for my craft space.  Thanks for stopping by Craft Storage Ideas!






13 in 2013: Wrapping Paper Oganization



Do you find that after Christmas you find yourself shopping for the next year due to all the fantastic sales in the stores?  Maybe you’re like me and you manage to collect more wrapping paper?  If this is the case then storage options may become limited.  Looking for unused wall space in your home may be the perfect solution and very inexpensive.


Unfinished basements or under the stairs you may have unfinished walls that are not closed in. You can use wire and attach the wires to the wood beams.  In the case where you have larger rolls of paper, you may need to secure in two places, at the top and the bottom, to keep the paper from falling forward.


Closet ceilings are a perfect alternative when you prefer to have the paper off of the floor.  Look for ceiling space in hall closets or a pantry in the kitchen.


 This is a very simplified way to organize your wrapping needs on the back of a closet door. You only need a few products: three door eye hooks, two bungee cords, four screws, and two clear, plastic baskets.  You’ll screw the plastic baskets onto the door in two places and then screw in the door eye hooks and attach the bungee cords around the wrapping paper. It appears you can get up to four rolls in each plastic basket.

Happy Organization!!!

Craft Studio {Dawn McVey}

A craft space with lots of little storage options are my absolute favorite. Dawn McVey incorporated so many different option that any person can draw inspiration from. Being a Crafter with multiples of most of my go to items I think it is necessary to have ample space to keep all my little trinkets…so yes, I just love Dawn’s studio. It’s clean with a touch of vintage tucked here and there.

Deep, antique library table that allows a shelving unit for paper storage


Vintage baking tin holding washi tape


Penny candy jars to store felt


Custom unit to store my ribbon


File cabinet to store dies


Target book shelves for storage


Decorative vintage drawer to hold mist bottles


Pottery Barn sewing station

To see more beautiful pictures, you should check out Dawn’s blog and the full feature of her room at Studio Calico, Workplace Wednesday

Product Highlight: CD Jewel Cases and Boxes

As a crafter I would think that when we set our sights on storage we definitely look outside the box or in this case inside the box. With so many stamp companies now turning to cling mount stamps or clear polymer stamps, storage of stamps can be confined to a smaller spaces.

CD Jewel Cases for cling mounted or clear stamps


The good thing about using jewel cases you can find a box specifically designed to place your cases into.  This clear box is great because you can label and see exactly what stamps you own.

Great simple idea of storing the clear stamps in empty transparent cd cases and then those into CD storage boxes. In this case a clear one that allows you to see everything through.


This box would be great plain as shown or you can embellish it to match your room decor.

CD box from Walmart with a hinge top and book plate for labeling


What do you think? If you’ve tried these boxes or something similar I’d love for you to share your ideas.


Just One Tip – Wardrobe Center Turned Sewing Room All-in-One!

I am slowly starting to collect more fabric and I have very limited space.  As I was searching for ways to store my sewing items I came across this photo on MaryJanes and Galoshes.  The idea spoke to me, because limited space is why she chose this rolling wardrobe unit.  It is an attractive piece with a lot of potential.

Rolling wardrobe unit


The inside with many compartments

With this wardrobe center and a couple inexpensive closet organizers (whose original use is for shoes or sweaters) she turned the wardrobe from a closet into a storage unit!











Storage Solution Roundup: Embellishments

A crafter without embellishments is like a library without books…it just can’t be.  The more embellishment’s collected the more your creativity to store them will have to kick in.  Practical is the name of the game for me when I am storing items.  If I have to expand I want to be able to match or find a similar item that will go along with my room decor.

Spice Rack Storage {Emmie-Lou Who}

Wooden Storage Box {EAB Deisigns}

Cupcake Tray {I LuvVintage Scrap}

Plastic Rounds {CEO Studio Solutions}

Organization of embellishments are plentiful.  Are you inspired to get organized?