All About Marker Storage

Pens, pencils, markers are basic tools of the crafting trade, right?  Over at PaperCrafter’s Corner this week they are having an Alcohol Markers Week. We thought we would play along by providing a fun roundup of some pretty ingenious marker storage ideas.

Leigh O’Brien used a pre-made cubbie to store her Copic markers.

Marker storage using a pre-made cubbie.

Jeanette from A Passion for Home used skinny Snapware.

Skinny Snapware store markers easily.

A marker storage solution from OrganizeMore designed specifically for crafters…

Marker Storage from OrganizeMore

Kimberly Cook of Scrappin’ Creations is using a wine rack for marker storage – and it gives her plenty of room to expand her collection!

A wine rack makes perfect marker storage!

Norma of From My Craftroom created her own custom storage system using a CD rack and jewel cases.

A CD rack and jewel cases create desktop marker storage!

You never know where inspiration will hit.   This storage solution comes from Pre-K Pages, a teacher’s resource website.

Using an ice cube tray to store markers

Helen of To Cut or Color uses an Art Bin and a metal ceiling light tile from her local home improvement store to store her markers.

A plastic bin and a ceiling light tile make marker organization easy!

Jen uses vintage holder to store her markers!

Vintage storage for markers.

Maureen Wong also uses a wine rack, but this style calls for plastic cups to hold her markers.

Wine racks make good marker storage!

Bobkat uses PVC piping to organizer and store markers.  She’s even managed to make her solution portable!

PVC pipes create a unique marker storage solution.

And last, but not least, Freckled Cutie from Two Peas in a Bucket uses test tube storage to handle her markers!

Test tube trays used for marker storage!

Wow, I’m loving these ideas.  If anything I’m inspired to start collecting markers!  🙂





14 thoughts on “All About Marker Storage”

    1. Lynn, it really depends on the marker. Copics and other alcohol ink markers can be stored any way and it doesn’t matter. I agree that water based markers do better laying flat and that is how I have always stored mine.

  1. Can’t find the wine rack for marker storage anywhere. So where did you get yours?? Also my steel rule die cuts are deteriorating cause of plastic fumes. Do you have a storage idea or system for them?? I have around 12. They are Tin Holtz brand.
    thanks for any help

  2. Hi, I purchased 6 of the Studio 3 Color Cubbies. They went out of business for a second time and I really need four more. I know they were a furniture making company but have no idea what the name was. I would love to contact them and see if they have any left or could make me another 4. I looked at the Organize More Marker Storage it is similar but not the same. Thanks for any help you can give me. Sue

    1. Susan,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ve sent you an email with alternatives as the company that made the Color Cubbies is no longer in business and their website is no longer maintained.

      Hopefully the alternative products I sent you will work for your needs.

      Have a great weekend,

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