A little tour, a review and a BIG giveaway!

I’ve been itching to share a product review for a few months now, and today is the day! I can’t show you how this product works, though, without giving you a little tour of my craft area. Ready?


I have a very small crafting space. In fact, this space works as my entry, dining area and scrap area. I know some of you can relate. I’m lucky in that I do actually have an entire bookshelf I can devote just to crafty things.

Here’s the thing, all of my supplies with the exception of two dresser drawers in another part of the house (one drawer holds cardstock, chipboard and items waiting to be altered and the other drawer holds completed mini-albums for my Etsy shop). and a couple of items on my crafting table are stored on this bookshelf. You read it right. All of my supplies are here.


I keep my crafting table pretty clean since it plays so many roles. Washi tape, tools in a spinner, a box to hold wood veneer pieces, buttons and ribbon, and a clear acrylic tray that I keep “must use now because I loooove it” embellishments in. And my Silhouette. To be honest, a lot of the time it gets put on the floor in the corner closest to the window.


And that’s about it. I’m a scrapping minimalist (at least that’s what I consider myself – I’m sure there are others out there that work in far less space and with far fewer supplies). If I bring something in, it has to be useful. And I’ve learned that if I don’t use it in 6 months, with the exception of a very few, select items, I’m never going to use it. So every 4 or 5 months I am ruthless about cleaning out every single type of supply. I tend to invest in tools (punches, paper trimmers, crop-a-dile) only after a lot of hemming and hawing (that’s southern, ya’ll) because they take up precious space.

You’ll notice this bookshelf doesn’t hold a ton of supplies. Here’s a little diagram.


To be honest, those drawers are pretty empty – I could probably even downsize, but I like to have space for when my supplies fluctuate. And now for the shameless plug. Keeping my supplies organized and in this small of a space would not be possible without that rack on the top of my bookshelf. It’s a Scrap Rack. Before I start extolling it’s virtues…I paid for this Scrap Rack myself. I am not being compensated for anything I say here.

A Scrap Rack is a base that holds three ring spinders on heavy duty velcro…which in turn hold heavy duty page protectors.


Purchasing a Scrap Rack is a big deal. First, it’s an investment. Second, they aren’t sold in stores, which was difficult for me, because I like to feel, touch and caress anything I am considering buying, especially when it costs a lot. I looked at it for months online. I watched a ton of videos, read reviews. I even sent emails to a couple of people who sold (not to me, unfortunately) their Scrap Racks. I wanted to know why it didn’t work out for them. And then, I trekked to the Stamp Expo and saw one in person…and officially grilled Tiffany, Scrap Rack’s creator, with questions.

What does minet hold? All of my patterned paper, letters (stickers, thickers, wood veneer), embellishments, acrylic stamps, and projects where I’ve pulled paper and embellishments and am just waiting for time to work on them. It holds a lot! I label my patterned paper with washi tape so it can be easily relabeled. It’s all stored in Side Loader Single pages.


Thickers and letters are stored in Double X-Long Storage Pages. To be honest, I can never have enough of these particular pages. I use these for letters and embellishments as well.  I use a combination of Triple Play Storage Pages, Fabulous Four Storage Pages, Perfect Six Storage Pages and Straight Eight Storage Pages for my remaining supplies.

The one exception is acrylic stamps. My collection is pretty small and I don’t have a problem removing the branding/packaging from them – so they are stored in Inque Boutique Stamp Keepers. They are basically a plastic clam-shell – acrylic stamps stick to the bottom plastic and they don’t slide around hardly at all. I purchased these a long time ago – and they are actually no longer being made. But, Scrap Rack now has something identical (they may even be better because they have tabs on the sides), called Klearly Krafty Storage Trays. One stop shopping!

I’ve been using the Scrap Rack for over a year now – so I feel highly qualified to give you a list of pros and cons.


  • Holds an enormous amount of stuff I used to keep everything that is now in the Scrap Rack in the white drawer units on my bookshelf. And when I needed something I dug, and dug and dug. Now I just flip the pages on my Scrap Rack and can see everything I own
  • Nothing gets lost
  • While it does have a bigger footprint, it’s pretty small for all it holds
  • It’s expandable. If I ever wanted more binder rings – I can get them, along with an expansion tray
  • I can customize every single page based on the supplies I’m storing. Which means, when I realize something isn’t working, I can try another type of storage page easily, without investing a ton of money.


  • It’s an investment
  • You can’t necessarily see what you are ordering ahead of time (but I have had no quality issues)
  • The pages do sag a little. This doesn’t bother me nearly as much as I thought it would. The fuller my Scrap Rack, the less the sag.

See – the pro list is way better!

Things that didn’t work for me, but might work for you

  • When I placed my first order I ordered Trader’s Twelve Storage Pages and Sweet Sixteen Basic Storage Pages, thinking I would store loose buttons, brads, ribbon, etc. These did not work for me. It to difficult to get things in and out. I had a hard time keeping the flaps closed so that my items wouldn’t fall out when I turned the pages. They just weren’t for me.
  • I’ve also discovered that Straight Eight Storage Pages don’t work for me either….mostly because the type of embellishments I buy don’t seem to fit in the pockets. I tend to need the larger pocket pages. This is probably hugely dependent on the types of embellishments I gravitate to.
  • Something that makes a huge difference in how your Scrap Rack works Order dividers. More than you think you actually need. They are super sturdy….and the more you have, the easier it is to navigate your Scrap Rack. I don’t actually label mine – I don’t even use them to divide “sections”. They are there as support for the page protectors. The more dividers you have, the less your pages sag. Trust me on this one.

And now that I’ve written a book – do you have a Scrap Rack? Do you have any specific questions for me? I’d love to take a stab at answering them!

And now for the big, big thing!

Want 15% off of your order at Scrap Rack?  Use coupon code CSI15 until November 15th!

Want to win a $150 gift card to purchase your very own Scrap Rack?  All you have to do comment here and letting us know which item in your crafty area you think is the most organized!

We will announce the winners of our giveaway on October 31st!



706 thoughts on “A little tour, a review and a BIG giveaway!”

  1. How in the world have I never seen this before? I am an organizing junkie and this system would be perfect for me! Thanks so much for the review, it is now on my organizing wish list!

  2. Hi Rebecca! I think my ink pads are most organized. I made a storage unit for them from YouTube instructions. I was able to customize it to the sky! I used cardboard and a glue gun. Thanks a bunch review on the Scrap Rack. You truly were very informative. . 🙂

  3. My tools are the most organized only because that’s what I’ve been working on. I’ve been trying to organize paper and embellishments but it is so challenging. What do I put together, separate, etc. I’ve also studied the Scrap Rack and tried to decide it I should invest in one. I’d sure like to win one! Thanks for the great info!

  4. I love the ScrapRack! I did, pretty much, what you did, Rebecca. Researched and watched videos, and waited patiently for The Great American Scrapbook Convention to come to my town so I could see one “in person.” I ended up getting an extra base and more “spinders” because I had so many embellishments and crafting goodness that it made it difficult to turn my pages! The extra base did the trick. I also loved it because I applied Tiffany’s method of organizing by color. I ultimately ended up selling mine in a “garage sale” because I’m a storage addict. I love to organize and store my craft supplies, and when something comes along that I think will work better/look better/be more fun, I tend to jump ship. I do recommend The ScrapRack, however. If you have the space to display one, it truly is a great organizational tool to have at your fingertips. They even make a travel binder, which allows you to remove the individual spinders and put them in the binder to take with you to crops and retreats. All in all, it’s a wonderful product and well worth the investment, especially since the company is great to work with and has awesome customer service. Good luck to whomever ends up with the $150 credit! 🙂

  5. I know for sure it’s my paper storage, I’ m working on my dies and stamps right now. Oh yes the ribbon is done too.

  6. love these storage ideas.. This would be perfect timing for me.. I am moving into a new house and trying to think of new ways to storing my crafty supplies.. thanks for the chance to win.. woohoo

  7. Right now, my wood mounted stamps are the most organized…mostly because I just put them in Stampin Up plastic containers.

  8. Wow–I’ve never even heard of this binder before–it is awesome! ‘Would love to see one close up. I think the most organized items in my craft room are my Copics, but hopefully, my metal dies will be even more organized in the near future. After various investments and tries, I finally concluded that the DVD cases with magnets are the best method for me. I just need to get them labeled and sorted by shape type, then written up in charts in a binder. My Copics are in PVC tubes cut to size, and placed in a big craft bin. ‘Tried various ideas for those, too, and this works for me. Soon I will have hubby cut some wood circles to attach to the bottoms so I can remove them as needed.

  9. This is VERY INTERESTING to me! I think right now my stickers are the most organized…*some* of my stamps are in good shape, but I have added to many to keep up well. I love that you have so many different things STORED in your scrap rack! Impressive space (and self-control) all the way around! 🙂 I’d LOVE to try one of these with a little gift card/investment help!

  10. I have a ScrapRack and LOVELOVE it!!! I have more than 1 base set up and it has made my scrapbook & card making crafting so much easier. Well worth the investment for sure, no more digging and opening multiple drawers, containers or rooting through baskets & bins to find things.
    Just a FYI on the Inque Boutique Stamp Keepers, Joann’s Fabric still carries these in stores and online in the 12 x 12 size. I have been picking these up a few at a time over the past two years or so when they are on sale, just grabbed 3 more this past weekend on sale 50% off for $3.99 each. I have all my clear rubber stamps in them and am almost complete with the process of unmounting all my wood mounted stamps to combine together in these nifty stamp holders. They are great to organize your stamps either by themes or sets, what ever works best for each crafter’s style.

  11. I have a scraprack, just started working on filling it. so many of my embellishments are in it and I feel very organized there.

  12. My papers are organised (well, truthfully – semi-organised!!) I so need a Scrap Rack for ALL the rest of my supplies! Like you, I like to do the touchy feel-y thing usually but that isn’t possible as I live in Australia. Postage of a SR is as expensive as the SR itself so $150 would be just wonderful to go towards getting my own SR.
    Oh just dreaming

  13. I love being organized and love my scrap rack. I can’t believe how many baskets, containers, drawers etc were emptied and put in this system. When I want to make a card or scrap a page I can find things fast & easy. Highly recommend it. My buttons are the best organized by color in round spice jars.

  14. I have a scraprack and am working on getting things organized into it. Right now, all of my stamps are organized, and that was a big project all by itself!

  15. The most organized area of my craft area is definitely my scrap rack. I love it!!!! While it took a while to get it right and I’m still tweaking it every so often, it is the best investment ever for an organized scrapbooker!

  16. I haven’t really decided about my scraprack because I think I got a bad batch of spinders and am still trying to decide if that is the issue or if I have them too full. I have my dies organized and my stamps (not wood mounts)in scraprack pages and love them. I am going to separate my dies some because of weight so I could definitely use that gift certificate.

  17. I think my tools are the most organized…. I am hoping for a Scraprack since I truly need help with getting my embellishments in order. I spend too much time looking for stuff!

  18. I have a scrap rack and need to expand it! Love, love, love it and it is the most organized thing I own! Great site and my first time to visit.

    Thank you:)

  19. The most organized area in my craft room has to be my ink pads. Hehe!! I just loved the simplicity of your work space along with how user friendly and versatile it is!! I want to be JUST LIKE YOU :

  20. I wasn’t sure about the investment initially, but sure glad I did make it after all! And even more importantly, I participated in the Get Organized Challenge and got lots of great pointers on how to organize using the Scraprack ~ especially things like acrylic stamps and embossing folders. I was always fairly organized, but hated when things were stashed away in drawers. They were easily forgotten about! I recommend this to anyone, especially those with limited space.

  21. I found out about Scraprack and Tiffany’s orginization methods during the Spring Challange. I really like the scraprack but felt I couldn’t afford one at this time, so I made a version of it myself. That is working pretty well because I don’t have a lot of anything but paper. My paper is stored seperately in the color and theme order utilizing clean empty pizza boxes with the end cut off. My paper and my stamps are probably my most organized items right now. Maybe one day when the kids are out of college, I will save enough for the ScrapRack.

  22. Ive been watching the Scraprak Videos for some time now, hoping that I can get my stuff in order one day soon and get one!

  23. Several years ago I came across the scrap rack on the internet. I didn’t buy it at the time because I could not imagine how it would help me organize my supplies. Then I realized I never knew and/or could never find my supplies–they were tucked away, out of sight, in closets and drawers–in several different rooms. But I had forgotten about the scrap rack.
    Unfortunately, I did less scrapping because it was so unpleasant and frustrating to find and gather my supplies. Luckily, about 2 years ago I ran across the scrap rack again online. I bought it sight unseen. Illness prevented me from getting organized until now. Am not quite done but almost. Today, for instance, I took one of my project life editions, emptied it from the box, and put the cards in scrap rack pages. Now I can flip through and see all the cards.
    Organizing helped me realize I am super loaded with paper with reasonable amounts of embellishments and ribbon, and few stamps.
    My goal is to whittle down the stash and ultimately become got-a-little and sell my excess scrap rack items.
    I now scrap without any tension. It is fun again.
    Thanks for the chance to win. I still need some pages and travel packs.

  24. I’ve been saving for a ScrapRack since I saw it at a Scrapbook Expo. The ScrapRack would help me a lot with storing my stuff since I have a small working space too. Currently my stamps are the most organized, but that’s really only because I don’t use them as much as I would like to. 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful review of this product.

  25. The ScrapRack seems fabulous! What a great idea! I would have so much to store in it like papers, clear stamps and sticker sheets! Your scrapspace looks great… i wish i could say i was a minimalist like you! My scrap stash is way out of control right now. Mostly paper… i have too much of it, and i have a hard time getting rid of it. You’re inspired me to start thinking ‘less is more’ 🙂 Thank you so much for the chance to win this fabulous giveaway!!! So generous of you!

  26. Great space – so neat and tidy. Your review is very helpful. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. My paper is my most organized scrapbook supply in my room. Enjoy your space!! Thank you for sharing!!

  27. My ribbons are the most organized. I unroll them from the spool, and put them into a plastic zipper cosmetic bag that has holes punched all over it. Then I pull a small amount of the ribbon through the hole. So I can carry just one small bag and see all my ribbon choices at once.

  28. My stamps are the most organized. My paper is also organized, but could use some work. I have been through the challenge a couple of times and watch the videos regularly for motivation. I don’t have a scraprack, but I did purchase the travel pack. I like to keep supplies organized by company and it has been great for that. Thank you for this opportunity. I love your space!

  29. Love the scraprack!
    I started organizing my little corner last year using Tiffany’s 4-system and honestly it works.
    I just need one more scraprack to fit my stuff and get them out of the dining table 🙂

  30. I watched the video some time ago, and it definitely looks like a good solution for several problems. I have papers everywhere and really need help with organizing it – this might do the trick (I also like to see and touch items before buying).

  31. Currently my paper is semi-organized, ink and pens organized. Embelishments need help and am dreaming of a scraprack to help in this area

  32. The most organized space in my craft room would be my Cricut stuff! All thr cartridges,tools and adhesive paper. Absolutely love it. However I don’t have a ScrapRack, thinking of the cost; it’s a pretty big investment to keep up tp date!!

  33. I would say right now my paper is probably the most organized. I too have looked at the ScrapRack for a couple of years. Would love to have one.

  34. I love your space! And Scrap minimalist is a wonderful title for you. I have a little more space and it is devoted to my art. My most organized space in my studio would be my tools. I have them on the table in a carousel within easy reach.

  35. My most organized part of my craft room is my patterned paper. It’s sorted in ROYGBIV order and in cropper hoppers for safekeeping. The rest of my room…needs some work.

  36. I love your work space, Rebecca. I tend to hoard supplies. They are organized, but I keep a ton of stuff. I love how you can fit it all on one small bookshelf. Honestly, I would love to do the same, but I like having a ton of paper. 🙂 The scraprack looks like such a great storage tool! I might have to look into one someday. Awesome giveaway.

  37. Great work space!! Excellent organizing job! So jealous!! Wish you could do it for me!
    My most organized stuff is my Copics and other markers/pens/etc. Everything else?? Not so much, but I’m trying!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  38. The most organized thing in my craft room is my ScrapRack! I love mine and don’t know what I would do without it. It makes crafting a pleasurable experience again, not having to dig for things. I have also been using more of my stash since using the Scrap Rack, because things are visible and accessible. Also very portable ! I have an extra base I take to crops and classes too. I would recommend the ScrapRack to everyone!

  39. I, too, have been looking at The ScrapRack for quite some time. We are homeschoolers and we are beginning to do lapbooking and notebooking. Kind of like scrapbooking with an educational twist. I think The ScrapRack would be equally great at making my craft supplies more available for me and my children, so I am hoping to get one soon. I did recently organize our large supply of card stock into ROYGBIV so I would have to say that my paper supply is the most organized item in our craft/school room.

  40. Right now, I don’t think anything in my studio is very organized and I need all the help I can get! I have not been very productive either and it can be so frustrating. I am looking forward to following Craft Storage Ideas so that I can get some much needed inspiration. Thanks so much!

  41. Thanks for the chance! For me, right now, the most organized items in my craft nook are my bling. I would like to say my papers, as they are stored according to brand, BUT it is difficult to find sa certain paper when I want to. I just need all the help I can get! 🙂

  42. My most organized area is my solid colored cardstock. Everything else right now is a mess and I am trying to decide if a scraprack is the way to go for me. After reading everyone’s comments I am thinking it is 🙂

  43. Great organization! I’ve been working on mine for a couple challenges now. I have a stamp catalog and a punch catalog. My stamps are organized and numbered in bins. My embossing folders have their own binder and so do my dies. I still have some paper and smaller supplies to be worked on but it sure helps the creative juices to flow if you are organized. Would love to be able to get a scrap rack to finish things up!

  44. I have been participating in the 2013 Get Organized Challenge with Tiffany. I definitely plan to purchase a ScrapRack by Christmas if not before then. I am currently in the process of sorting, purging, and organizing all my scrapbook and cardmaking supplies. We are transforming a bedroom into my new scrap room and I hope it will be ready to move into by Christmas. I guess I would have to say that my solid color paper is the most organized at this time. I am working on my embellishments now. I sure would love to win a ScrapRack. That would be an awesome present from Santa Claus!

  45. I think the most organized right now are my distress inks. There’s a great CTMH container that fits ALL my inks and reinkers and foam blenders. It’s pretty amazing to have it all in one place!

  46. Golly, that’s a hard question…guess it would be my stamps. I have wood mounted in a FULL collector’s cabinet. The cabinet is wonderful and allows me to organize by tray. I just organized my clear and unmounted stamps in DVD holders. I used 100 of them (didn’t think I needed that many but got a great discount). They are fantastic as they have a clear sleeve so I stamped the images on paper and slipped into the sleeve so I know what is in it. Then labelled the spine and store them in two slim wood DVD “book” cases I picked up at a yard sale for $3 each. Yippeeeeeee! I love being organized.

  47. I have all of my ribbon, brads, & flowers organized into colors. Have reasearched the ScrapRack alot also, & just like you, can not pay the amount of money without “touching” it… 🙂

  48. The most organized part of my scrap room are embellishments I am working on paper but having a hard time trying to organize as Tiffany Spaulding suggests without a scrap rack. I’ve been hemming & hawing about getting one. It is a big investment as I am a gotta lotta lol!!

  49. I love organized spaces I can understand the idea of being a minimalist scrapper When given a small space to work with you must be ruthless and I have to say my space is organized but I do find my stamp binders falling apart this would be fantastic to store them all in thank you for the chance hugs Nikki

  50. I’m an organizing junkie and the system I use for my cardstock has worked exceptionally well for me for over 10 years. I have a scraprack and really NEED an expansion base and more spinders and more pages and, well, all the new stuff they come up with on their website! Crossing my fingers and toes and even my “i’s” for this one!

  51. I’ve had my eye on one of these for a really long time. I keep my flat embellishments in individual binders, but am running out of room, so one of these would be fabulous!

    I think the most organized item in my room is my solid cardstock. I was lucky enough to have a neighbor custom-build my craft room for me including paper shelves with 75 slots! AWESOME!!

  52. I believe my cardstock is the most organized of any of my supplies. I have never seen The Scraprack before- what an awesome idea! That would solve many of my storage issues. This is definitely going on my wish list! I have some friends that need to get this too!

  53. My most organized area is my alphas. Stickers, chip and rub-on all reside together in my very new scraprack. I have found it much quicker to locate the size or colour I need now. Before they were in shallow drawers and it was dig, dig, dig.

  54. I have also been researching and watching videos by Tiffany and her methods of organizing make so much sense to me. I’m lucky enough to have my own scrap room but want to get everything sorted the ‘Tiffany way’ so I can figure out how many racks I need. I’m about half way through my paper so far. I am in definite need of purging! Even after I’m sure I’ll find I need at least a couple of bases and some rearranging to fit them in a convenient spot! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  55. I have a ScrapRack and love the concept of it. I’m still working on it and don’t have anything in particular organized. What I do have organized is a little of this and a little of that and still in the process of getting it all organized, one box or container at a time. Taking it slow as to not get too overwhelmed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the ScrapRack.

  56. I do not have a ScrapRack. I would love one. My most organized supply in my craft area would have to be my stamps. I have them all categorized and stamped out in a 3ring binder. Everytime I get a new stamp or stamp set, I immediately go to my binder and stamp it in, write it down and put it in the appropriate clear shoe box. I’m running out of room though, so I’m thinking about removing my stamps from the wood blocks. I think the ScrapRack and pages would help me for this storage issue.

  57. My paper is the most organized thing in my room. I was fortunate to buy 4 racks from a local scrapbook store that was going out of business. My paper is organized using Tiffany’s method of ROY G BIV! Even my albums on my shelves are organized that way! I think Tiffany Spaulding’s method of organization is the next best thing to sliced bread!!!!

  58. My paper is the most organized. I have everything filed by the stacks which they were purchased in. Next are my embellishments, which I am currently working on.

  59. How AWESOME!! I’m new to this Blog and SO GLAD I stopped by for a visit!! =) My blog friend Lisa sent me and I have been going back and reading all of the past posts finding ALL sorts of AMAZING Information/Inspiration and just Informative FUN Posts!! I LOVE the idea of a Scrap Rack!! I have just moved (like literally a week ago) and I have room for a craft space in this house so I have been searching out ideas and this would be AWESOME!! I have never had a space, but I have always kept my stamps and dies in plastic files and keep them in boxes!! I’m so EXCITED to be able to have a HOME for all of my stuff beside just in stacked boxes!! THANKS for sharing and for the chance to win!! Have a Fabulous Week!! =)

  60. I just got back from a crop retreat with two friends who have the Scraprack. I was impressed! I am not very well organized would have to say my Cricut cartridges are my most organized items.

  61. My Tim Holtz distress inks are the most organized. I use a large, handled clear plastic container that contains 16 individual photo holders. Two ink pads and their reinkers fit perfectly in each photo holder! I used a label maker to note the colors on the outside edge of each photo holder. At a quick glance I can find what I am looking, rather than rummaging through the stacks of them!

    I also love the Scraprack! At first I also had the slight sagging; but as others have pointed out, the more you fill it, the less it sags (and my room full of stuff is finding its home there proving that to be very true! LOL!!).

  62. My most organized item in my scraproom right now are my punches — they are on rods behind my door grouped by shape or topic (flowers, animals, squares, ovals, etc.). I just received my scraprack and two expansion units so I am trying to get ready to start sorting into my four groups. I need to figure out what pages I like to use … I know I need the small ones and the double ones. Thanks for the review

  63. I purchased a ScrapRack in July. And have spent
    the last 4 months organizing my supplies. This
    system works. I watched the videos multiple times
    and followed Tiffany’s ideas. I took the fall challenge.
    Now I can find everything.

  64. I would LOVE a scraprack. Right now I am using binders until I have enough money to buy one. This whole organizing thing started in my bedroom closet as I had stuff in my scraproom that needed to go in there but I couldn’t jam another thing in there! So, needless to say, I have hauled off stuff from my bedroom closet, my son’s closet, and my scraproom and now I am organizing. So I can’t say anything is organized yet, but I am getting there!

  65. My most organized area in my scrap room is my stickers. I have them in individual draws by theme. Most of my room is organized but if could use a scraprack because I am in limited space. It looks like I could place this on one shelf and open up all the space my stickers are currently using. that would give me so much more area to actually scrap. I am a very organized person. Probably the reason I don’t have much time to scrap. I go in there to scrap, and see something that will only take a minute to organize, then before I know it, I’ve used up my time. My daughter bought me a BIG RED clock to help me with my time……lol

  66. I teach a beginning card class and need all kinds for organizational help. Would love to win this. Thank you for the chance.

  67. I lov this idea of the scraprack and think my embellishments and paper would appreciate some organizing…my most orgaized crafty items are my stamps, i have over 100 ctmh stamps plus about 150 other misc ones…i have them all scanned into my evernote app and tagged so i know exactly what image i have plus a scanned copy of each stamp set in a binder for quick reference as well

  68. I’m in the process of organizing and purging, but I would have to say that today, the most organized items I have are my stamps. I have them on shelves alphabetically.

  69. My punches are the most organized because I bought special holders to put them in. Still looking at the ScrapRack for several months now, hard to finally take the plunge. Maybe soon.

  70. Uh Oh….I discovered the Scrap Rack last night and was so intrigued watching Tiffany’s Fall Challenge video #1 that I almost forgot to go to bed! I have been scrapping for several years and for a while was under the impression that MORE was MORE. My husband started finishing a room in our basement for a combination craft and guest room. There are some cabinets with DOORS and some open shelving pieces. It seems I have been off in my thinking about how to organize…..and how much stuff I need or don’t need. I have a sinking feeling since hearing about the scrap rack that maybe the room is overkill. Maybe all I really needed is a Scrap Rack. oops.

  71. Oh, I would love to have a scraprack but just can’t afford it. I used a similar item at work to hold the volumes of papers that I wrote (I was a technical writer). It is so easy to flip through and go directly to the things you want. I would use it for all of my unmounted stamp storage. It’s just the perfect solution!