13 in 2013: Embossing Folder Storage

Hi there! Hope you all are well, I know I have been swamped trying to get reorganized after Christmas plus all the “normal” craziness! What did you get for Christmas or Hannukah? Did anything new and crafty make its way to you? I was really excited to get a Big Shot, plus a few new dies and embossing folders. 🙂 I was THRILLED since my Cuttlebug was 6 years old. I like the bigger size of the Big Shot, too.

However my old storage system wasn’t going to cut it. With the new embossing folders, it just made the tin I used to keep the folders in too small.  I started looking around for great embossing folder storage online. Isn’t the internet a beautiful thing? Here’s some great ideas I found:

File Folders

Numbered Tags

Decorated Recipe Box

Die Cut Organizer

Embossing Folder and Die Cut Binder

Flip Organizer


I decided to go with something like the first one. I have a ream of white cardstock that I recently purchased that just isn’t going to work for Copics. It will probably work for stamping, but it’s limiting what I can do with it, and I have 250 sheets! I decided that was what I needed to use for this little project. I first thought I’d just dry emboss each folder with the coordinating embossing folder I put inside. I made 2 like this, and then die cut the top with one of my new dies. Then realized these were NOT going to work. Do you see the problem?

Yeah, there is really no POINT in these folders, since you wouldn’t be able to see them anyway! They are too short. Still wanting to make a dent that cardstock I have, I came up with a better solution…. Using scraps and a tab punch, I created a tab for each one. I still embossed the front of each one, since I wanted to be able to put the folders back in them at a glance if several are spread out on my workspace at once.

This way, I can see the tabs, as they stick up over the edges of the folders. I named each one, since I couldn’t remember the name of each one, and I have my own way of thinking about them anyway! 😉

I also have a few dies (and mini embossing folder sets) that aren’t magnetic and don’t stick to my magnetic bars. For these, I did the same thing, but just created a pocket by adding a little washi tape to either side of the little folder.

To make your own little folders, cut an 8 ½” x 11” piece of cardstock in half lengthwise (at 4 ¼”).

Then turn it the other way and score it in half, at 5 ½.” Just like making a tall A2 sized card. Then dry emboss then front & add the tabs.

I stashed all mine in a basket I already had. There was even a little room left for my few chunky dies and my Big Shot plates.

Well, that is all for me today, thanks for popping by Craft storage Ideas!


8 thoughts on “13 in 2013: Embossing Folder Storage”

  1. Thanks for sharing all your researching finds! My folders are building up (along with SO MANY other products like markers, diecuts, etc!!) I love your final decision. I also really like the key ring with the tags. Great Post, and thanks again!

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  6. Great idea – was actually searching for a way to identify a particular folder when I came across this great idea. Thanks.

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