A Cozy Studio {Jenny Grotherus of Kottens Corner}

I’m so happy to introduce you to Jenny Grotherus of Kottens Corner.

Jenny lives on the countryside in Sweden with her husband, baby and a spoilt cat. She started scrapbooking late 2007 and has been addicted ever since. She works as a Marketing Director at the Swedish vintage brand Maja Design. She shares the love and care for vintage, coziness and colours that makes the brand so unique. It clearly shows in her scraphouse that was built with coziness and functionality in mind.


We moved into our house nearly six years ago. It was really tiny and there was no room for my scrapsupplies. I had been saving for years to be able to get myself a dream crafter space when we bought a house, but problems are there to be solved. I literally built myself a scraphouse. I had a carpenter who helped me out with some construction, otherwise I did it all myself. . I have spent countless hours trying to plan what my perfect scrapspace would be like. There isn’t a single window that isn’t there for a reason. I even built the house around my beloved picture rails. J

I’m an over-organized person, so I have divided my scraphouse into different areas. A clean area, a paint area, a sewing area and a working area with a computer. I’ve also got a standing work area that I use a lot. All the needs for the different areas are then organized with the supplies needed. Even if the house was built for crafting I want it to feel welcoming and loving, not overwhelming due to tons of supplies. I also wanted to be able to see what I use the most and have everything at hand. That was a real challenge…



Here’s my standing work area. Perfect for punching, die-cutting and binding books. The cabinets makes it easy to both hide supplies and keep them on display. I keep cheap paper flowers in glass jars in the glass cabinets, beautiful lace as well. Paper is stored in Cropper Hopper vertical solutions so I can see them easily but it still looks discrete. I keep dual tip pens in the corner and tools in the carousel. I inherited tons of IKEA KASSETT boxes that I have used to organize everything from PanPastels to punches. They are all stored in the cabinets.


Here’s an example of how I’ve organized Prima flowers. According to colour or collection. Labels, labels, labels… I think I have about 80 KASSETT boxes so they need to be carefully labeled.


 Here’s my true little corner. The black bench contains some of my 12×12 ring binders. The drawers contains finished mini-albums since I can’t have them all on display. I keep different pens in the white cutlery holder. I really want people to feel at home in my house, scrapper or not. So this is also my little Fika corner. Cookies, biscuits and I also have lemonade. :) My coffee machine is still situated in the kitchen, but I’m seriously considering moving it to the scraphouse.

I have two clip it up’s. One that I keep bling on and this large floor model where I store everything from rub-ons to letter stickers.

The cute IKEA HENSVIK shelves contains small glass jars with lace and projects on display.


More 12×12 binders. I also keep cardstock in this inherited IKEA EXPEDIT shelf. The small chests contains toys for my son to play with when he comes to visit me in my little house.


My long desk contains from the left: embellies area, paint area, my sewing area and my working area. (You can see my rebuilt kitchentable in the foreground that serves as my clean area). As you can see I have eight IKEA HELMER bureaus that I bought on sale. That makes 48 drawers in total. They can hold A LOT and are also designed to be labeled so you know what’s inside them. The four HELMER bureaus under the long desk are packed with Idea-ology stuff, trinkets, ribbon, shabby embellishments, chipboard, paints, brushes, embossing powder, glitter, anything you can think of. The three ones by the kitchen table are filled up with paper roses. I bought tons of ANTONIUS inserts that are supposed to be used in the laundry department. With some help from scissors they fit perfectly in the HELMER drawers.


Here are a few of the drawers with paper roses that have all been organized by colour…


I love my picture rails. They can hold so much stuff it’s unbelievable. And no. They do not get that dusty. :) I’m constantly rearranging these cuties to keep what I use the most closest by hand. In general I keep a lot of paint, mists, glues, sprays, re-inkers and texture pastes of different kinds here. To the left you can see my Distress Ink pad storage and below the picture rails are my Distress Ink tools. They have been organized with a little help of a drilling machine and a leftover crossbar.


Here’s my sewing area. Fabrics in the cabinet to the left and threads, buttons etc in the HELMER bureau to the right. I also keep a lot of buttons in the spice jar holder that you can see on the window sill.


Most of my time is probably spent here, in my working area.


I have placed our old kitchen table in the middle of the room. It was collecting dust in an old barn so I rebuilt it to include shelves on one side and chairs on the other. People think that I’m nuts, but I actually saw a bunch of cute baskets on my way home from work in the display window of a department store. So I bought them and rebuilt the table to fit the baskets. I painted it white and put some IKEA HELMER bureaus under the leaf and my clean area was all done! It fits three scrappers or more if you remove the HELMER bureaus. I usually sit on the side where the baskets are when friends are coming over. It gives me access to both the paint area and the clean one without having to move around.

I used to keep Prima flowers in the baskets but grew out of them pretty quickly. Nowadays I store what mom would call junk. I like to call it highly usable stuff. :)  

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Since I built an entire house, quite a lot… But I love to create my own storage solutions since they always turn out to be the best. The distress ink tool storage is superb and was completely free. I used an old leftover crossbar that I just drilled some holes in. I’ve also used a lot of old furniture that I have rebuilt or just painted. The IKEA HELMER bureaus are a blessing and very cheap. So is picture rails and glass jars. If I didn’t build a house I would have had a very limited budget.

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge for me was to create a welcoming house with lots of light that everybody, scrapper or non-scrapper, would just love to enter.

I also need to know exactly where everything is stored. Since I have a rather large scrapspace it’s impossible to find something if it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Your needs always change. In my opinion you really can’t just sit down and think it will work for years to come. Six months later you’ll always discover that your needs has changed, you have tons of new supplies and that perfect organization no longer fits you. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-organized my space.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I do miss a proper bookshelf. No matter how much you oversize your storage solutions you always discover that they are too small. I would have gone for the largest IKEA Expedit shelf where I could fit all my albums and Cropper Hopper Storage Solutions. But there’s simply not room for it.


And there you have Jenny’s beautifully organized room!  More than anything – it’s so cozy!  Don’t you agree?  Please check out her her blog and her Pinterest page here!

Craft room ~ Maple and Magnolia

Hi friends, Lisa here with a bright fun sewing studio to share! I came across the Maple and Magnolia blog through pure accident the other day. You know a link from Pinterest followed by another and then another! After stumbling upon Susan’s cute and well organized sewing studio, I knew it was something you would enjoy.


See what I mean! Isn’t this a sweet happy space to create in! You can find all of the details on her room here. Most of the decorating items in this studio are from Ikea, Home Decorators, Target and World Market.


Love this perfectly displayed and organized storage unit flanked with those colorful bulletin boards. A cute design in the aqua chair back too!


Pincushions and trims nestled on a cake stand ~ cute idea.


You’ll see this lovely green storage cabinet when you visit Susan’s blog. It sits on the other side of the room.


Isn’t this a fun fabric scrap jar!


I like her cute inexpensive storage containers and that adorable toy Singer! All neat, tidy and portable on a metal tray!


This antique china cabinet is probably my favorite piece from the room and what drew me in! Such a pretty way to store and display fabric, quilts and assorted jars of what nots.

I’ll leave you with these photos to drink in. Head over to Maple and Magnolia for MANY more photos of this cute sewing studio along with the details of the furnishings. There’s also a sitting area in this room that is quite inviting. Thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your visits!


Just 1 Tip: Conquering the Fabric Pile

Hallo to U all.  Today I brought Just 1 Tip to share.  By now you know that fabric is my first love but the problem is  - 1 yard of  fabric doesn’t fold as flat as a sheet of 12×12 cardstock.

Currently my stash looks like this:

(and I can’t even boast that the beautiful quilt beneath the mess is mine!)

And the solution? ………………………… I stumbled upon this GREAT idea:

It came from Katie Brown’s blog “Smile like You Mean it”.  She actually took part of a shelving unit, added handles and wheels to the bottom and now it stores all her fabric as part of her craft closet.

Hop over to the original post and see how she did it. Just click here. Enjoy, and remember to leave a comment to tell her that we love her idea over at Craft Storage Ideas.

That’s it. I’ll be back with some more craft storage ideas. Just watch this space and all will be revealed. Remember to leave us comments. We love to see what you do!

Have a GREAT day.




Lisa’s Flikr Fave: The 36th Avenue

Hey there peeps! Are you enjoying our special feature this week, I know I am!! I have always loved seeing where others create. I used to study magazines, but that gave way long ago to blogs and Pinterest! I enjoy seeing those special items in their crafty spaces that inspire them, fuel them of just bring them happiness. I drink in their storage solutions and decorating styles. Sometimes storing them in my memory and others are jotted down or sketched for future use.

When I took on the assignment of a Contributor here at Craft Storage Ideas, one of the first craft rooms I found was The 36th AVENUE. This is the favorite I’ve yet to discover hands down. Let’s take a look shall we…


To me this room is the perfect size and organized to crafty perfection. I just adore the white furniture, pretty hardwood floor, neutral background and all of the natural light streaming in.


The oval table in the center of the room lets you pull up a chair for sit down work, maybe two if you’re crafting with a friend. Or you can stand here for larger projects. Plenty of open space surrounds it letting you move about as needed.


Sigh…this is just the dreamiest little sewing area. The pretty floral/polka dot fabric on the stool is swoon worthy!!! And a simple staple like pegboard has been transformed into a work of art with a lovely frame and a coat of paint. I do see one of these in my future!

DSC_0734edit2 DSC_0720edit

I think the second frame hung inside the larger frame is such a cute idea. Love the chicken wire that lets you clip up this or that!!


Would you just look at this wall…polka dots…I’m in love!! For those of you who know me, you know I am quite smitten (this could be an understatement!!!) with polka dots. I think the size of them on this wall are scaled to just the right size for this room.

They show up once again on this wall with a marvelous storage piece. It’s topped with pops of red that stand out beautifully against the neutral background. Love the framed polka dots here too!


Another element that draws me to this room is the window treatment. Simple, uncluttered and ever so sweet!!


And there you have it friends, my dream craft space! Thanks so much for taking this journey with me today. Stop back to visit with us again tomorrow for another of the teams favorite rooms!


Sugar Sugar Studio – My Flikr Fave

Welcome to Craft Storage Idea’s special feature…Flickr Craft Rooms!

This is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper and I actually signed up for Flickr to work out this post. I have to say that I’m actually glad to be signed up. There’s nothing more frustrating then trying to follow a link on Pinterest and have it end at Flickr and not be able to see more. Problem solved!

Well on to the craft room that caught my attention, Sugar Sugar Studio.

If you could take spun cotton candy and frosting and turn it into a craft room you’d get Sugar Sugar. So aptly named. While lacking a full room shot I love all the bits and pieces that certanly make this room unique.


Check out this Sweet banner and inspiration board.


This cabinet has been with her for a while, but to coordinate it with the Sugar theme, she painted it white and Mod Podged patterned paper pieces to the back panel.



Every corner and shelf is a treat with all the unique storage containers like these old cupcake tins.



These jars are re-purposed garage sale finds that have been painted to look so sweet.


You can see the whole Sugar Sugar studio set here.

Hope you have a sweet tooth!



Storage Solution Round Up

Hello crafty friends, seems like forever since I’ve been here!  Pneumonia has set me back for few weeks. As I am gradually getting back into the swing of things I was browsing through the new Pottery Barn catalog and came across a great storage system. It’s called  Gabrielle Organization and features a wonderful peg system (available in Espresso Stain or Modern White) with a series of storage and organization options. They didn’t offer any craft room or art studio photos in the catalog, but it would certainly work well in one!! Take a look at these photos of the system in use and you’ll see what I mean.


Isn’t this a pretty pantry! But what super craft storage this would be. The large wire tier cubes to the right would be fabulous for cardstock storage!


Here’s a neat and tidy office that would suit space over a craft table very well. I am quite smitten with those pretty wicker baskets!


The straps on these larger items are a brilliant idea. I can see pretty wrapping or art papers on this drying rack and jars of button, twines and washi tape on the shelves.


This item was pictured in a garden shed unit. But wouldn’t punches look extra cute in those pockets ~ swoon!


I think these darling buckets are my favorite. They would accommodate a variety of tools or make color coordinating your markers breeze!


Chalkboards, pin boards and white boards for your notes, sample and to do lists!

Check out this Pottery Barn link for more details on the system and the options of storage vessels. So happy you could spend some time with us here today, we appreciate you!


All About the Furniture: Ikea Raskog Cart

Today, I am featuring the Raskog cart from Ikea. This cart is extremely versatile. It features three shelves. The middle shelf  is adjustable to fit your needs. It has wheels, which is really convenient to be able to move it to wherever you are crafting! The cart is a lovely blue color that is really trendy right now.




Below I will show you a few examples of this beauty in use.

Life Made Creations

A Pumpkin and a Princess

Heidi Swapp

Studio Pebbles

The 36th Avenue

This is on my Christmas wish list for this year. I don’t really need one more thing, but I often find myself moving from my craft room, to the living room or the kitchen to actually work on my projects while still keeping an eye on the kids. This cart would be great for storing all my most used supplies, as well as any current projects!


Just 1 Tip: Oh Life

Hello fellow storage enthusiasts.  It’s Hazel from Sunny South Africa bringing you just 1 tip.

At the beginning of this year, I stumbled upon Oh Life and what a wonderful idea. For those of you who don’t know how it works, here is a short bio. You subscribe and every day you receive an email to ask how your day was. Just hit reply, write whatever you wish and you have your day recorded. How much easier can it be? And there’s more …………….it’s FREE, private and doesn’t take up ANY space!


For IMPERFECT ME this is the perfect way to keep track of what I do.  At the end of each month, I use my info to do a monthly Project Life review.  Here you can see my September version. I don’t even retype – just cut and paste!

That’s it!! A great way to store your memories.  If you want to subscribe / read more about Oh Life, just click here.  If you already use Oh Life, please let us know how it works for you and what you do with your recorded memories. We love comments.

Thanks for looking at Craft Storage Ideas today. Please check back as my fellow contributors and I have loads more to share right here. Have a great day!


Storage Solution Roundup: Embroidery Floss

One of the crafts I enjoy doing is embroidery. I typically do cross-stitch projects, but I love to do all types of embroidery. Even if you only occasionally do embroidery, you can very quickly acquire a large amount of floss. Organizing it so you can find the right color, keeping it tangle free, as well as keeping stock of how much you have on hand is a necessity. Following are some ideas of how to keep it neat and tidy.

One of the most widely available and commonly used organizers for floss is the plastic divided bin and the plastic (or cardboard) cards that you wrap each individual floss on to. The boxes and cards are available at almost every craft store.

Source: Color My World

You can either hand write on the corresponding floss number onto the card, or the starter kits usually come with stickers using numbers from popular DMC floss.

Allison, from Little Lovelies, came up with a clever idea to get those cards wound up quickly! She rigged a bobbin winder onto her power drill and attached the card. So clever!

Source: Little Lovelies

Sometimes it may be easier to store the floss in it’s original numbered skein rather than transferring it to the cards. Storing the flosses by color in separate bins or boxes seems like the best way to be able to find what you need.

Source: Sara vs. Sarah

Source: Beyond the Kids

If you don’t want to spend too much money, you can organize with items you may already have on hand. Clothespins keep the thread from unraveling and allow you to see what you have.

Source: Mrs. Jones

Source: Lil Fish Studios

You could also use small snack size ziploc bags and a binder ring.

Source: Shiny Happy World

Source: Bird Nest on the Ground

And if you want to be uber organized, you can create a color chart with all the threads you have.

Source: Cut Out and Keep

How do you store your embroidery floss?


Product Review: Cropper Hopper 12” Expo (Expandable Organizer)


Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 6.56.56 PM

Hi there! It’s Noelle stopping by today for a final product review for Cropper Hopper. This is the last item that was in the box of goodies that Kathleen from Advantus Corp. sent me to review for Cropper Hopper. You can go here for my review on the Tim Holtz stamp binder, here for my review on the paper envelope, and here for the review on the paper organizer.




This is a multi-pocket organizer that is large enough to hold up to 200 sheets of 12” papers. I decided to use it for a slightly different purpose, as I’m currently happy with my 12” papers being stored in my Cropper Hopper Paper Holders. But, my alphabet sticker situation was getting a wee bit out of control. I normally store my alphabet stickers in my hanging storage, where I had them in a giant zipper bag that was hung by a pant hanger in my studio. But the bag was packed full, and the smaller sheets were always falling to the bottom. Plus, with them all being crammed in there, I would pretty much have to dump out the entire bag to find what I was looking for.


I normally go looking for my stickers by color, since lettering is one of the last things I do on a page. So, for me that was the best way to organize them. But you could also separate them by size of sticker sheet or style. So first, I sorted them all by color:

P1190689-imp P1190690-imp P1190691-imp

Then, I sorted each pile into sizes of sticker sheet:


I made a tab for each color, and for the small sticker sheets, I used paper clips to clip them to the top of each divider. This way they wouldn’t fall down into the pocket, where they might get lost.




A feature I really liked on this once I saw it was the top flap which closes the Expo, it fully pushes down into the back of the product when you want to look through it. What a clever idea! It’s there when you need it, and not when you don’t.


I made labels for the outside with my handy dandy label maker. Like the Cropper Hopper paper organizer, the Expo has a clear handle that pushes down flat, so you can integrate this into your other vertical storage. Which is exactly what I did. :)

P1190703-imp P1190700-impThanks again to Advantus Corp. for sending me all these great things to review! Hope you all are having a wonderful Autumn so far. I will be back in October!! :)


Take care!