Independence Week: Scrap Paper Storage

One of my biggest organizational challenges is my scraps. I never really thought too much on my scraps until I got my Cricut. Now not only do I have tons of scraps but I want to use them! Originally I took 2 shoe boxes and had solid scraps in one and pattern scraps in the other. That worked until I started having larger size scraps that didn’t fit in the box. So then I had a  3rd drawer for the larger scraps and… my solution was no longer working.

As with most things I’ve realized that I search for colors, be it solid or pattern, so again I sorted my scraps by color. This time the solids and patterns stayed together and the storage is big enough for 12″ paper.  I found the Your Fairy Craft Mama blog through Pinterest on how to make these paper holders. It was a little tricky but I’m so happy with my scrap storage. I’m currently in the process of decorating the fronts to show the color. I cut all my scraps to squares or rectangles and then put in the correct colored holder. When I need paper I search here first and I quickly find what I’m looking for or know I don’t have it in my scrap stash.


I still have a little more work to finish the paper holders, but I have been using this system now for several months and it works for me.

Other options for sorting your scraps are:

  • Accordian folders
  • Hanging file folders
  • Binders and sheet protectors
  • Sterilite storage drawers
  • Over the door Shoe holder (if you only save small scraps)

We’d love to hear how you store your scraps!


Just One Tip: Organize your scraps!

Hi all, I am here today with a quick tip on organizing your scraps. I know you are probably thinking “Organize my SCRAPS? That’s crazy, I mean they are just scraps after all, why do they need to be organized?” Well, friends, I used to feel just the same. I do store all my solid color Stampin’ Up! scraps with the full pieces of cardstock in the same color, and that has always worked well & helped me use them before I cut into a new sheet. But for patterned papers, I just threw them all into this vintage egg basket, where all the little ones would get buried under the bigger ones, and, lets be real, I’d rarely get to them again.

Then one day, it occurred to me… a sheet of 12” patterned paper is how much, like maybe anywhere between 50 cents and 1.50, right? So I am potentially looking at HUNDREDS of dollars of wasted product in this basket. Yes that’s right, hundreds…. I decided this was one of those situations where I might have to get brutal in order to save the bulk of it, and stash it in a way that actually made it usable for me. So, here’s what I did, and it took less than 2 hours, even for this GINORMOUS basketful.

I decided that the most usable size of paper for me is the front of A2 sized card, so either 4”x 5 1/4” or 4 1/8”x 5 3/8.” So, for as many as I could I cut them to this size. I can use them for the fronts of cards, and also I use them when sending my cards through the mail, I will put one of these over the top of the card before sliding it in the envelope, that way the card is protected.


In the little silver bucket there, you can see a LOT of little strips, that is the size that is left over after I cut down a 6” sheet of paper for a card front. I kept all those together, they make great strips for accenting cards with.


All the rest I either left the size they were or cut down to as large a rectangle as possible if there were punches out of it. Everything now is a solid rectangle, no jagged edges, or weird shapes in there, all rectangular and far easier to get through for me. I did still throw out a lot of scraps, but I have already used SO many more than I would have otherwise. It’s so easy to pull out this stack of A2 sized fronts and flip through them, or this bucket of strips.


I sorted, like sizes together, and then I laid them back in the basket, largest in the back, smallest in the front. I don’t know that this basket (though I do *love* it) is the best kind of container to store these in. Something more squared off, and with less places to catch on might be better, but unless I find something else that’s just perfect, I’m sticking with this. I’m pretty attached to it!


That’s all for me, have a fabulous day!