Just One Tip: Stamp Pad & Marker Storage!

Spring is here and for me that means Spring Cleaning! Well it should anyways.  This is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper and I’m sharing “Just One Tip” with you today.

So while you’re cleaning and organizing keep this tip in mind.

The best way to store ink pads is pad side down. That way the ink stays at the top of the pad.  Some ink pads (like CTMH) flip closed so the pad is upside down. Otherwise actually turn your pad upside down. I do this with my Tim Holtz Distress pads.

This stamp storage from Organize More is perfect for either type of pad, just remember upside down.

Prize 3 - Organize More


I’ve seen some great marker storage ideas, but think gravity again. The best way to store markers is laying down flat. I don’t have a ton of Markers so I store mine in this Tim Holtz tube, laying down flat of course! The lid has flat edges, so the tube doesn’t roll.


Hopefully your spring cleaning and organizing leads you to more craftiness!




Just One Tip: Organizing with Mug Racks

When I was working on my book last fall (did I tell you I was writing a book? It should be out this fall!) I went on an outing looking for different props that I could use in some of the pictures. At a local vintage shop I picked up a sweet pea green mug rack that I thought would be cute to hang a little baby cardigan from in one of the pictures.

I’m not sure I actually ended up using that picture in the book, but I still have the mug rack. At first I wasn’t sure what to do with it, but then I realized it was the perfect little stand to hold some things that I like to keep close at hand but don’t want just lying on my desk. mug rack supply organizer

In my case, that’s sewing and paper scissors, packing tape and a flexible tape measure. It sits on my desk, within easy reach from my computer or the project portion of the space.

I love it. It’s perfect to have a place for all these essentials to go so they’re “put away” but still always within reach, not making clutter but always accessible, too.

It’s no surprise I’m not the only person to have come up with this idea.

Jenny at Allsorts took the scissors idea to the extreme, loading up a tall red mug holder with a ton of scissors.

scissor caddy allsorts

She also has a smaller one she uses for ribbon. So cute!

ribbon mug rack allsorts

I also love this idea from Better Homes and Gardens, in which a mug rack with mugs still on it is used to hold pens and markers. What a great way to keep things accessible and organized. You could probably do this with a wall-mounted mug rack, too.

mug rack markers

Have you taken any accessories out of the kitchen to use in your craft room? I’d love to hear about it!


13 in 2013: Pen and Marker Storage

Hi all! Happy New Year! Are you feeling that New Year’s urge to diet, save money, and organize every aspect of your world yet? Haha, I know I am! In the crafty corner of my world, I started thinking about my pens and markers, and how I’d like to have them all where I can see them, and how I’d also like to have them all together. In my recent post about my studio, you might remember that I kept all my pens and markers in these little drawers that are in my shelving unit, and the spot I store my inkpads in, there’s another little drawer where I was keeping my Copics. There were two problems with this system, first of all, every time I needed a pen or marker, I’d end up pulling the whole drawer out (they didn’t have runners, they were just like little boxes with a handle…) and the other problem was I’d either have to rifle through the whole drawer/box to find the one I want, or end up dumping all the markers out looking for the one I wanted. This takes up PRECIOUS workspace, and I don’t have a lot to spare.

The other day, I saw this photo on Pinterest, (go ahead and ooooh, and aaaaah, at all the Copics that she has! I sure did). Here’s her blog post about this cool storage. It inspired me to do something different with my pens….

Now, I don’t have nearly as many Copics, but I’d sure LOVE to expand my collection! ;)

Here is a color chart similar to the one in the above photo, for you to download if you like.

And if you have a smartphone, there is an AWESOME and FREE app for Copic users to keep track of what colors you already have. I am using it on my iPhone, and I LOVE it! Here’s a link go to it on your smartphone and it will give you step by step instructions on how to install it on your iPhone or Android. You will never again have to wonder “Hm, do I already have this color?”

I do have a lot of other kinds of pens, a lot of Stampin’ Up! markers particularly, since I used to be a Demonstrator. I wanted to use something that would have plenty of room for me to grow into, too. The other thing that was important to me, was keeping the markers horizontal. It really is the best way to store your markers, as most scrapbook/crafty/art markers have two different tips, and you don’t want all the ink to flow into one end or another. One thing I loved about her pen storage above was that she used a grid from a fluorescent light to make a little hole for each marker. I may end up adding that to my new storage system that I’ll show you in a minute.

Since it is a New Year and all, I knew that reorganizing my pens needed to be more than just putting them in a different place. I took the time to test out all my pens (yep, every single one!) making a note of which ones I need to replace.

Some of them ended up in the pen graveyard….

I just don’t tend to be one who likes to use a specific box made for pens, I just feel like I’ve somehow failed creatively, ha! Also I have several different brands so I knew that Copic-specific, or Stampin’ Up!-specific storage wouldn’t cut it. But if you are NOT as neurotic as me (I’d imagine that’s most of you!) ;) here are some cool products specifically manufactured for storing pens. You know for sure that they would fit well in these boxes, whereas with your own storage solution, you may not be so lucky.

Marker Organizer from Organize More

Copic Sketch Marker Case from Joann Crafts 

Kaisercraft Marker Storage from Scrapbook.com (this one is totally customizable!)

ArtBin Storage Marker Satchel at Create For Less

Copic Storage Rack at markerpop 

And here’s some AWESOME ideas to repurpose something old that you may no longer be using. Particularly if you are on a New Year’s spending freeze. I think the CD holders as pen storage are brilliant! And the drain pipe, and Crystal Light containers, what great uses of everyday items.

Baby Bottle Dishwasher Basket

Wine Bottle Rack

Storage made from drainpipe

Kitchen Tool Caddy 

Altered Crystal Light Containers 

CD Rack

Altered Shoebox with toilet paper roll dividers

For my space, I ended up going to Hobby Lobby and found this crate/wood box in my fave color at half off. The only bummer is that I wish you could see the cool numbers painted on the end, but where I have it situated, you don’t. However, it does fit perfectly in this spot, and it’s in easy reach of my workspace.

Like I mentioned above, I might add some of that fluorescent light grid stuff in the compartments, to give each pen his own little home (neuroses again, so sorry!) As for my old “pen drawers” I used them to store my ink refills, and some other inkpads. I then moved the punches that used to sit here, up to where the ink refill basket used to be. It looks great, and between my new storage, and Copic app, I can see exactly what I have, and it won’t clutter my workspace either! :)

I also like, that if I work out in my dining room, this has handles and can be carried out easily.

That’s it for me today, Happy New Year!