Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks
Craft storage furnishings for the modern crafter!

Hi everyone,

It’s Sharon from Glitter Angel Designs here to share with you some ideas for craft desks.

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, as I’m getting close to the arrival of my new garden craft studio.

I know that I want to have both a desk area to sit at, and something at standing height.

I currently use a glass-topped desk, which is great for cleaning up, and looks nice, but when I stand at it to use my Big Shot, I get a backache after a few minutes so I know having something at counter height is a must for my new room.

This is my current desk:

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - Sharon's Current Desk (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – Sharon’s Current Desk

Source: Sharon Curtis

I like the modern look of it, and I think it will fit well in my new room, which is going to be mostly white.

One added bonus to having a glass-topped desk is that you can put a desk lamp underneath the desk and use it like a light box – very useful!

If you are short of space in your craft room, then the desk addition to the IKEA Kallax shelving is a great solution.

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - IKEA Kallax Desk Combination (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – IKEA Kallax Desk Combination


If you have an unusual space, or want something adjustable, then Ikea really does have some great options.

They have a whole range of separate table tops, legs and trestle bases, so you can create something completely flexible.

If you have a specific space you want to fit your desk into, you could even get a piece of counter-top cut to the exact size you need, then just use some trestle bases to support it.

You can view the whole range of IKEA table top and leg options.

I particularly like this one, since it has the lovely glass top I like, and is completely height adjustable.

And it’s on sale (in the U.S. at least) through August 5, 2015!

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - IKEA Glasholm/Finnvard Table (tempered glass top is stain resistant, easy to clean) (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – IKEA Glasholm/Finnvard Table (tempered glass top is stain resistant, easy to clean)


For something at standing height, again Ikea seems to have a good solution.

I’ve seen this kitchen island (below) featured in quite a few craft rooms, and in larger rooms I’ve also seen two units together to create a great, large working area.

There’s lots of handy storage space underneath too.

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture - Clean & Modern Desks - IKEA STENSTORP Kitchen Island (easy to move around) (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Furniture – Clean & Modern Desks – IKEA STENSTORP Kitchen Island (easy to move around)


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas for your craft room – maybe you’ll see some of these products in my new room over the coming months, once I start shopping!

Thanks for stopping by and please swing by my blog, Glitter Angel Designs, and say hello!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Sharon Curtis (image)

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor: Sharon Curtis

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Craft Room Tour: A Sort of Fairy Tale

Hello everyone, it’s Suzanne here today from I have an amazing craft room to share with you today! Stacey, from A Sort of Fairy Tale/Cottage Industry, has allowed us to share her bright, colorful, and creative craft space. A beautiful mix of new and vintage pieces have been paired together to make a space so bright and cheerful, I would never want to leave if it were my room!

Have a tour of the room below, and then pop on over to view more pictures at A Sort of Fairy Tale. To see what Stacey is up to now, please visit her new website, Cottage Industry.

Fairy Tale 1
The majority of furniture in this room came from IKEA, including the colorful button rug. The iconic IKEA turquoise cart also has a home here, as it does in many of the craft rooms we feature here at CSI.

Fairy Tale 6

A bright feature wall and vintage-inspired banner really add to the overall charm and elegance of the room.

Fairy Tale 4

I love the vintage-colored suitcases and accessories! The collection of classic sewing patterns, books, and notions, complemented with the gingham-green table mat, takes me back to my grandmother’s sewing room.

Fairy Tale 2

The pegboard offers ample storage space for accessories and display pieces.

Fairy Tale 5

This shelf of vintage suitcases/trunks, and neatly organized bins and supplies is my favorite. There is a ton of space to store your collection of sewing, scrapbooking, or general crafting supplies! It looks so neat and orderly, with everything in its place.

Remember to visit A Sort of Fairy Tale for additional pictures and explanation of this room, and the new Cottage Industry website for more inspiration!



Just One Tip: Card Storage

Hi, Jessica here with a tip for how to store your finished cards!  For awhile, I was keeping my finished cards displayed on one of my shelves or just piled in a box.  It was a hassle to dig through everything looking for that one card I knew I had somewhere and I usually ended up knocking sequins off of a finished card or bending a corner.  Argh!  So I finally realized that I needed to come up with a better system for storing my cards.

When I first set up my craft room I bought a ton of white Kassett boxes of various sizes from Ikea to store craft supplies on my Expedit.  As I was looking for a solution for storing my cards I realized that these boxes would be the perfect size!  I cut cardstock dividers that would fit into the box and then die-cut banner tags from the My Favorite Things Jumbo Stitched Banners set.  You could easily use a circle, square, or other shape for the tab.

To make tabs I used a ruler to mark an edge of the divider with lines to indicate where I wanted the tabs to be.  Then I taped that divider guide to my work surface so that when the top of the tab was in line with the edge of my table it would be at the perfect height on the divider.  This also helped ensure that all of the tabs would be at the same height.  To help me align each divider on top of my guide I taped a piece of folded cardstock to the edge of the guide divider so that the dividers would butt against the cardstock.

card storage

I used my ATG gun to secure the tab to the divider and I actually added a second tab to the back of the divider for a more finished look!

card storage

I labeled my dividers with a label maker and then alphabetized them in two Kassett boxes!  I like the system because I can easily add dividers if I want to add additional categories of cards and I can also expand into more Kassett boxes if needed.  I purposely made the dividers large enough so that they would poke up from the top of the box for easier viewing.  This means that I can’t put the lid on top of the boxes which is okay with me; however, if that is important to you, just make sure your finished divider (including the tab) is shorter than the height of the box!

card storage

I keep my card boxes on a table in my craft room with a few essential card supplies so that it’s easy to send a card at a moment’s notice!  I hate having to run to different rooms to find a stamp in my office, an address book in the kitchen, etc.  On my table there is a separate box full of envelopes of varying size and color so that I can easily find an envelope that fits when I need it.  The box also holds all my return address stamps (I have one personal stamp, one family stamp, and a family holiday stamp).  I use an old desk organizer to store a letter opener, stamps, labels, and a perpetual calendar with important dates.  Finally I have my address book and a notebook where I write down the gifts and a brief description of cards I give to people over the year to ensure that I don’t accidentally send the same card (or gift) twice.

card storage

This system has really made sending cards a more efficient process which means I’m much more likely to do it! 😉 I hope this gives you some ideas for card storage and if you have a different system that works for you I’d love for you to share it in the comments!

jessica CSI signature

Craft Room {Sweet Bambinos}

Happy Friday fellow crafters! If you live in my neck of the woods then you might be digging out of a fresh pile of that white stuff we’ve been seeing all winter. I’m so ready for spring! So in the mean time I’ve been cleaning and organizing my craft room. I’m really trying to declutter and get rid of those items that have just been hanging around too long. You know, those “I could do this with that” items. It’s hard to let go of some of these items but it actually feels good to not be weighed down by them. Moving on my post for you today is a quick tour of a beautifully organized craft room by Andrea on her blog Sweet Bambinos.

She posted her newly organized craft room and I was drawn by the pops of color from all the crisp white.

She uses a combination of Martha Stewart tables and Ikea bookshelves and drawer units to organize all her supplies.

Here is the link to her original post sharing her room HERE and she has an updated post revealing what’s in her drawers and how they are organized HERE.

have a crafty weekend!


DIY Craft Desks

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today with some ideas for do-it-yourself craft/office desks. Did you know that you can make your own craft desk for a fraction of the price of purchasing a pre-made desk? And, there are so many options out there to choose from! I have some ideas for you that range from adding a top to a couple of cabinets, to DIY desks that require a little more assembly. For the desks that require measuring, cutting, and assembly, there are tutorials on the websites listed, so be sure to visit those sites for more information and instructions.

Desk with Alex Drawers from IKEA

IKEA products are so versatile, cost-effective, and easy to assemble. I just love coming across new ways to use their products. Shown below are the Alex drawers from IKEA and a wood table top. Could this desk get any easier? Castors were added to the bottoms of the drawers to make this desk mobile. With twelve large drawers for storage, this desk is a crafter’s dream.

Desk with Drawers

This is a similar concept to the desk above in that two cabinets of drawers were used as the base, but a glass table top was used as the desk top here. You could use any type of cabinets, as long as they are the same height and provide a comfortable sitting height.

Desk with Filing Cabinets

Another simple wood desk top, but this time, we have two standard filing cabinets below. Easy to put together and plenty of storage space in the filing cabinets.

Desk with Shelves

Here is more of a traditional type of crafter’s desk. IKEA components were used to create the desk unit, which leaves ample room for storage.

Pipe Desk

This interesting desk uses pipes as a base. You would need to be handy (or know someone that is) to create this desk, but it is a cost effective way to get a nice solid work station into your craft room.

Bar Stool Desk

Another simple desk idea using two bar stools and a wood-plank tabletop.

Sawhorse Desk

This pretty desk offers a ton of space! I would love to work on a desk of this size and spread my scrapbook layouts all over one side.

I hope that you have found some interesting ideas for your next desk. It doesn’t always have to cost a lot to get a new crafty station. By re-purposing some older items, you can create the desk of your dreams as well!


Product Review: IKEA’s ANTONIUS Insert

Hello, crafty friends! It’s Suzanne here today with a product review of IKEA’s ANTONIUS basket insert. I really love the versatility of this product and use it quite extensively in my own craft room… you may have noticed it in some of the pictures I posted a couple of weeks ago in my craft room tour, here. While this product was designed specifically to fit in the wire baskets of the ANTONIUS shelving/drawer system, there are many other uses for this basket insert, both in and out of the IKEA system.

My favorite part about this product is its $3.00 price tag! Although I find it quite long at 14 5/8″ x 9 1/2″ x 2 3/4″, if you can get the ANTONIUS to fit in your drawers, baskets, etc. then you will have the opportunity to get a really great organization piece at a very affordable price.


I searched the web to see how others were using the ANTONIUS basket insert and came across some great ideas! While most of the inserts were being used in the IKEA system for craft storage, there were also some unique uses that I would have never thought of myself. Let’s take a look…

Art Cart

Project Life Cards and Accessories

antonius 4

Source: Heidi Swapp

Craft Punches

Tools and Accessories

antonius 5

Source: Crafty Nest

Sewing: Thread and Accessories

antonius 7

Source: Linhart


In the Classroom

antonius - classroom

Source: Transform Ed

ANTONIUS Used 7 Different Ways!

What great ideas for using the ANTONIUS basket insert! I especially love the use of the insert in the pantry and fridge. I never thought of that! I hope that you have enjoyed a look at this versatile storage item and have access to an IKEA to pick some up right away! How do you use this product? Let us know in the comments below!


Contributor Craft Room Tour: Suzanne Webster-Lowrie

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today from I am so excited for today’s post, as I get a chance to share my very own craft room with all of you! I will probably always consider it a “work in progress,” as I add and delete new items, and try to match everything a bit better. However, it is well organized, functional, and utilizes a system that works for me! Also, I am a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant, which is yet another reason why my space has to be so functional, because it is not only for fun, but for business as well!

Since my blog has a TON of pictures showing my craft room (My Craft Space: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), I have selected a sampling of pictures for this post. Please feel free to visit my blog for a more in-depth look at my room!

This is my main desk area, where I do most of my scrapbooking, stamping, painting, etc. Within arms reach, I keep my basic supplies (scissors, glue, distressing tools, etc.), stamp pads and cleaners, markers and colored pencils, ready-made cards and envelope bases in white and off-white, ribbon, and some basic embellishments.

Craft room tour 8a.jpg

Directly opposite the main desk is what I like to call my “Cricut desk.” This desk holds an Expression 2 Cricut machine, a jar full of tools, a laptop computer, and a Canon Selphy picture printer. Oh yeah, there is a cute owl clipboard that I made as well… just for a pop of color for the picture!

Craft room tour 14a.jpg

Next to one of the windows, I have an IKEA 8-cubby storage unit. I have so many different types of things stored here, it would be hard to list them all. But perhaps most notable, the pink baskets on the top shelf hold some of my retired stamp sets. On top of the unit is my small ribbon storage. I wind the end pieces of ribbon around jumbo craft sticks.

Craft room tour 6a.jpg

I picked up these long pink baskets about 8 years or so ago at Walmart for $5 each. These baskets are the perfect size to hold my retired stamp sets that I plan to keep.

Craft room tour 36a.jpg

Above the storage unit, I keep this frame of cards. I made the frame myself by purchasing an old picture from Goodwill that had an ugly, but sturdy frame, and then re-purposing the frame with paint and crackle-medium. Very rustic!

The cards inside are switched out seasonally. Right now they feature fall / Thanksgiving cards, Christmas / Holiday cards, and the November Stamp of the Month.

Craft room tour 33a.jpg

On the other side of the window is the pegboard that I created earlier this year. As you can see, the board holds my decorative scissors, embellishments, a few tools, Mod Podge, and my embossing gun.

Craft room tour 4a.jpg

The final wall houses my very large IKEA 25-cubby storage unit, as well as my home-made paper rack. This large unit holds the majority of my scrapbooking supplies. All of my paper kits, pages in progress, albums in progress, vintage catalogs and retired paper colors have a home here. The paper rack holds all of my current CTMH papers, as well as my paper trimmers, craft mat, and score board on top.

Most of the storage in the middle section is from the Dollar Store. Trendy buckets, baskets and clear storage containers are both easy to find, and affordable. To see inside some of my storage containers, make sure to go to Part 3 of the craft room tour on my blog. The green and blue boxes are from Pioneer. I purchased them white and then painted them the colors in the my craft room to match.

Craft room tour 15a.jpg

Here is my entire collection of wooden rubber stamps! I’m sure that many of you have WAY more than this, but less than a year after I joined CTMH, they came out with the clear, unmounted stamps; therefore, I never really had time to amass a large quantity of rubber stamps.

Craft room tour 24a.jpg

And finally, here are my home-made sponge daubers. Although the quality is NOT great (they tend to tear and shred with continued use), I wanted so many of them that they have saved me a great deal of money over purchasing the name brand daubers. I use floral foam to hold them in place inside their containers.

Craft room tour 25a.jpg

Thank you so much for touring my craft room with me today! If you are interested in seeing a lot more pictures of this space, peeking inside some more of my boxes, or learning about my Craft Inventory Binder, then please join me over at my blog for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of the tour!


Ribba Picture ledges for small storage-DIY

I came across this great image on Here’s a link to this specific page.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 6.44.16 PM

These Ribba picture ledges are just the perfect shelving solution for small bottles such as Ranger Stickles, re-inkers and Distress Inks.


They come in black and white – personally I just love the white and think I shall have to incorporate some of these into my craft room.   A great idea would be to source some little jars or bottles that fit and have a rainbow of jars full of sequins – how lovely would that look against a white wall?! However, I won’t be asking my boyfriend to put the shelves up for me – his DIY skills leave a LOT to be desired!


Have a great day!






Craft Room: {Hello. I’m a Paper Addict}

November is here and it brought the cold weather with it. Hopefully you all are warm and cozy in your craft rooms and crafting away.

I’m sharing Cathy’s Hello. I’m a Paper Addict room with you today. She’s inspired a couple of our organizational posts but we haven’t shared her room with you yet.

Cathy is very into Project Life, Smashbook and Filofax and she’s taking full advantage of 2 Raskog carts to keep it all right at her fingertips!


Here’s a closeup of the tray holding her stamps. She found her’s at Home Goods but I see these all the time in second hand stores. Perfect for wood stamps.


Washi anyone? I thought I had an obsession. LOL. Cathy recommends the vareria box from Ikea for organization and has these across the back of her desk.


I hope you enjoyed these little snippets from Cathy’s craftroom. There’s lots more to see. HERE is the link to all these pics/posts and more details of the making of her room.


Happy Crafting!




Craft Room Tour: Buttons n’ Bows

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today, taking you on a tour of a stunning craft room! This beautiful room belongs to Babs, from the website Button n’ Bows. When I first saw this room, I was instantly drawn to it… the blue/grey walls, striking white furniture, ample storage space, and the cute little chandelier over the center desk. Just look at all that storage!

The center crafting area is made up of a table and two end units, all from IKEA. The desk was made counter height as Babs like to stand while creating. To the right of this desk is a comfortable sitting area for computer work. The desk and drawer unit are also from IKEA.

babs craft room 1

There is plenty more storage behind the center desk! The ribbon holders are actually storage units made for the pantry, but Babs found that they fit her ribbon collection perfectly. If you take a look at the furniture, you will see even more pieces from IKEA.

babs craft room 3

There are some adorable elements in this room, including all of the buttons and flowers, neatly tucked away in jars for a uniform look. The chandeliers and lamps, both real and vinyl, add such an elegant look and feel to this room.

babs craft room 9

The final section of the room holds Babs’ Cricut machine and supplies, stamp pads, and embellishments.  For a list of what’s included in the boxes, check out Babs post here. The boxes and furniture are also from IKEA.

babs craft room 2

Make sure to visit the Buttons n’ Bows website to read all about this amazing craft room. Thank you for joining us today at Craft Storage Ideas. I hope that you found some inspiration for your own crafting space!