Storage Solutions for your Paper Scraps

How many paper scraps can one crafter have?  That sounds kinda’  like “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck…”  And if you are like me, the battle with paper scraps really does go on and on.

There are so many things we could discuss about scraps.  Will you ever use those scraps?  If you won’t, will someone else?  Should you even bother keeping scraps?  Have you ever grabbed scraps from a fellow scrapper’s trash at a crop? How much time do you want to spend organizing leftovers? How big of a piece is actually considered a scrap and at what point is it so small that it actually needs to go in the trash/recycle bin?

I have definite opinions on all of those questions, but the biggest question, regardless of how big or little the scrap, is how to keep them organized!

How about using Sterilite drawers for easy access?  Amanda has lots of color categories to choose from!

Sterilite drawers hold scraps easily.

Lain Ehmann stores all of her cardstock scraps together in one big drawer.

Cardstock scraps all together in one big drawer.

 Totallycre8tive from the gallery uses a plastic rolling cart and colored pendaflexes to store her scraps.

A rolling cart and colored pendaflexes keep scraps organized!

For the budget conscious, how about converting Priority Mail boxes to hold scraps sorted into plastic bags?  Nicole from Coley’s Corner did just that!

Priority Mail boxes are perfect for holding scraps organized into plastic bags.

We’ve mentioned Betsy Veldman and her scrap storage solution in a previous post!

Scraps cut down and sorted by color!

And here is an easy solution from  Use an over the door shoe hanger to store scraps!

An over-the-door shoe organizer is perfect for holding scraps!

Are you inspired to organize your scraps yet?  Do you have an idea we haven’t seen?  We’d love to see your ideas!  Send us an email at and your idea might just show up in a future post!


  1. Beverly Becraft Blair says:

    How do I post a picture of how I keep my scrap paper and also my good card stock and designer paper? Would love to post. Thanks!

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    I don’t know we comprehended completely everything you meant by that, can you expand much more in paper scrap storage ?



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    [...] WorldWideWeb: Für alle, die schon immer eine Meerjungfrau sein wollten: Meerjungfrauen-Flossen zum Kaufen. Und ein paar schöne Ideen, seine Papiere zu sortieren. [...]

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