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Falalalalalalalala……. Happy Holidays, all!

Hi friends! It’s Noelle here today with a quick tip! I was SO very excited for wrapping presents this holiday season. I am a weirdo who enjoys buying and wrapping gifts, but for the last 8 years or so, I have wrapped presents on my very “glamorous” bedroom floor (not!).

Yes, amidst the latest baskets of clean laundry and dropped legos, I would sit, legs cramping, kept losing my tape, my pens, etc. Ugh! I was so very glad when I realized that THIS YEAR, due to my “new” (redesigned) craft room I had a lovely big flat standing height table to work on. Aaaaah. Such a relief for my poor back! ;)




So, I decided the easiest thing to do would be to bring all my supplies into the room and leave them there. Usually, I store my wrapping stuff in underbed storage boxes. I found this tall basket in my basement gathering dust and decided it would be perfect for holding gift wrap and bags.


I also found another divided basket in my basement, and I used it to store tags, twine, pens, scissors, and tape.



Maybe you can create a wrapping station somewhere in your home, too! We wish you a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa, and Festivus from all of us at CSI! We will be back after the holidays with more great storage ideas! :)

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Just One Tip: Magnetic Boards for Die Cut Storage

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today with a tip for storing magnetic dies cuts. While searching online, I found that the majority of pictures of magnetic die storage were with the magnetic sheets available on the market. Small dies are attached to the sheets, slipped in page protectors, and housed in a 3-ring binder. While this is a great storage option, I wanted to see what else I could find, and came across magnet boards.

Magnet boards come in a variety of sizes. And, for the really ambitious, you can also craft your own!

This beautiful board was custom made with wood, magnetic sheets, and pretty wrapping paper.

This magnetic board was created to fit right in with the decor!

This custom-piece was made with foam board and magnetic vent covers.

If you are short on space, or just do not like your dies in plain sight, here is a great solution with magnetic sheets inside cupboard doors.

And just for fun, here is a magnetic board covered in magnet stamps. Why stop at die cut storage?

If you are interested in making your own custom magnetic board like the ones shown, be sure to check out the blogs above as some of them have tips on how they made their storage solution!


Garden Craft Studio Progress

Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here. I thought I’d give a little update on progress (or lack of it really) on my own new craft space.

After all the mess and drama a few months back when I had the area levelled and paving slabs put down, I thought it wise to let the dust settle and get the garden back to normal before starting the next phase.   My boyfriend works from home, and we have a tiny house, so any building work and disruption is really inconvenient for him, so I’ve got to plan carefully. However, he’s recovered from the chaos of the summer, so I’m ready to order my building.

Here’s what the area looks like at the moment:



I wanted to wait until the area was level before deciding on the size for my new space as it was really hard to visualise it. You can just about see in this photo that I’ve chalked out some lines so I could physically walk around the outside and make sure that I left enough space to be able to get around all sides to paint the building, whilst getting the biggest building I could for the space.   I’m glad I did, because I had thought I’d have to go for a 10 x 12 building, but now it’s chalked out I realise that a 12 x 12 building will fit fine and still leave room to access all sides.

I’ve only got as far as a rough sketch on the design. I’ve decided a gable style roof will look nicest, and this will overhang at the front so that the windows need less cleaning!


I need to meet with the building supplier to discuss the placement of the doors and windows – I’m a little undecided about the door – from this sketch, I plan to have my desk directly under the windows so I’m looking out onto the garden, but I’m wondering if double doors might be more practical when it comes to installing the furniture. One thing I’m really keen to have is a skylight at the back right-hand corner so I can set an area up directly beneath it for photographing my projects.   Since there are fences either side of the building, I won’t have any windows at the sides or back which will maximise the wall space inside for shelving and storage units, but it does mean that without a skylight, the only light would be from the front of the building. I’ve kind of set my heart on having this extra light, so even if it’s expensive, I think it’s an essential part of the design.

Once I’ve placed the order for the building itself, I can start working on a floor plan and decide what furniture to have, which will be a very enjoyable part of the planning!

I’ll be back in a couple more months to share that stage with you :)


Heather Bailey’s Sugar Shop Studio

Hello all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts!  Today I’m here to share Heather Bailey’s studio, The Sugar Shop.  Let me show you why I love everything she does:


With a B.A. in Apparel Design and a knack for style, Heather has run successful businesses in both women and children’s accessories. She designs fabric, sewing patterns, paper craft supplies, stationery picnicware and houseware. Just click here to hop over to Heather’s shop and all will be revealed.

Now for her studio.  Like Heather’s designs, her studio is calm, serene, modern with a vintage feel and super workable.

Isaac Bailey Photography

The tall green work-island has a ton of storage, with cabinets and drawers on each side. The cabinets contain art papers, zippers, vintage linens, interfacings, unfinished quilt-tops and stationery. In one of the drawers Heather stores sketchbooks and rulers but the rest she keeps empty for quick clean-ups.

Isaac Bailey Photography

She repurposed a bookshelf by adding a base unit and repainting the poorly white washed  top part – now it’s a super dooper proper dresser where she stores her art supplies, sewing notions and wool felt.  The yellow boxes above hold less-frequently-used items, like velcro and grommets, linoleum blocks for stamp- carving, elastic and cording.

Most of her furniture is “homemade” – the cabinet,  computer table, sewing tabletop and shelves.


What I love most is her personal touches. Just Look at this turquoise mirror.  Read all about it in this post.


And she used grandmother’s old sewing notions to decorate the large frame resting on the ribbon shelf.

Isaac Bailey Photography

That’s it – Heather Bailey’s Sugar Shop Studio!! You can view her original post here and her Flickr photos here.  Please leave her a comment to say thanks for sharing with us.

As this is my last post for 2014, I would like to thank you all for reading my posts throughout the year. Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. See you again around Blogland early in 2015.


Product Review: IKEA’s ANTONIUS Insert

Hello, crafty friends! It’s Suzanne here today with a product review of IKEA’s ANTONIUS basket insert. I really love the versatility of this product and use it quite extensively in my own craft room… you may have noticed it in some of the pictures I posted a couple of weeks ago in my craft room tour, here. While this product was designed specifically to fit in the wire baskets of the ANTONIUS shelving/drawer system, there are many other uses for this basket insert, both in and out of the IKEA system.

My favorite part about this product is its $3.00 price tag! Although I find it quite long at 14 5/8″ x 9 1/2″ x 2 3/4″, if you can get the ANTONIUS to fit in your drawers, baskets, etc. then you will have the opportunity to get a really great organization piece at a very affordable price.


I searched the web to see how others were using the ANTONIUS basket insert and came across some great ideas! While most of the inserts were being used in the IKEA system for craft storage, there were also some unique uses that I would have never thought of myself. Let’s take a look…

Art Cart

Project Life Cards and Accessories

antonius 4

Source: Heidi Swapp

Craft Punches

Tools and Accessories

antonius 5

Source: Crafty Nest

Sewing: Thread and Accessories

antonius 7

Source: Linhart


In the Classroom

ANTONIUS Used 7 Different Ways!

What great ideas for using the ANTONIUS basket insert! I especially love the use of the insert in the pantry and fridge. I never thought of that! I hope that you have enjoyed a look at this versatile storage item and have access to an IKEA to pick some up right away! How do you use this product? Let us know in the comments below!


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Just One Tip: Storing glitter and embossing powders-mess free!

Hi, it’s Sharon here today to share with you a little tip for using glitters and embossing powders.

I know that a lot of you probably do the same as me and store your most used powders and glitters in larger tubs to save pouring them back into a small jar each time.   You might also use a spoon to pour the powder over your project which means that you have to fish the spoon out of the powder each time (and may end up pretty covered in it).

I noticed a few other crafters had got round this by using clips designed to manage cables and sticking them to the underside of the lid. I couldn’t find these in any of my local shops, but did discover these instead:


They are clear little hooks designed to hold up fairy lights/Christmas lights and I found they are just perfect for this job. They come in a pack of 6 and were relatively cheap. Mine were from Homebase in the UK, but you can get them on Amazon and various online suppliers.


The hook holds my spoon nice and firmly and keeps it out of the glitter.

As you can see, I use a pretty large tub for my glitter so that I can hold my card right in the tub as I sprinkle the glitter on, that way I don’t get any stray glitter on my desk.



Maybe this tip will help you, too! Have a great day!



Crafting: It Does Go to Your Brain