Craft Storage Round Up: Framelit and Spellbinder Storage

Hello crafters!  Kim here to share ideas for storing your Framelits, Nestabilities and Spellbinder dies.  I’ve been saving these ideas on a Pinterest board and I have actually tried 3 of them!  Don’t you just love all of the clever ideas that crafters share?  My favorite ideas always involve the storage ideas that also include a craft project!

By far the most pinned idea involved some kind of magnetic sheets or strips to hold the framelits in some way.  There are just so many creative variations on this idea!  Many people recommend magnetic vent covers or magnetic picture sheets that you can purchase for just a couple of dollars at your local pharmacy or hardware store.

The first idea comes from Jayne Stamps.  She uses magnetic sheets on the inside of her craft cabinet doors.  Personally, I drooled over this picture.  She has an entire cabinet devoted to her various dies.  Just looking at it makes me happy!


I found several ideas using these binders with the clear sleeves.  This one uses magnetic sheets to hold the framelits in place inside the plastic sleeves.  This idea comes from Sharing What I Love with  Tami Chronowski.

craft storage ideas framelit storage

I’ve tried this one and I found the binder didn’t close that well after adding a few sets of framelits.  Many people use this successfully and it fits great on your shelf or craft table.

The next idea comes from Leigh O’Brien at Sunflower Studios.  She cleverly uses a magnetic white board with magnetic clips.  This is beautifully organized with tags to label the various sets.

Another clever idea that will store easily is to use DVD cases or clear stamp cases sold by Stampin’ Up!  This idea was shared by Beth Crocker of Southern Inkerbelles.  She showed two ideas.  In one picture she shows how she stores the framelits in the case with the coordinating stamp set.  In the other, she shows how she stores them in their original envelope.  In both cases, I love how she uses her Designer Papers to make it prettier!  This is also a great way to use your leftover scraps of paper!

You can see that she has a magnetic sheet behind the designer paper in both cases!

framelit storage round up


Our own Amanda Corbet from Crafting Creations shared her scathingly brilliant idea (I love that description Amanda!) of using a frame that she painted, magnetic sheets and some pretty paper.   It looks like art and I bet it looks great in the room too.  If you are anything like me, you like to have things out where you can see them so that you remember that you have them…you will actually use them too!


Finally, there are several box and drawer storage ideas that hold the framelits in the original envelope.  You can see that some people have created their own boxes while others use purchased boxes.  Adding labels and tabs makes it easier to find what you’re looking for as you thumb through the box of framelits.

I love this one with the handmade box shared by Sam Donald from Pootles.  She includes a video tutorial to show how she created them!  This is a fun idea.  When you need room to grow, you can just create another box as your stash grows.

framelits handmade box

Karen from Still Young and Croppin’ shared this great file box storage idea.  She has several more pictures on her site with a wonderful description of the components that she used to create this system.  Don’t you love the labels?  You can so easily find what you’re looking for without pulling them all out!

framelits Spellbinder Storage (2)

There are so many clever ideas, that it’s truly difficult to pick one!  You just have to find one that works with your space, your budget and your crafting style.

We would love to hear how you store your framelits, Spellbinders and Nestabilities!  Please leave a comment below and let us know what’s working for you!

Thank you for stopping by!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner

Just One Tip: File Cabinet Makeover

Cicily here with a quick, just one tip for you today. If you like to peruse second hand stores, chances are you come across your fare share of metal file cabinets, usually at a steal! Why not give it a makeover and turn it into craft storage?

Here’s a cute one with an entire tutorial for the chalkboard makeover at Design Improvised.

Just think of all the craft supplies you can stuff organize in here! LOL

This is my final post with CSI. I’m going to miss posting for you all but I feel after 2 years it’s time for me to move on. Thank you so much to all you crafty organizers!


Craft Room Tour – Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Hi dear readers! It’s Amanda here and I am super excited to share this wonderful craft studio with you today. Tracy Weinzapfel is an absolutely amazing artist! I’ve been following her blog and tuning in on Mixed Media Monday’s for some time now. Her artwork is just amazing! So lets take a look into her space where she creates her beautiful works of art.

Tracy’s command central is this fantastic center island. Look at all those wonderful drawers! So much storage in one handy piece of furniture! On the table top she has a large piece of glass to protect the table top from paints. Not to mention… look at all those storage drawers in the background. Talk about taking advantage of every square inch!

At one end of the room Tracy really has maximized her storage by using up all the vertical space right up to the ceiling. I love how she has her paint stored on the rails of the right wall. You can find more information about that genius storage solution here.

Just outside the studio doors Tracy has these wonderful floating shelves to display recent works of art. How awesome is it to decorate with things you have created?! So cool!

I just love this photo…. (*sigh*). Nuff said.

Tracy is a wonderfully entertaining artist. She has regular videos sharing her Mixed Media Monday sessions where she paints live for an hour. Many viewers paint along with her and share their works on the facebook page. So make sure you hop on over to her blog and take a poke around. She creates some seriously awesome artwork. You can also view more photos of Tracy’s studio by following this handy-dandy link.



It’s called “Mod Podge”


Daring DIY: Bold Scrapbook Rooms

Hello, It’s Suzanne here today from Lately, I’ve become a little bored with the color of my scrapbook room walls. In fact, I have been thinking about painting them… a bold color! While searching around the web to see what other creative people have done with their spaces, I came across some amazingly bold scrapbook rooms. Since painting is something that many of us do ourselves, I thought that this would make a great Daring DIY segment!

This first room is a vibrant pink. Not only are the walls bold and daring, but the pink accessories to highlight the space are just stunning. As someone who enjoys the color pink, I really love this space.

scrap paint 1


Here are a couple of very creative walls! The colors and patterns complement one another, and the window art is exceptionally bright and colorful.

scrap paint 4


A calm, serene blue is always a nice choice. Since scrapbooking and crafting are generally relaxing, this color sets the mood and tone for creative time.

scrap paint 8


The green color of this next room is also very calming and earthy. The red and white accent pieces are a nice touch.

scrap paint 3


Wow, these yellow walls are just so fun! Just as bright and bold as can be, this would be a very sunny and happy place to create.

scrap paint 5


These light blue/turquoise walls are another calming color for a very busy room.

scrap paint 2


I couldn’t resist adding another pink room! This room is pink all over, including the ceiling! Definitely for the girly-girl in all of us.

scrap paint 7


These rooms are so beautiful, it makes my job of deciding on a paint color even more difficult! Have you recently painted your craft room? What color did you choose?


Craft Room Tour – Hand to Paper, Regina Easter

Hi everyone it’s Sharon here, and today I’d like to share one of my favourite craft studios, belonging to the very talented Regina Easter of Hand to Paper.

What I love most about Regina’s room is that she manages to have a lot of stuff on display, but still manages to create a clean, organised look.  It’s very easy when you have open shelving like this for everything to look cluttered and the colour scheme not appear cohesive, but Regina pulls it off, and her cheerful colour scheme just ties it all together and it looks amazing.


I really like her central island for working.   This is what I am missing in my current temporary room.  I find that die cutting and stamping are so much easier when standing up.   A lovely Island like this one is top of my shopping list.

And look at this amazing ribbon storage:

Regina has an amazing amount of photos here on her Flickr pages, you can see all the updates she’s made for her room since these pics, and if you want to check out her blog page with full details about her room, you can find it here.

Hope you’ve enjoyed joining me for this tour of Regina’s gorgeous room.




Quilling Strips Storage Round-Up

Hi, Jessica here!  I realize that today’s post might seem to be best suited for a very specific subset of crafters but I think the storage options can be applied to other craft supplies, especially bits of ribbon, twine, or thread!

If you don’t know what quilling is, it’s the art of rolling thin strips of paper into designs.  It is a STUNNING art form and I can easily get lost for hours searching Pinterest for quilling ideas.

Source –

I enjoy experimenting with quilling and I’ve acquired quite a collection of paper strips.  Over the holiday weekend I started looking for ideas for storing my supplies and I found some fabulous options I’m going to share with you today!

Paper Zen has several great ideas for storing paper strips of various sizes, lengths, and shapes:

Source -

Source –

Source -

Source –

Cheryl uses straight pins and a bulletin board to store her paper strips which makes it really easy to see all of the colors available to her!

Source -

Source –

Julie created a storage unit from a cereal box and uses it so store quilling strips that she cuts herself from recycled paper!

Source -

Source –

Sarah uses binder clips and plastic command hooks to store her strips on her wall!

Source -

Source –

Tracy stores her strips using t-pins and a decorative board.

Source -

Source –

And finally, Quilled Creations stores strips using binder rings and the result is beautiful but compact!

Again, if quilling isn’t your thing you could easily apply these organizational methods to ribbons or twine but, at the very least, I hope my post will inspire you to check out quilling!

Thanks for visiting!

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Just a few Tips: Planner Stash Storage

Hello fellow craft storage enthusiasts!!

It’s Hazel all the way from Sunny SA here with you today to share the background to my Planner Storage solution. In the end I opted for a file to keep everything together and off my workspace. Remember, I shared it in last month’s Craft Storage Ideas Planner Blog Hop??

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Today I’ll share the wonderful Planner Storage ideas that I found while working on my Planner File.  First up is a beautiful wooden box. If I had desk space, this would have been the one for me.


LINK (scrolll down in the post to get to this pic)

Another desktop version:



I found this pic on Belinda Selene’s website.

My usual thing: Plastic and out of dust’s way.




What about repurposing a beauty organizer from Target?



Can you believe it? A Tool Caddie!



What about a hanging jewellery organizer for your sticky note stash?



And last but not least a video showing Belinda Selene’s stack of drawers to house her Planner stash.    Oh. I love her stuff!! ENJOY!!

That’s it. I’m off to Planner Planet. Thanks for joining me today on the Craft Storage Ideas Blog. Have a GREAT day!


Happy Easter from all of us at CSI!

Happy Easter, CSI readers! We are giving our Contributors this week off to enjoy the holiday with their families, deadline-free! Here’s a little Easter funny for you. Of course, we are kidding, we’d never harass a poor little bunny. Even for yarn! :)


Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 4.02.32 PM


Have a wonderful holiday!


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