Craft Storage: Recycle, Re-purpose & Re-use: Locker Love

Craft Storage: Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Use – Locker Love
Craft storage inspiration is everywhere…even in schools!

Hello, fellow craft storage enthusiasts,

Once again it’s Hazel, all the way from sunny South Africa (SA) here with you today.

About a year ago I did a post for Craft Storage Ideas on Ali Edwards’ studio.

What I loved most about her room was this:

Craft Storage Ideas Post: Ali Edwards' Studio Lockers (image)

Craft Storage Ideas Post: Ali Edwards’ Studio Lockers

Craft Storage Ideas Post: Ali Edwards’ Studio


As both our “boys” are all grown up and “sorted,” we are seriously downsizing.

Even though we don’t need that much living space, I’m still a HUGE crafter and my husband is a DIY fanatic.

This means utilizing every possible space in a pretty and effective way.

Another important thing to me is to recycle, reuse and re-purpose.

Today I’m sharing re-purposed storage lockers with you.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and hop along through Pinterest and Blogland with me.

In this HomeTalk post on re-purposing lockers you can read all about the transformation of these old-school lockers:

Craft Storage Ideas: HomeTalk Shares How-To for Re-Purposing Storage Lockers (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: HomeTalk Shares How-To for Re-Purposing Storage Lockers

HomeTalk Post on Re-Purposing Lockers

Oh, I just LOVE red!!!

Craft Storage Ideas: Apartment Therapy Post on Using Lockers for Storage

Craft Storage Ideas: Apartment Therapy Post on Using Lockers for Storage

Apartment Therapy Post on Locker Storage Ideas

What about Blackboard Paint?

Storage and notice board all in one:

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture

The Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture

Be sure to check out ALL of the ideas they shared – Steph’s drooling over the library drawer cabinets!

Just look at this colorful set of lockers!

Craft Storage Ideas: Carrie Murtha's Idea for Re-Purposing Lockers (via Flickr) (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Carrie Murtha’s Idea for Re-Purposing Lockers (via Flickr)

Carrie Murtha’s Flickr Stream

Even if your junkyard-find has lost some of it’s doors through the years, or you don’t care for the doors, all is not lost:

Craft Storage Ideas: Jamie Scott (Caught in Grace Blog) Repainted Locker Share (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Jamie Scott (Caught in Grace Blog) Repainted Locker Share

Jamie Scott (Caught in Grace Blog) Repainted Locker Share

I love these stenciled numbers!

You will see that I’m going to use this idea!!

Craft Storage Ideas: Stylish Patina's Re-Purposed Lockers Ideas (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Stylish Patina’s Re-Purposed Lockers Ideas

Stylish Patina Re-Purposed Lockers Ideas

Even if your lockers have lost ALL of their doors, here’s an idea:

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture - Locker Idea #2 (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture – Locker Idea #2

The Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture – Locker Idea #2

And if you don’t have wall space to fit a whole set of lockers, a coffee table version can add extra storage:

Craft Storage Ideas: ArtspaceIndustrial (Etsy Seller) Re-Purposed Vintage Locker Coffee Table (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: ArtspaceIndustrial (Etsy Seller) Re-Purposed Vintage Locker Coffee Table

ArtspaceIndustrial (Etsy Seller) Re-Purposed Vintage Locker Coffee Table

That’s it from me.

I hope you enjoyed our locker-love appointment.

You are welcome to check my Instagram feed to see when my lockers are stuffed with all the fabric in my stash.

Until we meet again, have fun, store your stash and if you have ideas to share, use #craftstorageideasblog on Instagram / leave a comment – we’d love to see what you do!!


Craft Storage Ideas: Hazel Hamman, Contributor (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Hazel Hamman, Contributor

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Craft Storage Round Up: Framelit and Spellbinder Storage

Hello crafters!  Kim here to share ideas for storing your Framelits, Nestabilities and Spellbinder dies.  I’ve been saving these ideas on a Pinterest board and I have actually tried 3 of them!  Don’t you just love all of the clever ideas that crafters share?  My favorite ideas always involve the storage ideas that also include a craft project!

By far the most pinned idea involved some kind of magnetic sheets or strips to hold the framelits in some way.  There are just so many creative variations on this idea!  Many people recommend magnetic vent covers or magnetic picture sheets that you can purchase for just a couple of dollars at your local pharmacy or hardware store.

The first idea comes from Jayne Stamps.  She uses magnetic sheets on the inside of her craft cabinet doors.  Personally, I drooled over this picture.  She has an entire cabinet devoted to her various dies.  Just looking at it makes me happy!


I found several ideas using these binders with the clear sleeves.  This one uses magnetic sheets to hold the framelits in place inside the plastic sleeves.  This idea comes from Sharing What I Love with  Tami Chronowski.

craft storage ideas framelit storage

I’ve tried this one and I found the binder didn’t close that well after adding a few sets of framelits.  Many people use this successfully and it fits great on your shelf or craft table.

The next idea comes from Leigh O’Brien at Sunflower Studios.  She cleverly uses a magnetic white board with magnetic clips.  This is beautifully organized with tags to label the various sets.

Another clever idea that will store easily is to use DVD cases or clear stamp cases sold by Stampin’ Up!  This idea was shared by Beth Crocker of Southern Inkerbelles.  She showed two ideas.  In one picture she shows how she stores the framelits in the case with the coordinating stamp set.  In the other, she shows how she stores them in their original envelope.  In both cases, I love how she uses her Designer Papers to make it prettier!  This is also a great way to use your leftover scraps of paper!

You can see that she has a magnetic sheet behind the designer paper in both cases!

framelit storage round up


Our own Amanda Corbet from Crafting Creations shared her scathingly brilliant idea (I love that description Amanda!) of using a frame that she painted, magnetic sheets and some pretty paper.   It looks like art and I bet it looks great in the room too.  If you are anything like me, you like to have things out where you can see them so that you remember that you have them…you will actually use them too!


Finally, there are several box and drawer storage ideas that hold the framelits in the original envelope.  You can see that some people have created their own boxes while others use purchased boxes.  Adding labels and tabs makes it easier to find what you’re looking for as you thumb through the box of framelits.

I love this one with the handmade box shared by Sam Donald from Pootles.  She includes a video tutorial to show how she created them!  This is a fun idea.  When you need room to grow, you can just create another box as your stash grows.

framelits handmade box

Karen from Still Young and Croppin’ shared this great file box storage idea.  She has several more pictures on her site with a wonderful description of the components that she used to create this system.  Don’t you love the labels?  You can so easily find what you’re looking for without pulling them all out!

framelits Spellbinder Storage (2)

There are so many clever ideas, that it’s truly difficult to pick one!  You just have to find one that works with your space, your budget and your crafting style.

We would love to hear how you store your framelits, Spellbinders and Nestabilities!  Please leave a comment below and let us know what’s working for you!

Thank you for stopping by!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner

Quilling Strips Storage Round-Up

Hi, Jessica here!  I realize that today’s post might seem to be best suited for a very specific subset of crafters but I think the storage options can be applied to other craft supplies, especially bits of ribbon, twine, or thread!

If you don’t know what quilling is, it’s the art of rolling thin strips of paper into designs.  It is a STUNNING art form and I can easily get lost for hours searching Pinterest for quilling ideas.

Source –

I enjoy experimenting with quilling and I’ve acquired quite a collection of paper strips.  Over the holiday weekend I started looking for ideas for storing my supplies and I found some fabulous options I’m going to share with you today!

Paper Zen has several great ideas for storing paper strips of various sizes, lengths, and shapes:

Source -

Source –

Source -

Source –

Cheryl uses straight pins and a bulletin board to store her paper strips which makes it really easy to see all of the colors available to her!

Source -

Source –

Julie created a storage unit from a cereal box and uses it so store quilling strips that she cuts herself from recycled paper!

Source -

Source –

Sarah uses binder clips and plastic command hooks to store her strips on her wall!

Source -

Source –

Tracy stores her strips using t-pins and a decorative board.

Source -

Source –

And finally, Quilled Creations stores strips using binder rings and the result is beautiful but compact!

Again, if quilling isn’t your thing you could easily apply these organizational methods to ribbons or twine but, at the very least, I hope my post will inspire you to check out quilling!

Thanks for visiting!

jessica CSI signature

Punch Storage Roundup

Hello! It’s Amanda here today and I want to share with you some ideas for storing all your punches. There are so many different styles and fun patterns of punches out there and they are easy to use. But storing them is not always so easy. They tend to be heavy or bulky. So what’s a crafty gal to do? Well… here are some suggestions.
It’s a little hard to tell here, but this lucky stamper has her paper punches all stored in Stamp-N-Storage organizers at the back of her work station. If you want to take a closer look into this amazing stamp room you can check out Mary’s videos here.
Stampin up stamp it up craft room storage organization punch paper card stock 12 x 12 ink caddy marker studio my idea
Deb from Deb’s Stamp Pad  shows how these handy Stamp-N-Storage organizers can be hung on the wall to free up some desk space and still keep those punches handy.
Terri at Nuts About Stamping shows that a plastic bin is great for tucking away the slim style punches.
Or you can keep them in a drawer like this crafter.
Some Ikea rails make an appearance in this crafter’s space. These rails make great use of vertical space and help store any style of punch!
Here is another Ikea find in action. This handy letter tray is meant for use in the office, but it is really put to great use in this craft room!
This crafter uses some long Bygel rails from Ikea as well as a couple shelves to store her punch collection. What a selection!
Blog Punches 2
How about these awesome over the door storage racks from Sugar Land Scrapper? Wow they sure hold a lot.
Well hopefully I’ve given you a few good ideas for whipping those punches up into shape and keeping them organized.
Now…. where did I put that flower punch? I know it’s somewhere in one of these drawers. Hmm….Guess I better get to work on my own punch storage!

Planner Stamp Round-up!

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m going to do a variation of a storage solution round-up in honor of our upcoming planner blog hop!  I thought it would be fun to compile a list of all the planner stamps that are currently available.  Individualizing your planner has become huge these days and it’s so great to see stamp companies embracing the planner revolution by offering stamps specifically tailored for planners.  Many companies have even gone a step further offering dies to cut tabs or stamps for families, fitness, and more!

I hope you’ll discover a new must-have stamp set or discover a new-to-you company!  If you know of a set I’ve left off the list, please let me know in the comments!  I’ve just featured one stamp set from each company so make sure you visit the links as some of these companies have more than one planner set.  Also, you’ll get an up close review of a few of these sets next week during the hop plus the opportunity to win some! :)

Scheduled (The Ton)*

Fit Planning (V's Sweet Ideas)

Fit Planning (V’s Sweet Ideas)*

Life Planning (Simon Says Stamp)*

To-Do List (Hero Arts)

To-Do List (Hero Arts)

Planner Basics (My Favorite Things)

Planner Basics (My Favorite Things)

Moments Inked: Blog Banners (Papertrey Ink)

Moments Inked: Blog Banners (Papertrey Ink)

Stay Focused (Waffle Flower)

Stay Focused (Waffle Flower)

Plan Baby (Sweet Stamp Shop)

Plan Baby (Sweet Stamp Shop)

Financial Plans (Studio L2E

Financial Plans (Studio L2E)

PlanNERD (Bella Creationz)

PlanNERD (Bella Creationz)

Marion Smith Planner Stamps (Junque and Gems)

Marion Smith Planner Stamps (Junque and Gems)

Pretty Planners (Inspired By Stamping)

Pretty Planners (Inspired By Stamping)

School Days (Annie's Paper Boutique)

School Days (Annie’s Paper Boutique)

*These sets will be reviewed in-depth next week during the blog hop! :)

Whew, just looking at all of those stamps makes me want to get more organized!  Again, if you have a favorite planner set that I’ve left off please let me know in the comments and I’ll add it to the round-up!  Thanks for visiting and make sure you come back next week for the hop!

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Dollar Store Craft Organization

It’s Cicily with a quick roundup for you today. Recently I happened to wander into a Dollar Store, the kind where the items really are only a dollar.

The first item to catch my eye was these sugar jars. I have been wanting to add a few to my collection of 1. They are perfect for storing twine and ribbon.



There’s lots of vases, jars, canisters and even salt and pepper shakers for your glitter!



Shoeboxes are clear and perfect for storing items and stacking them on shelves or in closets.



How about some baskets, bowls and lots of open containers for all your do-dads.

DS bowls


And check out these wire baskets of all shapes and sizes.



Best of all, these items are only $1!!!!


Personal Planner Love

Hello, Hazel here to share some organization with you. It’s a brand new year and I hope you are keeping up with those New Year’s resolutions. And what a better way than a Personal Planner. To get you on Planner Planet, have a look at this video from Belinda Selene.

My planner is not only used to keep HQ Hamman on track but I love to use the leftovers from my scrap table to “zuss” it up a bit and it seems that the pages are always too small so …………. I add some pretty cardstock. When I page through, it always puts a smile on my face!

What do you do?  Keep your Planner goodies separate from your scrap stash where you have it on hand 24/7 or do you just make it up as you go?  I find that it works very well to have everything in a caddy / folder as I work all over the show (house / office / while traveling) and hate searching for stuff. Make yourself a cup of tea and let’s stroll through Blogland to see what others do.

First up, a bit of inspiration from Nadia van der Mescht Remember her???



And a great idea from It’s my Life – use boxes to put together your Planner station! Nothing that beats a bit of recycling.



 What about a handbag organizer for stickers and tags?



Adding your goodies to your planner:



And a fabric bag for your pens from a bowl full of lemons:

penne sakkie


On Etsy I found the “on the go” Planner goodie bag:



 And even plastic containers looks neat while keeping your goods separate.

plastiek bakke

LINK (ex Pinterest)

Now that you know what’s out there on Planner Planet, you can drink your tea and think up a storm about what system would best suit your needs. Before I go …………………………….. me and my fellow contributors will be back on Planner Planet as we are doing a Bloghop in March to share our systems. As always, it’s going to be LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of fun.

Thanks for visiting Planner Planet with me today. Have a great week and please leave me some comments – I would love to hear what works for you.


Storage Solution Roundup: Beads

Hello, it’s Suzanne here today with a Storage Solution Roudup for your bead supply. Not only do we have a lot of beads around our house for friendship bracelets and other types of jewelry making, but I occasionally use beads in my paper crafting projects! Although I do not have a large collection, I’ll bet that some of you do.

While searching online for various bead storage solutions, I came across a myriad of neat ideas. First off, there are plenty of storage containers that you can purchase that are already made for bead storage. I won’t feature any of those, because they are the obvious go-to choice. However, I have a few more suggestions from purchased products to do-it-yourself items.

Here is a gem jar tray that can be used for any small items. I really like all of the clear solutions that I found, as beads can be so colorful and shapely, and deserve to be seen. This storage solution separates the beads nicely and let’s you see through both the containers and larger box that holds it all together.

These pretty little re-purposed spice jars on a rack hold everything neatly in place. You can place the rack on a wall, behind a door, or in a cabinet.

The pop of color in this wall-mounted display is really eye-catching! It is so pretty to look at, I’m not sure if I would ever want to use the beads inside the containers!

This magnetic storage solution utilizes small, plastic SOLO cups, like you receive with your take-out food. A small magnet is attached to the back of each container, and then stuck onto a magnetic board.

If you don’t have the space for a large, wall-mounted magnetic board, how about under shelf storage?  Simply attach a magnetic strip under your shelf or counter, and a magnet to the lid of each jar. Voila! Instant bead storage!

Here is another re-purposed storage solution; baby food jars. Baby food jars can be used for so many items. I really like the uniformity here, with the same sized jars and same colored lids.

Here is a real gem! This old trunk case was re-purposed into a creative station, complete with attached bead jars. Beads and other small items are stored in the jars, which are attached to the back by magnets. How, you say? Well, there is actually a cookie sheet glued to the back of the case, covered in old dictionary paper, and then each jar has a magnet glued to the back of it! There is a FULL tutorial on how Amy made this case over on her blog. Be sure to check out her great ideas.

Thank you for joining us here at CSI today. I hope that you have found some inspiring ideas to use for your own storage solution.


Recipe Organization & Silhouette bundle deal

Hi friends! It’s Noelle today stopping in to show you my latest and greatest. This is not craft storage, but recipe storage which is almost as good, right? Besides, I got to get crafty MAKING this binder, so I think it counts. 😉


I used to have a recipe box. It was just not functional for me. It was too full and I’d end up having to take out all the cards just to flip through them. I think this will work a lot better for me, and I am storing it with my cookbooks.

I used this “Favorite Recipes” cut file to cut the vinyl on the cover and the spine of my notebook.


Inside I arranged the recipes in plastic pages with pockets. I like that I will be able to wipe them off if they get grease or sauce splattered on them. I used the same sections I’d had in my box, and made a divider for each section of recipes. I used the frame from the cut file above, and the sweetpea font for the words.




Silhouette is running a great bundle on the Portrait this month! Use our coupon code STORAGE to get this pricing at checkout! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 12.43.37 PM


Thank you for stopping by CSI today!




Storage Solution Roundup: Cricut Cartridges

Hello crafty friends! This is Suzanne with a look at Cricut cartridge storage solutions today. There are so many options out there to neatly store your overflowing stock of cartridges. Some of those solutions are ready-to-go binders and bins specifically made for the cartridges. However, if you are looking for a little Do-It-Yourself project, or to save some money on storage, I have some crafty resources for you that I came across while searching the web. Hopefully you will get some inspiration from a couple of them to make your own storage!

The first storage solution utilizes two boxes: one for the cartridges and an additional box for the manuals. For the cartridges, empty baby food containers were hot glued together to fit perfectly inside the box! Each container holds 4 Cricut cartridges, for ample storage. The manuals are stored separately and are categorized by alphabet.


For clear container storage, this ingenious solution uses clear boxes meant for ribbon, and some pre-cut and fit plastic canvas. The cartridges and tools are stored in one box, and the bulky manuals are stored in another.


This clear storage box holds small, labeled containers with the name of each Cricut cartridge. This system would make it so easy to return your cartridges to the proper spot for maximum organization!


These Cricut items are individually sealed in clear zipper bags and then all stored inside of an acrylic container meant for sweaters! With the clear storage and labels, this is also an easy way to stay organized.


So, what about the original Cricut boxes? From the majority of blogs that I have read, most crafters tend to keep the boxes that their cartridges come in and store them elsewhere.  Or, there is always the option of storing the boxes and cartridges in the same area. If you notice in the picture below, the boxes are all neatly lined up on the shelf, but there is a small container of cartridges on the bottom shelf that have been re-stored. Perhaps these are the most used cartridges that need to be accessed quickly and efficiently, or taken to on-the-go crops.


Although these are all great Cricut cartridge storage options, the trick is finding a solution that works for you. Depending on how many cartridges you own, the choice may be clear!