Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Members

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Members
Check out the creative spaces from some of your favorite crafters, American Crafts’ design team members!

Hello, fellow storage enthusiasts!

It’s Hazel here to share a few posts over at the American Crafts blog that took my fancy.

They had a Scrap Space week!

Each of their design team members had a chance to share their happy craft spaces.

I was so excited, I got up a bit earlier on the days that I had appointments to read all about it before I had to be on my way.

Let’s start with Gina Lideros and her description of her happy place:

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Members - Gina Lideros (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gina Lideros

Source: American Crafts

Her favorite items for storage are an Expedit bookcase, her custom-made desk and Raskog cart from IKEA.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Gina Lideros' Custom-Made Craft Desk (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gina Lideros‘ Custom-Made Craft Desk

Source: Gina Lideros

I totally agree!

I especially love the desk with a total of 18 storage baskets (nine on each side) that her husband built.

Read Gina’s post for American Crafts or hop over to Gina‘s blog to say hello.


The next American Crafts design team member is Heather Leopard and here is what she says about her creative space:

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Heather Leopard (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Heather Leopard

Source: American Crafts

She and her hubby just remodeled her scrap space.

It’s functional and organized with no clutter.

There is even a dedicated space for her children so they can create together.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Heather Leopard's Newly Remodeled Craft Space (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Heather Leopard‘s Newly Remodeled Craft Space

Source: Heather Leopard

I love her color scheme – SO tranquil with just a pop of colour.

Read Heather’s blog post for American Crafts and hop over to Heather‘s blog to say hello.

Next stop: Nicole Samuels

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Nicole Samuels (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Nicole Samuels

Source: American Crafts

Nicole uses her family’s bonus / play room to scrap.

Her Expedit bookcase is used as a room divider,which gives a little separation between her stuff and the kids’ area while still allowing her to be part of the action.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Nicole Samuel's Expedit Bookcase (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Nicole Samuel’s Expedit Bookcase

Source: Nicole Samuels

I’m a part-of-the-action crafter myself so this makes a lot of sense to me.

Now I only have to get IKEA to open a shop down under in Sunny South Africa and I’ll be sorted!

Read Nicole’s post for American Crafts and hop over to Nicole‘s blog to say hello.

Let’s see what Gillion Nelson has up her sleeve.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Gillian Nelson (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gillian Nelson

Source: Gillian Nelson

Gillian and her husband share opposite sides of an IKEA desk.

There’s lots of natural light and it looks calm and serene even though she claims that it is not representative of her reality.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team - Gillian Nelson's "Shared" Desk (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Gillian Nelson‘s “Shared” Desk

Source: Gillian Nelson

I share an office with my husband and I can tell you this, mine isn’t nearly as neat as hers, nor does it have the beautiful, light, airy and creative feel that I see in her pictures.

Read Gillian’s post for American Crafts and hop over to Gillian‘s blog to say hello.

And I saved the best (in my opinion) for last – Ashley Horton.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour: American Crafts Design Team Member - Ashley Horton (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Ashley Horton

Source: American Crafts

She uses part of her bedroom as her craft space.

Even though she would love to have a dedicated room, this currently works very well for her and everything is neatly sorted and on-hand.

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour - American Crafts Design Team Member - Ashley Horton's Bedroom Craft Storage (image)

Craft Storage: Craft Room Tour – American Crafts Design Team Member – Ashley Horton‘s Bedroom Craft Storage

Source: Ashley Horton

Not everyone is fortunate to have a separate scrap space and I love to see people who don’t have a dedicated space make this situation work for them.

Ashley used what she had on hand and I love how she incorporated her stash in her everyday living space. Well done Ashley!

Read Ashley’s post for American Crafts and hop over to Ashley’s blog to say hello.

Now let’s have a bit of fun!!

If you’ve hopped along to all the American Crafts design team member’s scrap spaces,
let’s see if you can tell us what “tool” each and every one of them uses.

Let us know what you like about these craft spaces,
and tell us what tool each AC designer uses,
and we’ll enter you in a drawing
for a $25 gift card…
from IKEA!

Entry Deadline:
Midnight (central, GMT-5),
Sunday, August 23, 2015

That’s it!!

I loved visiting not one, but a whole design team’s scrap spaces in one go.

Make sure you leave comments on their posts over at the American Crafts blog as well as on their individual blogs.

Being on a design team is LOTS of work and sharing their intimate spaces with us is awesome.

Thank you for visiting Craft Storage Ideas today.

Have a GREAT day and please come back to see what my fellow contributors and I have to share right here.

And when you get a chance, stop by my blog, Play As U Go, and say hello,



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Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby, Take II

Craftroom Organization: Unique Storage Ideas – Hobby Lobby, Take II
Unique Storage Ideas – more ideas for your craft room and craft supplies!

How many of you have enjoyed our Unique Storage Ideas posts?

Are you looking for something “unique” for your craft room or art studio?

A single item to add some character or to inspire the “theme” of your creative space?

Or, maybe a collection of items to create a fresh look and feel for your space?

Well, we’ve got more!


Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Cigar Boxes (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Cigar Boxes

We’re sharing more non-traditional storage solutions, all in an effort to help you love your space and make you more productive when you’re in it.

How do great storage ideas help with productivity?

Well, when you love your space, you want to be in it, right?

And when you can easily find – and put away – your tools and supplies, you have more time for creating!

The following items were spotted at a Minnesota Hobby Lobby I visited during my travels and I thought you might like to check them out.

Perhaps they’re just what you’re looking for and you can find them at your local store.

Or, maybe they’ll spark an idea – perhaps a way to re-purpose something you have on hand, or to inspire you to start hunting for a similar solution, one that’s ideal for what you need to organize and store!

Now again, we know there’ll be at least a few of you who don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, or who may not be able to find these exact items at your local store.

We’re sharing these simply to give you ideas about how you can use unique storage items and furnishings that are not specific to craft room and/or crafting supply organization, items that could liven up your space, give it a little pizzazz!

And if you do have a local store that carries one or more of these items, and it’d/they’d be ideal for your needs, well that’s even better!

Along with each item, I’ve again shared my thoughts on what would best fit in that type of organizational unit, as well as characteristics of the unit so you can look for these same qualities in products and furnishings you might come across where you live (and bargain hunt!).

I’ve also shared potential “cons” to using this type of unit for particular items, if there are any.

And, because we had a request from one of our readers (that’s YOU!) to include the prices when we share items such as these, the prices are also included.

Yup, we listen!

And now, let’s take a look at each storage idea and chat about how it could be used…

Option One: Wooden Storage Bench

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers

This unit is ideal for storing lots of different items, and providing seating, or a storage platform for crafting machines and tools (die cutting machines, cutters, sewing machines, etc.).

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers , Inside (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden Bench Unit with Drawers , Inside

The drawers are quite large and would be great for the following: folded fabrics and sewing or quilting patterns; idea or pattern books; tall stamp sets, embossing folders or die sets; small paper pads; jewelry findings in clear plasic containers; fibers and yarn; and, so much more!

If you’re limited on space in your craft room and need to “spread out” beyond your craft room walls, or you don’t have a dedicated craft space and you have to find a way to incorporate your stash into your living space, this could be great for stashing the goods in other areas of your home.

Potential Cons:
Now I will share that the drawers are a bit rough inside, so you’ll need to line them if you plan to store delicate fabrics or fibers in them.

And if you strictly adhere to a policy of only using acid-free papers in your papercrafting projects, then you’ll want to avoid storing your papers in wooden storage.

Price: $181.99 (That’s a bit steep in my book – you may be able to find a similar unit for less.)

Option Two: White Shabby Chic
 Wooden Drawer Unit

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - White 5-Drawers Wooden Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – White 5-Drawer Wooden Unit

This is another unit that provides quite a bit of storage – and it’d look great in a shabby chic room!

My first thought was to use this for dies and embossing folders, or small pads of paper, for papercrafting.

But it’d also be great for: fat quarters; jewelry-making supplies; supplies and tools for embroidery, cross-stitch or needlepoint; paints and the associated supplies and papers; drawing tools and supplies; and, even your photos, stored in sleeves or containers.

Of course you could also change up the look of this unit with a quick coat of paint – white’s easy to cover and the drawers slide out, providing you easy access to all sides of the drawers and the frame they slide into!

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - White 5-Drawers Wooden Unit, Inside (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – White 5-Drawer Wooden Unit, Inside

Potential Cons:
Just like with the bench unit above, you may need to line the drawers if you plan to store delicate fabrics or fibers in them.

And again, if you strictly adhere to a policy of only using acid-free papers in your papercrafting projects, then this isn’t the best solution for storing your papers.

Price: $209.99 (In person, this is a really nice piece and it could be re-purposed as a dresser or used as storage for linens if and when you no longer need it for your crafting supplies).

Option Three: Multi-Tier Basket Tower

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Metal Baskets Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Metal Baskets Unit

The great thing about this unit is that it’s quite narrow, but could hold quite a lot!

Think about narrow, unused space that could house a unit like this – the fact that it’s mostly a metal frame means it won’t overpower a crowded space.

And, the front cross-bars could provide additional storage – simply use metal curtain rings to hang supplies for easy access.

The way this is constructed means you can easily see what’s inside each basket, which is perfect for those who need to see what they have in order to recall what they own and easily find it.

I can see fibers and yarn, rubber stamps and large ink pads, and cardmaking paper goods fitting nicely in these baskets.

What would you store in here?

We’d love to hear YOUR ideas!

Potential Cons:
I wouldn’t recommend storing items that  would be harmed by light or dust in this type of unit, and I wouldn’t recommend this type of unit if you have small kids or pets – the easy access you’re attracted to is also attractive to little fingers, curious kitties and mischievous puppies!

Price: $83.99 (This unit appears to be very well made and I think the price is reasonable – what do you think?)

Option Four: Wooden Unit With Baskets

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 8-Basket Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 8-Basket Unit

This unit won my heart!

I love the size of it and the shape of the baskets – my papercrafting supplies would love to live in here!

I can imagine this as a die-cutting station, with the machine(s) living on top, the mats hung from the sides, and the dies, embossing folders and machine supplies stored inside the basket drawers – the drawers are the perfect height for most embossing folders and dies.

Into sewing or quilting?

Place your machine on top; scissors, rotary cutters and notions in the smaller drawers; folded fabrics or fat quarters in the larger drawers; and, cutting mats or quilting templates on hooks on the sides. Voila!

Creating “stations” for your crafting endeavors means everything you need for a particular type of project is all in one place – again, making you more productive!

Potential Cons:
I wouldn’t store paper in fiber baskets – it’s not “safe” (if you’re concerned about the longevity of your papercrafted projects).

Nor would I store fibers, yarns or delicate fabrics in them (they could easily snag your beloved treasures, making them unusable).

That said, you could line the baskets, or use plastic containers within them, to safely house your crafting supplies.

Price: $139.99 (This unit is well made and I think it’s a reasonable price – do you?)


Option Five: Wooden 11-Drawer Unit (w/Chalk-Front Drawers)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 11 Drawer Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 11 Drawer Unit

O.k., first let me apologize for the bad lighting on this picture – yikes!

The sun was screaming through the store window and, after several attempts at re-positioning this unit, this is as good as it got!

Shameful photography and editing, but I had to share it with you nonetheless.

What I love about this unit is that it’d be perfect as a Project Life® station!

The upper drawers are sized well for the 3″ x 4″ and 4″ x 6″ journaling cards, washi tape rolls (organized in narrow drawer dividers) and/or photos and smaller bits of memorabilia; the lower, larger drawers could easily hold additional PL-project supplies (journaling stamps and acrylic blocks, stamp pads, cutting tools, sticky notes, paper pads, etc.); and, the top is a great size for laying open a 12″ x 12″ album so you can easily work on your PL project whenever you have a free moment.

Plus, the chalkboard drawer fronts can be easily labeled, and re-labeled as your needs change.

Have quite a collection of stamping supplies?

These drawers would hold a lot of inks pads, rubber stamps and/or small stamps and stamp sets.

I can also see this making sense in a sewing room – great storage for all those notions!

Potential Cons:
Again, the wooden drawers could damage paper goods over time.

And, drawer labeling done with actual chalk (rather than chalk markers) could be accidentally erased.

Price: $118.99 (This is quite possibly the best bargain in the bunch!)

Option Six: Wooden 18-Drawer Unit

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 18-Drawer Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 18-Drawer Unit

If you’ve long been lusting after a vintage library cabinet and it’s just not in the budget (they can be pricey!), then this just might suffice.

Like the unit above, this unit could be great for papercrafting projects like Project Life® and stamping, as well as for sewing notions.

But, it could also be a great place to store jewelry-making supplies, stored by type, size, style, color, price or manufacturer, and easily labeled using the nice metal frames on the fronts of the drawers.

I have a similar unit in which I store office supplies, business cards, small empty tins, zip-top baggies and metal findings (my Tim Holtz findings enjoy a dedicated row of drawers!).

What do ya think – is this one for you? And if so, how would you use it?

Don’t forget: a quick coat of paint could completely change the look of this little baby! 

Potential Cons:
The drawers on this particular unit were a bit wonky – you’d want to check all the drawers in a similar unit to make sure they slide in and out easily.

I swapped a few around and was able to get a good fit on each drawer – an easy fix!

Price: $139.99 (Again, reasonable, but I would want a little bit better finish for the price, or lower price for the level of finish.)

Option Seven: Wooden 5-Drawer Unit on Casters

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Wooden 5-Drawers Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Wooden 5-Drawer Unit On Casters

I would love a unit like this for my adhesives!

I have quite a collection of different types stored in a similar unit, but my unit isn’t mobile so I end up running back and forth a lot during project creation (not efficient use of my creative time!).


Idea Time: I may just add casters to mine!

This unit would work well for anything short and/or that can be laid on its side, as long as you can quickly and easily see what’s in the drawer without a bunch of shuffling of items.

After all, we want to make it easy on ourselves and spend our time creating, not searching or rearranging, right?

These drawers could work well for supplies for embroidery, cross-stitch and needlepoint; or quilling; or, for pens, pencils and art markers used for art journaling and/or drawing.

They’d also be ideal for jewelry-making tools and beads and findings, as well as your finished creations and the supplies to price and display them.

How would you use this type of unit?

Potential Cons:
Because of the way the drawers slide into the frame, you’d need to make sure your stored items lie flat and clear the upper edge of the frame so they don’t get caught when you push the drawers in and pull them out – not a problem, just a consideration if you’re not neat in the way you replace items after using them.

Price: $97.99 (Reasonable considering the quality – comparable units may be available for less. What do you think?)

Option Eight: Multi-Colored Thin-Drawer Unit

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items - Hobby Lobby Take II - Thin Colored Drawer Unit (image)

Craftroom Storage: Unique Items – Hobby Lobby Take II – Multi-Colored Thin-Drawer Unit

Oh be still my heart…again! I so wanted to take this home with me!

It’s a good thing I’m traveling (and it wouldn’t make sense to pay to ship this) ’cause I’m a sucker for this type of drawer unit – you too?

I must have owned a print shop at one time because I love printers trays and blocks and this type of drawer unit.

This would be perfect for setting up “color drawers,” drawers in which papercrafting embellishments of all types are sorted by color, making it easy to see at a glance every type of embellishment you own in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, etc.

This would also work for storing: wood-mounted stamps and ink pads; sheets of specialty papers; knitting needles and crochet hooks and the accompanying accessories (stitch counters, etc.); paint brushes; art pens, pencils and markers and accompanying supplies (erasers, sharpeners, stubs, etc.); tubes of liquid adhesive; adhesive runners and refills; spools or bobbins of thread (organized in drawer dividers or baggies); and, anything else that doesn’t require much drawer height.

And finally, how cool would this be for jewelry-making supplies and finished pieces? PER-FECT!

Wjat do you think – is this the type of craft storage unit you’d immediately fall head over heals in love with, just like I did?

How would you use this drawer unit if you had one?

Well, that’s it for another round of unique storage items.

We’d love to hear your thoughts,
and take a look at YOUR unique storage items.

Please share your thoughts and links in the comments below.

Thanks again for joining us, and don’t forget, we’re looking for you to share your thoughts about what we post here at Craft Storage Ideas.

Simply leave us a comment on this post or on our previous post titled, “Craft Storage Ideas: We Want To Hear From You!“, or send us an email – we look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Organizing,
Steph & The CSI Team

Craft Storage Ideas' New Owner: Stephanie Hackney (image)

Craft Storage Ideas’ New Owner: Stephanie Hackney

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Craft Storage: Recycle, Re-purpose & Re-use: Locker Love

Craft Storage: Recycle, Re-Purpose & Re-Use – Locker Love
Craft storage inspiration is everywhere…even in schools!

Hello, fellow craft storage enthusiasts,

Once again it’s Hazel, all the way from sunny South Africa (SA) here with you today.

About a year ago I did a post for Craft Storage Ideas on Ali Edwards’ studio.

What I loved most about her room was this:

Craft Storage Ideas Post: Ali Edwards' Studio Lockers (image)

Craft Storage Ideas Post: Ali Edwards’ Studio Lockers

Craft Storage Ideas Post: Ali Edwards’ Studio


As both our “boys” are all grown up and “sorted,” we are seriously downsizing.

Even though we don’t need that much living space, I’m still a HUGE crafter and my husband is a DIY fanatic.

This means utilizing every possible space in a pretty and effective way.

Another important thing to me is to recycle, reuse and re-purpose.

Today I’m sharing re-purposed storage lockers with you.

Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and hop along through Pinterest and Blogland with me.

In this HomeTalk post on re-purposing lockers you can read all about the transformation of these old-school lockers:

Craft Storage Ideas: HomeTalk Shares How-To for Re-Purposing Storage Lockers (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: HomeTalk Shares How-To for Re-Purposing Storage Lockers

HomeTalk Post on Re-Purposing Lockers

Oh, I just LOVE red!!!

Craft Storage Ideas: Apartment Therapy Post on Using Lockers for Storage

Craft Storage Ideas: Apartment Therapy Post on Using Lockers for Storage

Apartment Therapy Post on Locker Storage Ideas

What about Blackboard Paint?

Storage and notice board all in one:

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture

The Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture

Be sure to check out ALL of the ideas they shared – Steph’s drooling over the library drawer cabinets!

Just look at this colorful set of lockers!

Craft Storage Ideas: Carrie Murtha's Idea for Re-Purposing Lockers (via Flickr) (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Carrie Murtha’s Idea for Re-Purposing Lockers (via Flickr)

Carrie Murtha’s Flickr Stream

Even if your junkyard-find has lost some of it’s doors through the years, or you don’t care for the doors, all is not lost:

Craft Storage Ideas: Jamie Scott (Caught in Grace Blog) Repainted Locker Share (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Jamie Scott (Caught in Grace Blog) Repainted Locker Share

Jamie Scott (Caught in Grace Blog) Repainted Locker Share

I love these stenciled numbers!

You will see that I’m going to use this idea!!

Craft Storage Ideas: Stylish Patina's Re-Purposed Lockers Ideas (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Stylish Patina’s Re-Purposed Lockers Ideas

Stylish Patina Re-Purposed Lockers Ideas

Even if your lockers have lost ALL of their doors, here’s an idea:

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture - Locker Idea #2 (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture – Locker Idea #2

The Cottage Market Post on Upcycling School Furniture – Locker Idea #2

And if you don’t have wall space to fit a whole set of lockers, a coffee table version can add extra storage:

Craft Storage Ideas: ArtspaceIndustrial (Etsy Seller) Re-Purposed Vintage Locker Coffee Table (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: ArtspaceIndustrial (Etsy Seller) Re-Purposed Vintage Locker Coffee Table

ArtspaceIndustrial (Etsy Seller) Re-Purposed Vintage Locker Coffee Table

That’s it from me.

I hope you enjoyed our locker-love appointment.

You are welcome to check my Instagram feed to see when my lockers are stuffed with all the fabric in my stash.

Until we meet again, have fun, store your stash and if you have ideas to share, use #craftstorageideasblog on Instagram / leave a comment – we’d love to see what you do!!


Craft Storage Ideas: Hazel Hamman, Contributor (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Hazel Hamman, Contributor

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Craft Room Tour – Tracy Weinzapfel Studios

Hi dear readers! It’s Amanda here and I am super excited to share this wonderful craft studio with you today. Tracy Weinzapfel is an absolutely amazing artist! I’ve been following her blog and tuning in on Mixed Media Monday’s for some time now. Her artwork is just amazing! So lets take a look into her space where she creates her beautiful works of art.

Tracy’s command central is this fantastic center island. Look at all those wonderful drawers! So much storage in one handy piece of furniture! On the table top she has a large piece of glass to protect the table top from paints. Not to mention… look at all those storage drawers in the background. Talk about taking advantage of every square inch!

At one end of the room Tracy really has maximized her storage by using up all the vertical space right up to the ceiling. I love how she has her paint stored on the rails of the right wall. You can find more information about that genius storage solution here.

Just outside the studio doors Tracy has these wonderful floating shelves to display recent works of art. How awesome is it to decorate with things you have created?! So cool!

I just love this photo…. (*sigh*). Nuff said.

Tracy is a wonderfully entertaining artist. She has regular videos sharing her Mixed Media Monday sessions where she paints live for an hour. Many viewers paint along with her and share their works on the facebook page. So make sure you hop on over to her blog and take a poke around. She creates some seriously awesome artwork. You can also view more photos of Tracy’s studio by following this handy-dandy link.



Daring DIY: Bold Scrapbook Rooms

Hello, It’s Suzanne here today from Lately, I’ve become a little bored with the color of my scrapbook room walls. In fact, I have been thinking about painting them… a bold color! While searching around the web to see what other creative people have done with their spaces, I came across some amazingly bold scrapbook rooms. Since painting is something that many of us do ourselves, I thought that this would make a great Daring DIY segment!

This first room is a vibrant pink. Not only are the walls bold and daring, but the pink accessories to highlight the space are just stunning. As someone who enjoys the color pink, I really love this space.

scrap paint 1


Here are a couple of very creative walls! The colors and patterns complement one another, and the window art is exceptionally bright and colorful.

scrap paint 4


A calm, serene blue is always a nice choice. Since scrapbooking and crafting are generally relaxing, this color sets the mood and tone for creative time.

scrap paint 8


The green color of this next room is also very calming and earthy. The red and white accent pieces are a nice touch.

scrap paint 3


Wow, these yellow walls are just so fun! Just as bright and bold as can be, this would be a very sunny and happy place to create.

scrap paint 5


These light blue/turquoise walls are another calming color for a very busy room.

scrap paint 2


I couldn’t resist adding another pink room! This room is pink all over, including the ceiling! Definitely for the girly-girl in all of us.

scrap paint 7


These rooms are so beautiful, it makes my job of deciding on a paint color even more difficult! Have you recently painted your craft room? What color did you choose?


Contributor Craft Room Tour: Kim Skinner

Hello everyone!  It’s Kim from!  I am happy to invite you into my creative space today!  I think of this space as the Land of Unloved Furniture.  This is where all of those cabinets and shelving units that we once used and enjoyed somewhere in the house as the kids were growing up have come to rest.

My craft space is now in my basement.  In fact, this part of the basement was originally the garage of the house which was built in 1952.  The room is actually 27 feet long and only 9 feet wide.  I share it with my kids games and memorabilia from school.  In December, I moved my paper crafting furniture and stash to this space so that I would have a quieter space to sneak off to.  The room I used previously was right off the living room and it didn’t have a door.  I found that I couldn’t make videos or relax while the TV was on in the next room.

My room is a work in progress.  It’s currently a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture, garage sale and flea market finds and dollar store deals.  This room functions perfectly for me!  My sister is horrified by this room because nothing matches.  (Evidently, she has paid no attention to how I dress most days!)  I think the fact that nothing matches and the room just functions so well for my needs, just makes me happy.  It’s so me!

I have only met one craft that I didn’t love…tatting.  You will see traces of all other crafts in my craft room.  I’ve actually divided my space into sections for my different crafting obsessions.  I’ll start with my paper crafting area since this is currently what my business is all about.

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

This is my craft table.  I LOVE this table.  It’s “L” shaped and it’s huge!  I have plenty of space to keep all of my current stamp sets and tools right on the desk in front of me, plus a huge space to work in.  I love having everything at my fingertips.  I use what I see.  The minute I put something in a drawer or cabinet, I forget about it and never use it.  These shelves are all re-purposed items from my kids rooms.  At one time they were perfect for toy and book storage.  This is not pretty, but it’s functional.  (My sister thinks all of the shelves should be immediately painted white so they match the table and cabinets.)

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

Directly to the left of my craft table, I have my paper drawers and my Big Shot station.  These drawers are part of the set that I purchased with the craft table from IKEA.  (This is from the Alex Collection.)  These tall cabinets are fantastic for storing my card stock.  Each drawer has a different color family and a few drawers hold extra supplies and embellishments.  The smaller cabinet in the middle slides out on coasters and holds all of my 12 x 12″ papers.  The file bins on top hold all of my scraps.  The fold and file bins are from ThirtyOneGifts.  That is no doubt the most functional part of my room.  My papers are always organized and I can always find what I need when I need it.  (That’s not true about the papers in my office desk upstairs!)

I topped the tall cabinets with a 2 x 4′ piece of MDF from the home improvement store that I painted red, giving myself another work surface!  This holds my die cutting materials.  You can see all of my Big Shot tools are always out and handy as well.  The pegboard above this functions to hold all of my ribbons, paints and various tools.  I love pegboard.  It really helps you keep things in site so you can find them, plus using the vertical space in your room is really advantageous in keeping organized!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

While this furniture was actually carefully purchased to fit in my craft room upstairs, it is still working really well in this room.  I like that I can slide this drawer unit in out of the way, or I can pull it over beside my table when I’m working.  Those bins with my card stock paper scraps really keep my paper mess to a minimum.  I’ve learned to be diligent about filing the papers into the labeled folders as soon as I’m done crafting for the day.  I always try to reach for the scrap folders to use those papers before pulling out a new sheet.  They are organized by color family with an individual folder for each color of card stock that I use.

The last piece that I have in my paper crafting area is an old unit I picked up at a garage sale and crackle painted white over a red base.  At one time, it was in our entry holding hats, gloves, school bags and shoes.  I don’t need it there any more, so here it is in my craft room holding supplies!

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

I have all of my kits in the bottom cabinets and more 12 x 12″ card stock in the 31 bins on the bottom shelf.  (Don’t you love my striped bin in the middle of the plaid ones?  That’s just who I am…the girl wearing the stripes when everyone else is in plaid!  What can I say?!)

On the other side of the room, I have my sewing station.

Craft Storage Ideas Contributor Craft Room Kim Skinner

For this side, I purchased 2 stock cabinets and a piece of stock counter top from a home improvement store.  My husband added the shelves above to store my patterns and kits.  I have an old printer table underneath to hold my sewing machine pedal.  Since this is counter height, my legs aren’t long enough to reach the pedal if it sits on the floor!  I have beading supplies and polymer clay tools in the drawers to the side there as well.  Once again, all of my sewing supplies are within reach so I can see what I have and remember to use it.  I love having the ironing/cutting pad on the counter next to my machine.  It’s just so handy!

The rest of my room holds a table with 4 chairs that I’ve had since my first apartment.  My kids and I have spent years crafting on that table so it’s covered in paint and glitter.  (I call those happy memories!)  I also have a TV, a shelf full of games and my Nordic Track that still gets used several times a week.

All in all, nothing in this space cost more than $75 (except the Big Shot!).  It was purchased over time and much of it has been re-purposed and it all just ended up together in this space.  I do plan to add some trim around the pegboard to dress it up and I also plan to get those mismatched shelves painted and trimmed as well.  Otherwise, to be honest, this room functions so well for me that I don’t really want to change it.  It’s by no means my dream craft room, but for now it’s my space and it’s working for me.  I am planning and saving for my dream craft room now that we’ve made out last college tuition payment and our youngest is graduating from college!  I promise that room will be perfectly planned and it will all match, if only to keep my sister quiet!

Creating a space that you love doesn’t need to cost a lot!  You just need it to function well so that it stays clean and organized without a great deal of effort. There is nothing better than walking into a tidy craft room and being able to just sit down and start crafting!

Thank you for joining me on my craft room tour!

Craft Storage Ideas Kim Skinner


Craft Room Tour: A Sort of Fairy Tale

Hello everyone, it’s Suzanne here today from I have an amazing craft room to share with you today! Stacey, from A Sort of Fairy Tale/Cottage Industry, has allowed us to share her bright, colorful, and creative craft space. A beautiful mix of new and vintage pieces have been paired together to make a space so bright and cheerful, I would never want to leave if it were my room!

Have a tour of the room below, and then pop on over to view more pictures at A Sort of Fairy Tale. To see what Stacey is up to now, please visit her new website, Cottage Industry.

Fairy Tale 1
The majority of furniture in this room came from IKEA, including the colorful button rug. The iconic IKEA turquoise cart also has a home here, as it does in many of the craft rooms we feature here at CSI.

Fairy Tale 6

A bright feature wall and vintage-inspired banner really add to the overall charm and elegance of the room.

Fairy Tale 4

I love the vintage-colored suitcases and accessories! The collection of classic sewing patterns, books, and notions, complemented with the gingham-green table mat, takes me back to my grandmother’s sewing room.

Fairy Tale 2

The pegboard offers ample storage space for accessories and display pieces.

Fairy Tale 5

This shelf of vintage suitcases/trunks, and neatly organized bins and supplies is my favorite. There is a ton of space to store your collection of sewing, scrapbooking, or general crafting supplies! It looks so neat and orderly, with everything in its place.

Remember to visit A Sort of Fairy Tale for additional pictures and explanation of this room, and the new Cottage Industry website for more inspiration!



Craft Room {Sweet Bambinos}

Happy Friday fellow crafters! If you live in my neck of the woods then you might be digging out of a fresh pile of that white stuff we’ve been seeing all winter. I’m so ready for spring! So in the mean time I’ve been cleaning and organizing my craft room. I’m really trying to declutter and get rid of those items that have just been hanging around too long. You know, those “I could do this with that” items. It’s hard to let go of some of these items but it actually feels good to not be weighed down by them. Moving on my post for you today is a quick tour of a beautifully organized craft room by Andrea on her blog Sweet Bambinos.

She posted her newly organized craft room and I was drawn by the pops of color from all the crisp white.

She uses a combination of Martha Stewart tables and Ikea bookshelves and drawer units to organize all her supplies.

Here is the link to her original post sharing her room HERE and she has an updated post revealing what’s in her drawers and how they are organized HERE.

have a crafty weekend!


Craft Room Tour: Gayatri Murali

Hi, Jessica here!  I’m super excited for today’s craft room tour!

I have long been an admirer of Gayatri Murali and I remember her sharing a sneak of her craft room creation last spring on her blog.  As I’ve been getting to know her better through “A Blog Named Hero” I decided to ask if she’d be willing to share more of her craft room.  Gayatri is an amazing paper-crafter and her design team resume and challenge wins certainly reflect that!  She designs for Penny Black, Pretty Pink Posh, Winnie & Walter, A Blog Named Hero, Curtain Call Challenge blog, Runway-Inspired Challenge blog, Tag You’re It Challenge blog, and is often a guest designer for many companies and challenges!  And now you can see where her magic happens!

Her craft room was a birthday present from her husband and it’s the stuff of Pinterest dreams! :)  She went from this (which is a gorgeous foyer…the home DIYer in me LOVES the striped wall):

The original entryway

The original entryway

To this downstairs…

Completed entry way

The completed entryway

And this upstairs!!!!

My tiny craft room

The completed craft room

She packs quite a punch in that space!  I love that everything is easily within reach when she’s working and it’s all organized!

Here are a few closer looks of her desk area!

my craft desk

Craft desk


Cardstocks and sprays

And a couple photos of her supplies organized by categories and various shelves:

All stamp sets and embellishments in boxes

All stamp sets in bins and embellishments in boxes

Some HA stamps, pattern papers and embellishments

Hero Arts stamps, patterned papers, and embellishments

I also like the window full of cards!  Great inspiration to see everyday!

Lots of dies

Die storage

And finally a few “in-progress” renovation photos!

Floor of the craft room

Floor of the craft room

Floor of the craft room from below

Floor of the craft room from below

Completed Craft Room

Completed Craft Room

So there you have it…you may have room for a dedicated craft nook in your home and you just never knew it! 😉

Thanks for visiting today and make sure you take some time to visit Gayatri!  Her designs are sure to inspire you!

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Contributor Craft Room Tour: Amanda Corbet

Hello! It’s Amanda here from Krafting Kreations! I am so excited today. You know why? Because I get to invite you over to my studio to take a peek at where I create all my projects! Are you up for it? Awesome! Lets go!
When I was writing this post looking at all these pictures was making me dizzy, and I work in the space! So here is a simple layout of the room so you can find where you’re at if you get lost.
Here is your view right when you walk through the door. You get a head on view of this wonderful file cabinet that I would like to update at some point. Any suggestions how to pretty it up? I spy a furry helper wondering what I’m doing.
As soon as you walk through the door and turn to the left this is what you’ll see. Now i am incredibly lucky. This is a 12 ft. by 24 ft. space. But that also means it is long and skinny so that creates it’s own set of challenges. Especially when you have as much furniture packed into one room that I have.
There are a few odd things about this room since it is an addition that the previous owner made to the house. Another thing I would like to add here is that we have lived in this 1950’s fixer upper house for 9 years. The house still needs A LOT of fixing. There are still several things about my craft room that need fixed, but it’s a work in progress. So please forgive the two types of flooring with the gap where a wall used to be, the un-sheet-rocked section next to the back door, and the lack of baseboards/trim. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day. Also, fixing some of these issues would require me to empty out the entire room, which means a large amount of time that I don’t have my work space.
Okay, back to the tour. So if you turn back towards the door you will see what remains of the sliding glass door. This is one of those odd things I mentioned a few minutes ago.
In front of the remaining half of the sliding door I have my electric fire place. This room gets so cold in the winter so this is definitely needed. Next to that is a card rack that my wonderful sister picked up for me with no cards on it. I like the idea of having the card rack, but the florescent lighting will fade the colors of the card stock. So I don’t want to leave them out forever so I’m in a conundrum on that piece. On top of the fireplace I have a few magazines and some pretty baskets with yarn for upcoming projects.
Now if you turn to the right towards the rest of the room we will continue.
Next is my upcycled sewing desk that was a super cheap garage sale find. Above that I have 5 Bygel rails with baskets, flatware caddy’s, and hooks that are all from Ikea. This is where I store buttons, brads, twine, clothespins, safety pins, tags, and more. On my sewing desk I have a glass jar that I use to keep my spools of thread in. All the wonderful drawers in the desk house the rest of my sewing tools.
Right next to my sewing desk is my trash can. It is actually meant to be a beverage cooler for use at parties and such, but I loved the color (as you might have noticed) so I use it as my trash can. It just goes to show you that you have to keep an eye out and be creative with your storage. Not all craft storage has to be something that was made to be craft storage.
Now another way that I am incredibly lucky is that my husband likes to do woodworking as a hobby. So he has built a lot of my craft room furniture. This stamp rack is one of the many pieces he has built for me.
It is huge and holds a whole lot of stamps!
On top of the stamp rack I have my current Stampin’ Up! embellishments in a spinning organizer. Next to that is my owl Scentsy warmer and some more clear jars that store scraps of Stampin’ Up! ribbon, embossing powder, and glue sticks. There are also a few things just for pretty like the lava lamp my dad gave me for my 14th birthday, the adorable owl my best friend gave me, the branches for my Easter tree in a pretty vase, and that wonderful yellow clock which was a Pick Your Plum score.
I really love storing my supplies in clear glass jars. It keeps them all together, they are pretty and add to my decor, and I can see inside the jar to grab the one I want. I would say that glass jars are my favorite organizing go to!
Now if I turn around a bit you can see this side of my ginormous craft island that my husband built. It. holds. so. much. stuff! This is where I do all my card making, fabric cutting, painting, etc. As you can see this side is all drawers. On the end I have two large wall files that I ordered from The Container Store. It houses my rulers, Big Shot cutting mats, current Stampin’ Up! catalogs, and scrap paper for stamping on. What’s the thing on the front of the left wall file you ask? Well that is the magnetic platform for my Big Shot. Since the wall files are metal, the magnetic platform sticks right to it so it’s within easy reach, yet out of the way.
If I face back towards the back of the room you will see the ribbon rack and huge lateral file that were both built by my hubby. The top of the ribbon rack has blue jars that hold scraps of non-Stampin’ Up! ribbon. (I’m a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator so it makes it easier to keep those products separate from the rest of my supplies).
Then there are rows of ribbon spools. They just sit on the shelf and it is easy to pull out just one spool of ribbon.
Here you can see just how huge this file cabinet is. That is a whole bunch of 8-1/2″ x 11″ card stock all filed by color. On top of the file cabinet I have my Stampin’ Up! ink tower, big shot, a plastic container with patterned paper scraps, and a basket with my DecoArt Media paints. On the wall I have mounted a paper towel holder (that is currently empty). That way it’s easy to grab one when I have a mess I need to clean up.
To the right of the file cabinet is one of the ever popular turquoise Raskog carts from Ikea. This one holds my desk organizer, scissors, pens, pencils, craft knives, paper piercing supplies, envelopes, pre-cut and scored card bases, baby wipes (for cleaning my hands) and a few kits that I need to put together. I love that I can roll it out right next to where I’m working and I have all my most used tools right at my fingertips!
Here is a zoomed out view of that back wall. Since this room is so long and skinny I decided to paint that back wall a nice vibrant blue. It’s Deep Blue Sea by Behr. The dark blue make the room seem less like a tunnel and more like a square if that makes any sense. The white shelves are the perfect place to store more supplies and display some of the things I’ve made.
The cabinet to the right (also built by the hubs) holds all my stained glass supplies as well as some other tools. Trust me… you don’t want to look in there. It’s a mess and needs some serious help. Also, those doors… they may or may not have been leaning against the wall of my craft room for the last three years or so until just last night when I needed to take photos for this post….
Here is a view of what is below those display shelves. A wood set of drawers that needs some work to be usable. I think it needs to be dressed up too. Any suggestions? On top of that is my radio. Gotta have some tunes while I’m getting my craft on! Next to that is my little kiln. I like to do some fused glass once in a while and this kiln is just perfect. Although when I use it I clean everything off the top and pull it out away from the wall. Safety first!
On top of the kiln is a 12″ x 12″ paper holder with mixed media supplies, a bin with some kits in them, and my Dremel drill press.
Now this spot was really hard to photograph. It’s the end of the island that faces that dark blue wall. I’ve used Command picture hanging velcro to store my paper trimmer and Simply Scored scoring board right on the side of the island.
I also have a little command hook hanging from the underside of the top. This holds one of those cheap foam type place mats. I always like to stamp on one of these. I think the even, yet soft, surface gives you a better stamped image. By using vertical space where nobody can see I have these tools right next to where I use them and they don’t have to be left on the top of my table all the time.
Here is a closer view of those back shelves. I have jars that hold my washi tape, Stickles glitter glue, glitter, some flattened bottle caps, alcohol inks, and even some old glass peanut jars I picked up from a garage sale that house my colored pencils. The owl planter hols all my sponges that I use for stamping, and the turquoise floral vase holes specialty pencils and pens that I use for Mixed Media.
Another view of the left side of the room. You can see the pretty fairy print that I picked up at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival several years ago.
Here is a view of my paint storage that I shared a few weeks ago. On top I have a jar with my twinkling H20s and my owl vase that holds my paint brushes. There is also a chalk board for my crafty to do list (I need to get a chalk marker so I can actually start using this!). Then to the right there is the outside window. I took these photos late at night so I left the blinds closed.
Here is another view of that unfinished glass cabinet. Both that and the file cabinet are eventually going to get a few coats of white paint.
Here is the other side of my fantastic storage island. This side is all open shelves. I have some painted crates that hold a variety of things and then there is stuff stacked to the sides of the crates. This area really needs some help.
Now if you turn to the right you can see this cube style shelf. I loved the look of the Ikea Expedit shelves, but until this last year it would have been about a 6 hour drive to the nearest Ikea. So that wasn’t going to happen. There just was no way I could make my husband understand that a full day road trip was worth it to get one shelf… So I did the next best thing. I begged my handy hubs to build this shelf for me. It is wonderful! Although I think I may stain it darker to match the island.
Anyway, this shelf holds supplies for some of my in process projects as well as my fabric hoard collection. The shelf above is for some fun display. The top of this book case is also where I take a lot of the photos for my project posts (hence the lights).
Just to the left of the cube shelf you will see yet another Raskog cart from Ikea. This one holds (and is over flowing with) beading and jewelry supplies. Most of the beads and components are sorted in mason jars by color. Just under that plastic bin is an old metal tool box that holds all my jewelry making tools.
Turn to the right again and you will see the front end of the room. This portion needs some work still. We have to patch the sheet rock next to the door and then paint it the nice soft gray color (Twilight from Behr). Behind the door is the closet full of more crafting supplies, yet lacking organization (no one is perfect right???).

In the corner is this amazing wing-back chair that I scored from the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for only $15. I’m thinking of recovering it in the fabric swatch you see sitting on top. It’s nice to finally have a place in my studio to relax and take a breather or to make a guest comfortable while I work.

The built in shelf to the right of the file cabinet houses boxes of yarn and boxes of finished cards as well as books and my porcelain dolls that I’ve had since I was little. In front of the file cabinet is a gorgeous painting my mom did for me. The frame just needs painted white and then the painting popped in.

Now we’ve made it back to the door! Just a couple more things…

I love this amazing two-tiered fruit basket that I got from Pick Your Plum. It holds a lot of mixed media supplies and some general tools. Also, That nice HUGE work surface all clean….. Although I will try to keep it up, it probably won’t last long. Just sayin…
One more tip, I like to keep a pretty bowl on my table for trash. That way I can toss the little bits in the bowl as I’m working rather than having to go over to the trash can every time. It keeps my work surface a little bit cleaner.


So although it’s still very much a work in process, this room is the closest to perfect for me that it has ever been. I love working in here and making all those fun projects that I get to share with you! Thank you so much for joining me on my tour! I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into my home.