Just One Tip: Repurposed Jars

Hello Y’all! It’s Cicily with a quick tip for you today.

Jar Storage seems to be all the rage lately. I’m a pack rat at heart and hate to throw anything away (Certain areas of my house can attest to this). I love storing things in glass jars/cups/containers.  Every time I use a glass jar and throw it away I cringe. Well last year it was time to make some pickles. I found this great recipe on Pinterest and because of the method I could use repurposed jars! Good thing because I had a mass quantity of cucumbers.

I wanted to share this One Tip: How to clean the gunk off those great food jars so you can repurpose them!

Of course I found this on Pinterest!

I did this and for the most part it worked! Now you can repurpose your jars for craft or food storage!

Happy Jar Cleaning!


Just 1 Tip: Paint your Raskog!!

Hallo to all my fellow storage enthusiasts.  Once again, it’s Hazel all the way from currently not-so-sunny South Africa.  Yes, winter finally arrived down under with lots of rain but in between – the most glorious days that you just HAVE to spend outside.

When the weather is not that great, I stay inside and craft a bit more. And while searching for inspiration on Pinterest I found this GREAT idea:


A white Raskog!! Ever wanted one to fit your color scheme? Cathy from “Hello. I’m a paper addict” tried it out and I love it.

Hop over to see her original post here and to get all the inside info. Now, you have to excuse me …………………………. I’ve got some painting to do.

Have a great day an please leave me and Cathy some comments. I would love to see and hear what you think and do.




Just One Tip

Hi there! Lisa here today to share just one tip with you! I recently saw an item on Pinterest that was a terrific idea for garden tool storage. They had taken PVC products and made all kinds of nifty things out of it for garages and garden sheds. I knew it would transform effortlessly over to smaller craft storage and this is what I found for you!


This is cute desktop storage and I like the angled design so that all of the supplies stay in place!


Terrific crayon storage that would also be great for Copic markers!


Look at these itty bitty ones for storing your Stickles!


And what crafty girl in her right mind wouldn’t  jazz up this inexpensive storage solution!! I love the polka dot and flora Washi used here, FUN idea!!

So there you go friends, just one tip to use an inexpensive hardware store item for your craft storage!



Just One Tip: Ranger Ink Color Charts and Label Sheets

It’s Cicily with a quick tip for you today.

Want to be organized? You probably do because you’re here on this blog! One way to be organized and find your products quickly is through the use of Color Charts and Label Sheets. I’ve seen a few companies offer these and recently this Ranger Product link was brought to my attention.

Ranger is helping us with color charts and labels for most of their products that will help you identify the color without having to remove and look at each ink pad or bottle.  Follow the link and select the product you want to organize.


Happy organizing!


Just 1 Tip!: Washi Tape covered clothespins

Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 8.42.37 PM

Hi all, it’s Noelle popping by today with a quick tip! I recently made my own washi tape covered clothespins in my studio to clip some mini chalkboards to my stamp and die bins. They are super easy to make, just tape and trim! Clothespins are affordable and SO practical for storage. Like I did, you can use them to clip a sign, tag, or mini chalkboard to baskets or bins. You could also use them to clip packages of embellishments together, or even to close a glassine bag full of buttons or sequins for a crafty buddy. Don’t most of us have some fun washi tape laying around?? I know I have WAY too much! ;) If you don’t have either the clothespins, the tape, or (as in my case) the TIME, you could definitely order some. The ones above are from a fun etsy shop called ThurstonPost. They have these in all sizes of clothespins and a ton of colors! These would make a really fun gift as well.


That’s it for me today! Have  fabulous day! :)


Just 1 Tip: Use a louver/vent cover to store your stamps

Hallo, Hazel all the way from Sunny SA here today to share a great tip.  I’ve got all my wooden stamps in drawers underneath my dining room table.  Why?? Because I like to see what I have and these were the only large, flat drawers in my whole house so I used what I had.  Problem is:  the drawers are HUGE – I can’t take them out and a dining room table doesn’t look very inviting when it’s drawers are hanging open.

What do you think about this?


An ordinary wall louver/vent cover that keeps air flowing through your home.

And now it’s a stamp rack:


My local hardware store sells them in plastic and metal.  I actually love the white option but if you want it to fit in with your custom color scheme – just paint it.  Pretty great idea don’t you think?

My idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens and the series is called “New Craft Storage Ideas Using Unexpected Items”.  If you want to see the rest of their ideas, just click here.

Thanks for looking at alternative craft storage options with me today.  Please leave a comment if you have an idea of your own ……………… I’d love to see and hear what you do.

Until we meet again ……………………and remember, ” Keep calm and store your stash!”




Just One Tip: Stamp Pad & Marker Storage!

Spring is here and for me that means Spring Cleaning! Well it should anyways.  This is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper and I’m sharing “Just One Tip” with you today.

So while you’re cleaning and organizing keep this tip in mind.

The best way to store ink pads is pad side down. That way the ink stays at the top of the pad.  Some ink pads (like CTMH) flip closed so the pad is upside down. Otherwise actually turn your pad upside down. I do this with my Tim Holtz Distress pads.

This stamp storage from Organize More is perfect for either type of pad, just remember upside down.

Prize 3 - Organize More


I’ve seen some great marker storage ideas, but think gravity again. The best way to store markers is laying down flat. I don’t have a ton of Markers so I store mine in this Tim Holtz tube, laying down flat of course! The lid has flat edges, so the tube doesn’t roll.


Hopefully your spring cleaning and organizing leads you to more craftiness!




Just 1 Tip: Conquering the Fabric Pile

Hallo to U all.  Today I brought Just 1 Tip to share.  By now you know that fabric is my first love but the problem is  - 1 yard of  fabric doesn’t fold as flat as a sheet of 12×12 cardstock.

Currently my stash looks like this:

(and I can’t even boast that the beautiful quilt beneath the mess is mine!)

And the solution? ………………………… I stumbled upon this GREAT idea:

It came from Katie Brown’s blog “Smile like You Mean it”.  She actually took part of a shelving unit, added handles and wheels to the bottom and now it stores all her fabric as part of her craft closet.

Hop over to the original post and see how she did it. Just click here. Enjoy, and remember to leave a comment to tell her that we love her idea over at Craft Storage Ideas.

That’s it. I’ll be back with some more craft storage ideas. Just watch this space and all will be revealed. Remember to leave us comments. We love to see what you do!

Have a GREAT day.




Just 1 Tip: Blog Organization

It’s Cicily with a quick tip for you today.

It seems as if many crafters are also bloggers. I am on a quest this year to be organized – my life, my  house, my scrapbooking and yes even my blog. To that endeavor I have pieced multiple printables together to create a unique 2014 planner just for me. That even includes a Monthly calendar, just for my blog with space for notes.



I will see if this works for me this year or if I will need to expand and be more detailed. Lots of options are available on Pinterest, just search blog planner!


Just One Tip: Craft Vinyl Storage

Did you see our announcement of the winner of the seat in Organizing FUNdamentals on our Facebook page?

Justasiam is the winner!  Please send us an email at craftstorageideas {at} yahoo.com to claim your seat.  And hurry – as the class starts today!


And now – back to our regularly scheduled program!


Hi! Laura here to bring you another quick tip.

Many crafters now own a die cutting machine, like the Silhouette. And many of us purchase vinyl for decorating our homes, creating labels and wall designs. Why not repurpose an old wine rack to store all that vinyl? It typically comes in rolls and this is the perfect way to still be able to see it and keep it from getting crushed or wrinkled! (And isn’t this patterned vinyl fun?)

Wine rack to store craft vinyl via Joy's Life

Source: Joy’s Life

Tell us in the comments: How do you store your craft vinyl?