Craft Storage Ideas: A Sale, A Giveaway & A Mobile Storage Solution

Craft Storage Ideas: A Sale, A Giveaway & A Mobile Storage Solution
Who’s looking for a GREAT deal on craft storage products? How about a chance to WIN some?! And, how about a mobile storage solution?

Well, we’ve got all three!

First, let’s talk about the sale… - Quality Craft Storage Products For Crafters of All Types (image)

Go-Organize.comQuality Craft Storage Products For Crafters of All Types!

As you know if you’ve been around here for a bit, we have a wonderful new sponsor,, a manufacturer of high-quality craft storage furnishings and products (and products for the rest of your home too!).

Not only are they a wonderful company to work with (they’ve been a sponsor of our sister site, PaperCrafter’s Corner, for more than three years!), they have awesome products for storing your beloved craft tools and supplies, and they offer FREE shipping every day!*

Who else does that?!

Uh, no one!

And from July 1, 2016, throughout the 4th of July holiday weekend, you can save 10% off everything in the store! Independence Day 2016 Sale - Save 5-10% & Get FREE Shipping! (image) Independence Day 2016 Sale – Save 5-10% & Get FREE Shipping!

If independence from clutter is on your to-do list, then this weekend is the perfect time to do a little shopping…and saving!

*Please note: as of the publish date of this post, only ships within the continental U.S.

And now, the giveaway…

Check out the sale at first thing tomorrow, Friday, July 1, 2016, and let us know what you’re adding to YOUR craft space.

Why share?

We’re giving one lucky shopper a $25 shopping code for!

Here’s how you enter to win the $25 shopping code:

  • Click on this sale Independence Day 2016 Sale
  • Look through the many organizing and storage furnishings has on offer and make a purchase, any purchase.
  • Then, send us a copy of your emailed receipt (for security, please block out any financial information, such as your credit card number, etc.).

***Receipts must be emailed to Steph at shackney (at) papercrafterscorner (dot) com
no later than 8 a.m. (central), Monday, July 4, 2016!

We’ll draw one winner, from all complete entries received by the deadline, and that winner will receive a $25 shopping code to use at

Easy and fun, right?!

I’d sure be shopping if I had a chance to get FREE shipping, and to not only save 10% on whatever I purchase, but to also have a chance to WIN a $25 shopping code!

Happy shopping!

And now for the mobile storage solution we mentioned…

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart

I’m sure many of you have heard about the Raskog Cart from IKEA, right?

It appears to be a very popular item for homes and craft spaces alike.

And well, like many crafters, I just HAD to have one!

What am I using it for?

Well, I initially bought it to house my pocket scrapbooking supplies.

But, I soon found it was not such an ideal solution for my pocket scrapbooking stash (or at least not for the easy retrieval of said stash) and it was ‘re-purposed’ for another type of supply, a supply I’m excited to now use more often!


Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart Filled With Mixed Media Supplies (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart Filled With Mixed Media Supplies

Meet my mixed-media tools and supply storage unit!

I LOVE the way this unit houses my mixed-media tools and supplies and, most importantly, how I can easily roll it over to my work area and quickly grab what I need for my current ‘messy’ project.

Because this cart is so easy to move, and tools and supplies are so easy to access, and return when I’m finished with them (important!), my mixed-media supplies are getting much more use – yay!

Quick and easy, that’s my motto!

Here’s what this unit looks like, fully loaded, from the side:

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart, Side View Of Contents (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart, Side View Of Contents

Note that I have my Ranger Distress Paints stored in paint bottle storage rolls (made by Plaid) that are zip-tied to the sides of the unit, and my brayers hooked on via zip-ties as well – I’m definitely maximizing EVERY bit of storage capacity available!

And the reason this unit was a must is that it’s very narrow, essential for me since the space where it has to live is also very narrow.

And here’s a shot of each of the cart’s tiers, along with what’s stored in each tier:

Tier One: Tools and the Basics

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart - Top Tier: Tools & The Basics (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart – Top Tier: Tools & The Basics

Tier Two: Supplies & Sprays

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart - Middle Tier: Supplies & Sprays (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart – Middle Tier: Supplies & Sprays

Tier Three: Paints

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart - Bottom Tier: Paints (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: IKEA Raskog Cart – Bottom Tier: Paints

Pretty cool, right?

Yeah, I thought you might like checking out how I’m using this unit and seeing how much it can hold – as you can see, it holds a ton!

Another reason I chose this cart is because it’s metal and easy to wipe off if (when!) something spills.

Need a mobile unit that can hold 13″ x 13″ cases, or 12″ x 12″ cardstock, patterned paper or scrapbooks?

A unit that’s enclosed?

One that’ll fit right in with any of the craft storage products from

Then you’ll definitely want to check out the Mobile Craft Storage options – they’re wonderful and several of them are already on sale!


Questions or comments about the Raskog Cart
or how I’m using it?

Questions about any of the mobile storage units

Leave your questions or a comment –
I’ll be happy to respond.

Well, that’s it for today’s shares – we hope you enjoyed learning about a great sale, a wonderful chance to win FREE craft storage products AND fab, mobile storage options!

Don’t forget to check out the
Independence Day Weekend Sale at
and enter to win after you make a purchase.

Oh, and be sure to share this with your crafty buddies –
we’re sure they’ll be grateful!

Happy shopping and organizing, and a very Happy 4th of July to our U.S. papercrafters,
Steph & The PCC Team

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Craft Storage Ideas: Is Our New Sponsor!

Craft Storage Ideas: Is Our New Sponsor!
Craft storage products for EVERY type of crafter!

Hello Crafters!

Today’s a very special day for Craft Storage Ideas and for you.

Why’s that?

Well, we have a wonderful new sponsor – and that means even more great craft storage ideas and solutions are on their way to YOU! - Quality Craft Storage Products For Crafters of All Types (image) Quality Craft Storage Products For Crafters of All Types

Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor,, manufacturer of high-quality organizing furnishings and accessories for EVERY type of crafting endeavor.

We’re thrilled to have join us as a Craft Storage Ideas (CSI) sponsor and we can’t wait to share their offering with you.

They’ve been a wonderful advertiser on, and sponsor of, our sister site, PaperCrafter’s Corner (PCC), for the past three years and we’re thrilled to welcome them to the CSI family.

What kinds of products do they offer?

Everything for storing your favorite crafting tools and supplies, and for creating the craft space of your dreams!

Whether you have a dedicated craft room, are looking to convert a closet into a crafty haven, need something mobile you can scoot around to where your family’s hanging out, or require storage that can do double-duty, it’s likely they have a solution that’s right for you.

And the best part?

Their craft storage products are designed to work well independently or in combinations – they’re totally configurable so you can build out your space all at once or a few pieces at a time, and change things around as your crafting storage needs change.

And here’s proof!

And, they offer products that make quick work of organizing and storing the rest of your home’s treasures too!

Oh, and ships for FREE!!!

Yup, you heard right – shipping is FREE!!!

Here are just a few of my favorite craft storage products, products I’m using in my craft room (a.k.a. the PCC craft studio!):

Craft Storage Ideas: Revolving Organizer (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Revolving Organizer

The Revolving Organizer, the first Go-Organize product I tried and an organizational tool I couldn’t live without!

If, like me, you prefer keeping your most-used tools close at hand, then this may be the perfect solution for you too.

And if you’re always hunting for your tools and are frustrated with having to look for them EVERY. SINGLE. TIME., then try one of these – it’ll definitely improve your productivity and lessen your frustration!

My Revolving Organizer is stationed on the corner of my work area, within arm’s reach whenever I’m creating, and although it’s ‘stuffed to the gills,’ I’m able to quickly and easily locate the tools I need.

Here’s a quick look at what I’m storing in mine:

Craft Storage Ideas: Revolving Organizer - Stuffed to the Gills! (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Revolving Organizer – Stuffed to the Gills!

Craft Storage Ideas: Revolving Organizer - Stuffed to the Gills! (Another View) (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Revolving Organizer – Stuffed to the Gills! (Another View)

(Excuse the marked-up wall in these pix, I’m marking where my next Peg Board [see below] will be hung!)

As you can see, this baby holds A LOT!!!

Need portability? I’ve taken my Revolving Organizer with me to crops – I found a large shopping tote and in it went!

If you’re looking for a new tool storage solution, a solution that’s very reasonably priced, sturdy and pretty, and works well for storing most any crafting hand tools (as well as markers and pens, coloring mediums, paint brushes, rulers, etc.), then check out the Revolving OrganizerI LOVE mine!

What would YOU store in this Revolving Organizer if you had one?

Please share your ideas in the comments –
we’d love more ideas!


Craft Storage Ideas: Peg Boards (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Peg Boards

The next Go-Organize products I added to my space are the white Peg Boards.

The Peg Boards come in packs of three and make great use of otherwise unused vertical space – with the included mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions, you can quickly and easily hang them from a wall, or from the side of a desk, work surface or cabinet (like shown below).

Craft Storage Ideas: Peg Boards - Mounted to Cubes (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Peg Boards – Mounted to Cubes

How cool is this mounting idea?

Otherwise unused space is instantly made useful!

I think this is an ideal solution for kids’ craft areas too, don’t you?

Hang tools on the pegboard and store the supplies inside a combination of any of the Go-Organize craft storage cubes – everything is easy to access and very little space is needed.

I have one Peg Board panel on the wall behind my work area, and I just removed a few decorative items from that same wall so I can add another Peg Board panel to that space – yup, I like them that much!

The Peg Board panel that’s currently hanging up is home to my paper crimper, a clear cutting guide, a hot glue gun, a Dymo Label Maker and heat tools (and as soon as I get some more hooks, I’ll be adding a few more tools to this space).

Craft Storage Ideas: Peg Board Panel - Perfect For Hanging Larger Tools (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Peg Board Panel – Perfect For Hanging Larger Tools

I plan to use the new, second panel for hanging my many stencils (stay tuned for a share on how this turns out!).

And I may add the third panel from my 3-pack to that same wall and use it to keep new papercrafting embellishments front and center (so I don’t forget to use them!), or hang it on the back wall inside my craft room closet for hanging up my embroidery hoops and other challenging-to-store tools.

Is papercrafting your thing? Hang packs of your newest embellishments from the hooks so you don’t forget to use them!

Prefer quilting and/or sewing? Think about using these Peg Boards for hanging your scissors, rotary cutting tools, quilting rulers and templates, tape measures, etc. close to where you quilt or sew.

Jewelry-making and beading more your crafty pleasure? You might want to hang your tools on one of these hung just above your ‘bench’ so everything is within reach, but not taking up valuable work area.

Got a thing for needle arts? Consider hanging your floss collection from a panel, reminding you of all the beautiful colors you have at your disposal!

Whatever kind of crafting you’re into, we bet you can find a use for one (or many!) of these handy panels.

How would YOU use these Peg Board panels in your craft space?

Please share your ideas in the comments –
we’d love to hear them!

Oh, and one more thing – these Peg Board panels can easily be painted or decorated with your favorite crafting supplies, making it easy to customize them for YOUR space!


Craft Storage Ideas: Wall Shelves (image)

Craft Storage Ideas: Wall Shelves

And last, but certainly not least, I’m adding the Go-Organize Wall Shelves to the space to the left of where my first Peg Board is currently hung.

I need a spot to keep all of my small liquids, sprays and powders (the ones I use most often) within reach when I’m creating.

These shelves, which come in packs of two, will soon be home to a bunch of different liquid adhesives, as well as dimensional products, artist mediums, and embossing powders, and my beloved Archival Spray and Goo-Gone.

After taking these shelves out of their packaging, my mind was racing with other ideas for stocking them – they’re perfect for storing sewing notions, beads and jewelry findings, buttons and other craft project embellishments, and as a display shelf for your favorite rubber stamps, small creations made by you and other crafters, and cards from your crafty friends.

I’ll be sharing pictures of my filled shelves as soon as I get them hung and I’d love to hear your ideas for using these!

Where would you hang these shelves,
and what would you store or display on them if you had a set?

Please share your thoughts in the comments –
we love hearing from you!

Well kids, that’s it for today’s share.

We sure are excited to be working with
and hope you’ll give them a HUGE CSI welcome!

Ready to connect with
and personally welcome them as a CSI sponsor?

Check out the website
and all of their social media channels:
Go-Organize on Facebook on Twitter
Go-Organize on Pinterest
Go-Organize on Instagram
Go-Organize on YouTube

Thanks for tuning in and for sharing a bit of your day with us – we love chatting with you!

We look forward to our next get-together and invite you to share your crafting organization and storage challenges, and ideas, with us.

Have a great day,
Steph & The CSI Team

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Cataloguing your supplies with Evernote

 Hi everyone, it’s Sharon here today and I want to share with you my ideas for using Evernote software to keep track of my supplies.

I had never heard of Evernote until I saw an old post on here from Cicily where she shared how she uses it.   I recently made the switch from storing my stamps in CD cases to the Avery Elle storage pockets, and whilst doing so, had a bit of a clear out and got rid of a lot of older stamps.  This left me with a bit of a dilemma, because I had numbered all my CD cases, and created a folder of stamped images so I could categorize them and easily find the particular stamp I wanted.   The thought of starting that all over from scratch didn’t appeal so I was looking for another way to do it.

I really wasn’t sure that Evernote would work for me.   I do like to flip through a book to see what I have – and I have gone back to a paper planner because I can’t cope with using a digital calendar, so I was a little sceptical about it, but I’m so glad I gave it a try, because it really is fantastic.

If you don’t know anything about Evernote, it’s free software, that enables you to create various ‘notebooks’, and within those notebooks you can list anything you like.  It’s easiest to download the software onto a PC or laptop for creating your catalogues, but then you can also access it via an app on your phone or tablet, which is extremely useful.   It also includes a snipping tool, which enables you to copy and paste anything from your screen and catalogue it.  You can add ‘tags’ to each note and then search for those tags.

So, to explain it better, I’ll show you what I have created so far.

I started off cataloguing my stamps.   So I created a notebook called ‘Stamp Catalogue’.    Then I created a ‘note’ for each of my stamp sets.  The format for each ‘note’ is the same, first I list the manufacturer, then the name of the set.   Using the snipping tool I add a picture of the set (I usually get this from the manufacturers website), I then add tags which will give me all the information I need when searching – so I create tags describing all the images in a set, all the greetings, then additional tags such as ‘Christmas’, ‘Birthday’ etc.

evernote 1

It really didn’t take that long to add all my sets and I am really finding it a great way to work.  If, for instance, I’m looking for a greeting that says ‘Happy Birthday’, I just search the tags for that, and then I can flip through all the sets I have that are relevant.  You can add more than one picture to each note, so another idea I had was to also include a photo of the stamped image along with various marker colour options.  You could also add photos of cards made using that stamp in case you want to recreate them.

I plan to create ‘notebooks’ for all my supplies, then, when I’m out shopping, I can quickly see what I already have.   Although I have started an ink swatch book for my inks and embossing powders which I will rely on to see the true colours, I think I’m going to list them on Evernote too, just so I have a list accessible from my phone so I know at a glance what I already have.

So far, I’ve catalogued my wafer thin dies:

evernote 2

My digital stamps:

Evernote 3

and my punches:

Evernote 4

Next, I’m planning to add my Distress Inks, my embossing folders and my stencils.

 Since it’s accessible from my phone, I plan to add some other notebooks for all sorts of other things.  Here’s some ideas of other things it could be used for  – to do lists, recipe lists, shopping lists, useful snippets of code that I want to store somewhere, colour swatches, card sketches, Christmas card list, birthday present lists, storing business cards, etc.

I hope I’ve persuaded you all to have a go with it – I really have found that it’s changed my life!




PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT – Curver Rattan style storage boxes

Hi, it’s Sharon today stopping by with a product highlight. I recently saw these plastic storage trays on special offer in my local supermarket and grabbed a couple to see if they’d be useful.   When I got them home I realised they are the perfect size for quite a few crafty things. The ones I have are the small size, but they do have a selection of larger sizes too. They come in black, brown or cream and what I like about them is that they are pretty strong and sturdy, and have really useful handles at each end which means I can grab one easily and take it to my craft desk.

The small size are perfect for 6×6 paper pads as you can see:


I’ve used one for my envelopes:


Then I used a couple more to store my card blanks, and finished card samples.


Here in the UK I picked them up for just £1.50 each in Morrisons so I’m just going to grab a couple each time I go food shopping.   Since I’m in the process of building a new craft space I thought I’d find some shelving solution that works for them when I start planning the furniture.  Curver are an international company so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find them wherever you are. Here’s a link to them on the US website and more details.


I think I might try some of the other sizes to see what use they might have as I’m very impressed with the quality.

Thank you for stopping by CSI!


Product Review: Pocket Scrapbooking Organizer

Happy Monday! It’s Cicily with a product review for the Pocket Scrapbooking Organizer from Organize More.


I was so happy to get this desktop organizer for pocket page inserts. I’ve had something along this line in mind for my hubby to build, but this was much nicer then I could have imagined. With 13 cubbies and the ability to remove the dividers, you have lots of options to fit your needs.


I also love that it’s not too big and bulky and it is actually light weight with little finger holds on the sides to easily move it. Plus with felt feet, it easily slides on your desktop.


Overall I’m extremely impressed and happy with this product. Check out all the great products at





Product Highlight: Storage Tin for Mini Distress Inks

Ranger has just brought out a new storage container for the Mini Distress Ink Pads!

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.53.36 PM


This tin is a great solution if you like to take your supplies to crops.

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 11.53.48 PM

I’m sure many craft stores will be stocking this, or pop over to the Ranger website for more details.

Thanks for stopping by Craft Storage Ideas!




Storage for small embellishments

Hallo, it’s Hazel and today I have a storage idea from my own cupboard to share!!

This year, I decided not to buy ANYTHING new. I will use what I have on hand, recycle and repurpose in my quest for less clutter. The biggest problem was – I didn’t know what I had on hand!!

So, after searching through a whole plastic tub to find a “cat” paperclip, I decided to do something about it.  Here is my solution:


From my local hardware store and before you think that I’ve bought a whole stash of these – I used 2 left over from my hubby’s garage upgrade last year.

I love these as the dividers can be moved around. Much easier to clean (I wash them in the dishwasher!!) and if you have awkward shapes, you can fit them as well.

And here is my sorted paperclip stash:


Stacked and ready to go into my craft cupboard:


I just stack them as the lids close firmly, even if they should fall, they will stay intact in their little cubicles.

I think you will agree with me – I made a good call when I decided that “enough was as good as a feast” – this stash will last me a lifetime!

Last but not least.  While browsing Pinterest I stumbled upon this idea for stacking your containers:

LINK (ex Flickr)

I have a birthday coming up and I think Hamman HQ needs one of these. I’m off to show my hubby.

Thanks for sorting paperclips with me today. It has been fun.  If you have ideas you want us to feature, send us email or leave a comment.  We’d love to see what you do.

Love and Sunshine from Sunny South Africa.














Product Highlight ~ Darice Storage Box

Hello! I’m highlighting a terrific Darice product today that is perfect for storing and color coordinating your sequins.


This can be found in the beading aisle at your local Joann and also at their online store.


There are 20 small compartments and one rectangle compartment, perfect for coordinating craft items or small tools. What I like most about this product is the clasp that closes it securely!

Thanks for stopping by today!


Project Highlight: Raskog for Project Life

Hello all my fellow craft storage enthusiasts!! It’s Hazel, all the way from Sunny SA. While the other side of the world are spring cleaning, we are “gathering” for the upcoming winter months. Whichever one you are doing, I think my post will inspire you to get organized while doing so.

I know Craft Storage Ideas has done Ikea’s Raskog cart before but I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to show you how Christine Newman AK Listgirl adapted hers as a Project Life station. If you missed Laura’s original review on the cart, just click here.

And this is Christine’s version:

She filled the top tray with kits, date stamps, ink and pens. The scrapbook kit is organized into a clear upright paper sorter.  If you want one, hop over to her post to get the link.

The middle and bottom trays have Antonius divided organizers in them. The middle one is filled with 3×4 and 4×6 journal cards and cardstock, 6×6 paper pads, and washi tape. The Antonius has compartments that are PERFECTLY sized for the journal cards!

The bottom tray is filled with various smaller pieces of labels and journal cards  used for Project Life.

You can find Christine’s original post here.  Hop over to her blog to get links to all the products she used and to see the rest. She also converted her other cart (yes!!! She has two!!) into a mobile scrapping station while watching TV when it’s football season or too hot in her craft room. If you want to see what’s in that one, just click here.

While at it, please leave Christine some comments to say Craft Storage Ideas sent you and thank her for coming up with and sharing these wonderful ideas with us.

That’s it.  I’m sure you are looking with new eyes at your Raskog cart.  Have fun and please check back to Craft Storage Ideas as we have lots more to share right here.



May GIVEAWAY from Organize More!

UPDATED! WINNER CHOSEN on 5/21/14! : #8 Suzanne Lowrie! 

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.36.24 PM


Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 1.37.16 PM



Hi all! I cannot WAIT to share with you the wonderful giveaway that our friends from Organize More! are offering our Craft Storage Ideas readers for May! Look at this wonderful Combination Ink and Ribbon organizer that you could be sporting in your very own space! I love how it can accommodate different sizes of ink pads, don’t you?

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 4.34.38 PM


To win, please comment on this post, and tell us your favorite brand of ink pads and why. We will select a winner on May 21 and post on the Craft Storage Ideas website and Facebook page! One entry per person only, please. Due to the high cost of shipping, you MUST live in the continental US 48 states to participate, thank you for understanding!