Room Tour with Kim Barrett

Let’s give a warm welcome to Kim Barrett! Her room is impressive – especially considering it was created using recycled materials!  Here’s Kim!



I’m a wife of 38 years, mother to four grown children and grandma to three. I live in beautiful Arizona and have worked for a major airline for the last 25 years.  I also have a small cake pop business that I began three years ago as a hobby.  I love anything DIY, cooking, baking, paper crafting and repurposing vintage pieces of furniture.




To truly appreciate my craft room, I believe I need to take you to where it all started. Here in the back of my husband’s truck.

 delivery of cabinets

A close friend of mine was remodeling her kitchen and was taking her old whitewashed oak cabinets to the dump.  I jumped at opportunity to save her that trip to the landfill.  My idea began with a clean slate and 22 kitchen cabinets that I needed to figure out how to make them work in an 11’x11’ empty room.  After figuring out a color to paint them, my new craft space was born. 




I was able to use all but two of the cabinets.  I did build a hutch to go over a base cabinet which allowed me to have open shelving.  My husband was nice enough to move all my outlets in the new craft room to counter height, giving me power in all the right spots.  Our biggest challenge was the layout as I wanted to be able to use all the cabinets.  We even made use of the cabinet that once sat over a stove making the perfect cubby for my flat screen TV.



finished hutchMorehutch

I’m one who loves to organize.  I prefer being able to see my supplies to some extent.  I also don’t care much for clutter, so I am a big fan of tiered stands and almost anything in which I can store items that will allow me to leave them in plain view. I absolutely love storage solutions.  Many items I purchase are not exactly designed for my storage solutions, but they are what I’m always drawn to. Our budget was (like most) to spend as little as possible, and do all the work ourselves.  The laminate flooring was the biggest cost at $300. The cabinets were free, and to bring them back to life was well worth the $50 for paint and glaze. 






One thing I would like to improve is the organization and storage of my paper supply. Being a bit of a scrapbook paper addict, I’m always buying paper, yet never seem to know what I actually have. I need a good 12”x12” paper solution, besides the plastic containers they are stored in at this time.  



Being organized, as I believe most will agree is a wonderful place to be and the journey getting there can be just as fun and rewarding.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

You can follow me on Facebook at Cakepops101 and also Instagram Cakepops101


Don’t you love her space?  I think the idea of repurposing something that was bound for the dump is brilliant.  And such low cost, too!



Spring Blog Hop – Last Day!

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Spring Blog Hop Day Three

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Day 1 Winner

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California Art Girl {Richele Christensen} and Blog Hop Day Two

Let’s give a very warm welcome to Richele Christensen!  I love her craft room!  And you will too!  But first – just a reminder about our blog hop!  Check out all of the details here!  And make sure you read all today’s entire post – because we have a giveaway from our blog hop sponsor OrganizeMore!  Here’s a little sneak peek!

Prize 1 - OrganizeMOre

But first, here’s Richele!



I’m a California girl and currently live in the Sacramento area. I have an amazing husband Del and we have two wonderful children. My son KC and his wife Amanda have three amazing kids and that makes me a Grandma. It’s the best! My daughter Ashley and husband Kirk are  busy with their carers.

Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love for art, sewing and crafting. Working in the paper craft industry since 2001 has lead me on an unforgettable journey. I currently work with Tim Holtz as his project manager, teaching workshops and blogging.







I’m very fortunate to have a large space in our home for my studio, it has two windows that bring in lots of natural light which I love. When I set up my studio it was important to me that things were easy to find and being organized helps. Also if things are handy I tend to use them more.RicheleChristensen_Studio1

The stamp wall in my studio is my favorite, they’re custom made shelves my dad and son made. (You can find similar shelves at Ikea). They hold my wood stamps, inks, paints and products I use frequently. The modular cabinets below the shelves are from Michael’s. The drawers come in many configurations so they work for almost everything like tags, dies, stamps, and other miscellaneous things.



Richele Christensen_Studio6



The tools on my work table are in a silverware caddy I picked up at a kitchen organizing store. You just never know when you’ll see something that will be perfect for your studio, like this antique stamp holder is prefect for all my craft tools.



This magnetic board hangs on the side of my cabinet and holds all my Movers ‘n Shapers dies and is available from Ikea. 


1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

I didn’t really have a budget but I tried to be economical. Most of the furniture has come from Ikea, Michael’s and Home Depot. My room has evolved as time has gone by. I recently moved into a larger space in my home and because my space is organized with modular elements they fit right into my new space perfectly.


2. What was your greatest challenge?

 The biggest challenge in my studio was having things I use all the time handy. Since I use my Distress Inks, Paints and Stains all the time I store them on a shelf right behind my work area.


3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

I love to organize my “stuff”. I think you can always improve upon it. My favorite cabinet is the Alex from Ikea. It hold a ton of stuff.


4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?
That’s a tough one. Im pretty happy with my space but I think having pull outs in my large cabinets would make it easier to find things.


There are so many things about Richele’s room I love, but I have major envy over that drawer full of organized tags and her colorful distress ink wall!  What about you?  Make sure to visit Richele at California Art Girl.  Thank you, Richele for sharing your space with us!

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A Cozy Studio {Jenny Grotherus of Kottens Corner}

I’m so happy to introduce you to Jenny Grotherus of Kottens Corner.

Jenny lives on the countryside in Sweden with her husband, baby and a spoilt cat. She started scrapbooking late 2007 and has been addicted ever since. She works as a Marketing Director at the Swedish vintage brand Maja Design. She shares the love and care for vintage, coziness and colours that makes the brand so unique. It clearly shows in her scraphouse that was built with coziness and functionality in mind.


We moved into our house nearly six years ago. It was really tiny and there was no room for my scrapsupplies. I had been saving for years to be able to get myself a dream crafter space when we bought a house, but problems are there to be solved. I literally built myself a scraphouse. I had a carpenter who helped me out with some construction, otherwise I did it all myself. . I have spent countless hours trying to plan what my perfect scrapspace would be like. There isn’t a single window that isn’t there for a reason. I even built the house around my beloved picture rails. J

I’m an over-organized person, so I have divided my scraphouse into different areas. A clean area, a paint area, a sewing area and a working area with a computer. I’ve also got a standing work area that I use a lot. All the needs for the different areas are then organized with the supplies needed. Even if the house was built for crafting I want it to feel welcoming and loving, not overwhelming due to tons of supplies. I also wanted to be able to see what I use the most and have everything at hand. That was a real challenge…



Here’s my standing work area. Perfect for punching, die-cutting and binding books. The cabinets makes it easy to both hide supplies and keep them on display. I keep cheap paper flowers in glass jars in the glass cabinets, beautiful lace as well. Paper is stored in Cropper Hopper vertical solutions so I can see them easily but it still looks discrete. I keep dual tip pens in the corner and tools in the carousel. I inherited tons of IKEA KASSETT boxes that I have used to organize everything from PanPastels to punches. They are all stored in the cabinets.


Here’s an example of how I’ve organized Prima flowers. According to colour or collection. Labels, labels, labels… I think I have about 80 KASSETT boxes so they need to be carefully labeled.


 Here’s my true little corner. The black bench contains some of my 12×12 ring binders. The drawers contains finished mini-albums since I can’t have them all on display. I keep different pens in the white cutlery holder. I really want people to feel at home in my house, scrapper or not. So this is also my little Fika corner. Cookies, biscuits and I also have lemonade. :) My coffee machine is still situated in the kitchen, but I’m seriously considering moving it to the scraphouse.

I have two clip it up’s. One that I keep bling on and this large floor model where I store everything from rub-ons to letter stickers.

The cute IKEA HENSVIK shelves contains small glass jars with lace and projects on display.


More 12×12 binders. I also keep cardstock in this inherited IKEA EXPEDIT shelf. The small chests contains toys for my son to play with when he comes to visit me in my little house.


My long desk contains from the left: embellies area, paint area, my sewing area and my working area. (You can see my rebuilt kitchentable in the foreground that serves as my clean area). As you can see I have eight IKEA HELMER bureaus that I bought on sale. That makes 48 drawers in total. They can hold A LOT and are also designed to be labeled so you know what’s inside them. The four HELMER bureaus under the long desk are packed with Idea-ology stuff, trinkets, ribbon, shabby embellishments, chipboard, paints, brushes, embossing powder, glitter, anything you can think of. The three ones by the kitchen table are filled up with paper roses. I bought tons of ANTONIUS inserts that are supposed to be used in the laundry department. With some help from scissors they fit perfectly in the HELMER drawers.


Here are a few of the drawers with paper roses that have all been organized by colour…


I love my picture rails. They can hold so much stuff it’s unbelievable. And no. They do not get that dusty. :) I’m constantly rearranging these cuties to keep what I use the most closest by hand. In general I keep a lot of paint, mists, glues, sprays, re-inkers and texture pastes of different kinds here. To the left you can see my Distress Ink pad storage and below the picture rails are my Distress Ink tools. They have been organized with a little help of a drilling machine and a leftover crossbar.


Here’s my sewing area. Fabrics in the cabinet to the left and threads, buttons etc in the HELMER bureau to the right. I also keep a lot of buttons in the spice jar holder that you can see on the window sill.


Most of my time is probably spent here, in my working area.


I have placed our old kitchen table in the middle of the room. It was collecting dust in an old barn so I rebuilt it to include shelves on one side and chairs on the other. People think that I’m nuts, but I actually saw a bunch of cute baskets on my way home from work in the display window of a department store. So I bought them and rebuilt the table to fit the baskets. I painted it white and put some IKEA HELMER bureaus under the leaf and my clean area was all done! It fits three scrappers or more if you remove the HELMER bureaus. I usually sit on the side where the baskets are when friends are coming over. It gives me access to both the paint area and the clean one without having to move around.

I used to keep Prima flowers in the baskets but grew out of them pretty quickly. Nowadays I store what mom would call junk. I like to call it highly usable stuff. :)  

1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?

Since I built an entire house, quite a lot… But I love to create my own storage solutions since they always turn out to be the best. The distress ink tool storage is superb and was completely free. I used an old leftover crossbar that I just drilled some holes in. I’ve also used a lot of old furniture that I have rebuilt or just painted. The IKEA HELMER bureaus are a blessing and very cheap. So is picture rails and glass jars. If I didn’t build a house I would have had a very limited budget.

2. What was/is your greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge for me was to create a welcoming house with lots of light that everybody, scrapper or non-scrapper, would just love to enter.

I also need to know exactly where everything is stored. Since I have a rather large scrapspace it’s impossible to find something if it’s not where it’s supposed to be.

3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?

Your needs always change. In my opinion you really can’t just sit down and think it will work for years to come. Six months later you’ll always discover that your needs has changed, you have tons of new supplies and that perfect organization no longer fits you. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve re-organized my space.

4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?

I do miss a proper bookshelf. No matter how much you oversize your storage solutions you always discover that they are too small. I would have gone for the largest IKEA Expedit shelf where I could fit all my albums and Cropper Hopper Storage Solutions. But there’s simply not room for it.


And there you have Jenny’s beautifully organized room!  More than anything – it’s so cozy!  Don’t you agree?  Please check out her her blog and her Pinterest page here!

In Love with Poofy Cheeks {Kelsey Sapp}

Today’s guest post comes to you from Kelsey Sapp of Poofy Cheeks.

Kelsey lives in Central Florida with her husband, three kids and another baby on the way. She started creating things from a young age, took numerous art classes and pursed a degree in graphic and web design. Now Kelsey works from home writing her blog, Poofy Cheeks, and running her online shop. She spends most of her day working and creating in her craft space.

Get ready to be inspired!


My craft room is actually our formal dining room but living in a three bedroom house with a fourth baby on the way meant I wouldn’t be able to have a private room with a door I could shut behind me. We aren’t really formal dining type of people so I convinced my husband to let me turn the room into my craft area. At times things can get messy since this space also doubles as my shipping and packing station for my online shop, but over the last few months I have acquired our entryway closet to organize things into as well (that is another post for another day).


My Budget: When I decorated my space I already had the two desks and the trunk. My dad and I built the sawhorse desk a few years back (for around $100) and had to cut about a foot off of it to fit in our new house. The other desk came with a bedroom set my husband and I purchased when we moved into our first apartment together and the trunk I purchased when I first moved out on my own. My overall budget for putting this space together, not counting the desks and trunk, was around $100 which I spent on supply organization solutions.


How I Keep Things Organized: To keep things organized I tried to think outside the box and made two floating mason jar storage shelves – they hold a good portion of the hair ties I sell in my shop. They were the biggest splurge in my space but also make the biggest impact – total cost for both shelves was around $50. For my fabric and thread stash I use a flower pot hanger with a thrifted hanging fruit basket.  I use the trunk under the sawhorse desk to keep a lot of my shipping and packaging supplies along with my stamps, ink, and elastic. The other lifesaving organization piece is the pegboard – I use the one above the desk to keep necklaces, headbands and pre-packaged hair tie sets so that when I sell them I can easily and quickly package them for shipping.


My Storage Style: I like to organize things once and after I designate a spot for something that becomes its home. For the past two years my craft room has looked basically the exact same. Every now and then I pick up something new or a supply outgrows its ‘home’ but I find if I move things around too much I forget where I put them!



Greatest Challenge: With my craft room being in the actual dining room you can look right into my craft area from the living room. My husband and I agreed that the room needed to have minimal supplies and needed to stay organized (because I have been known to get a little messy with my crafts). First I went through a huge craft supply purge and then I came up with classy yet cheap ways to organize my space. My goal was to decorate the room to blend with the rest of the house but there are still days when my desk space is scattered with supplies and I am rushing to get it clean again before my husband gets home from work.


Things to Improve: I wish I could come up with a way to store my bigger projects such as wreaths and wall art while I am still working on them. When I get started on those projects I feel like I don’t have enough room and they are scattered around for a while taking up valuable space (making the house look a little unorganized too).



Well, what do you think?  I love, love that sawhorse desk!  So cute.  Make sure to visit Kelsey at Poofy Cheeks.

Guest Contributor {Gluesticks}

We are so happy to welcome Brandy from Gluesticks!

_MG_4900Brandy is a  mother of four and the wife to a member of the US Coast Guard. Having grown up with creative influences around her, she developed a love and appreciation for all things homemade. Every woman needs an outlet and Gluesticks is hers. On Gluesticks you will find crafts, recipes, kids activities and step by step tutorials for every skill level.

Let’s give her a warm welcome!


Welcome to my home office/craft room/guest room. Yep, it has a lot of functions.
Originally this room was going to be our guest room. Complete with a full size bed and everything my grandmother would need when she came to stay with us on occasion, but then we realized that we don’t have family come see us often, so I decided to not buy a bed, but create a space with room for a queen size air mattress when needed. I placed the furniture against the walls and will pull out the ottoman box under the window when we use the Aerobed air mattress. There is plenty of clearance in front and space in front of the closet and walking space around the sides. It isn’t a very roomy guest room, but we had to maximize the functions and prioritize in this small space.
(details on my message board here.)
1. What kind of budget did you have when organizing your space?
I didn’t set a budget for this project because I am pretty frugal to begin with. My room is a mixture of old and new. Re-purposed and purchased. The sewing machine stand and printer stand were both headed to the trash when I decided to give them another life. You can find details on that project here.
Most of the accessories were purchased from IKEA and Pick Your Plum. The white bookshelf is also from IKEA.
The crowning jewel of my room is my Craft Box. The Original Scrapbox is a sponsor of Gluesticks and so I worked out a deal with them with cross promotion.
These strategies kept the cost for my room to a minimum.
2. What was your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge was storing all of my creative supplies AND still being able to have room for a guest bed, when necessary.
The solution to that challenge was been my Craft Box . It has solved so many organizational issues for me! Not only is it a beautiful piece of furniture, it transforms into a home office/craft space with just a few clicks. You can see a full video tour of my room and my Craft Box here!
I can store all of my sewing notions and supplies as well as my craft necessities.
When I am not crafting or sewing, I can use my table for my home office. When I’m done, I close it all off and it looks like a beautiful armoire. Stay tuned for more details on my Craft Box and a it’s functionality. It is simply extraordinary.
3. Are you a “organize it once” kind of girl, or are your storage solutions constantly evolving?
My storage solutions are constantly evolving. My craft box will not evolve. It’s functions will remain the same. However, This storage cube came from IKEA, along with the boxes. These are great because they are inexpensive (2 for $10), large, and hold my fabric! BUT…as the months have passed (and it’s been a year since I decorated this room) I am realizing that I am accumulating way too much fabric. I am going to have to either buy more boxes and take over the rest of the cubes and maybe the top of the book case as well, or come up with another organizational solution for my fabric.
4. What is one thing you’d like to improve about your storage/organization?
I would love to improve the storage area for my kid’s craft supplies. They have almost as much as I do! They also have taken over my craft box, as seen here. Ha! Do your kids do this too? A lot of their supplies are in boxes in the closet and are easily forgotten. I pull them out and rotate them in a basket on their craft table every so often, but I would love for the kids to be able to access them easier. I am working on this!


Don’t you love her space?  And I really like seeing a craft box in action!  What was your favorite part of Brandy’s room?  Show her some love!  And don’t forget to visit here Gluesticks!