A Great Craft Room/Office/Guest Room from Damask Love

My craft space is also my office, so I get really inspired by craft rooms that do double duty, that might look like an office but are also really just well-organized creative spaces.

I’m kind of in love with the pretty space that Amber from Damask Love works in, which once again makes me weep a little inside that I live in a state without an IKEA.

That’s where all this lovely furniture came from: the tables, chairs, drawers and even the big tower storage units. So streamlined, and you get a lot of storage in a little space, which is great. craft room office damask love

I love the idea of using traditional “office” supplies in a crafty way, which she does with her rolling file cart turned storage for card stock, acrylic stamping blocks, paper trimmer and more supplies that a card maker needs to have always at hand. damask love rolling cart

This room also has a fold-out couch for guests, which makes a comfy spot for reading, brainstorming and doing work that doesn’t require the desk. You can see from the overhead shot that it’s not a huge space, but it’s really well planned and looks cozy, not cluttered. damask love craft room

Which is exactly the kind of inspiration I need for my office/craft area.

Another thing I love in this space is the little floating shelf on which she displays her magazine covers and current favorite creations. You can bet if I ever get any magazine covers I’m installing a shelf to show them off! favorites wall damask love

You can check out the rest of Amber’s craft room on her site and get all the details.


  1. Love this, Sarah! I wish you had an IKEA in your state, too. ~ Doris

  2. I just can’t justify driving to Dallas to go shopping. ;) wish I could!

  3. Awesome ideas here! Thanks for sharing!

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