Heat Transfer Vinyl for the Win!

We’ve talked about it before, but your Silhouette isn’t just for getting crafty!  It’s also a great way to help keep you organized!  How about labeling canvas bins?  I know these are for laundry and clothes, but I know at least a dozen crafters who have these same type of bins in their Expedits!

LabeledLaundrySorters2 source



Or what about labeling your crop bag?

 anchor-bag-with-Silhouette-printable-heat-transfer-material-whipperberry-5 source

Or a small bag for your embellishments?



Have I convinced you yet?  :)  If you need supplies, all heat transfer material at Silhouette is 30% off until April 30th!  Just use promo code STORAGE on their sale page!   If you don’t have a machine yet, then you are in luck, because now you can get heat transfer material with your new machine for a great deal!


1 Silhouette CAMEO, including:
1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Light Fabrics

1 Silhouette Portrait: including:
1 Heat Transfer Starter Kit
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Dark Fabrics
1 Printable Heat Transfer Material for Light Fabrics

To order, click on this link and use the code STORAGE at checkout for your 30% discount or to receive the machine bundle deal!

Craft Room ~ To The Full

Hello crafty friends! I’m back today sharing the craft room of my blogging friend Leigh Penner. If you haven’t visited Leigh’s blog To The Full, you’re missing out on some beautiful card inspiration and scrapbooking layouts! Leigh has been kind enough to invite us into her creative space today.  She recently redid her studio so that her crafting companion, daughter Sage, could join her ~ how sweet is that!! Let’s get started shall we…


A corner spot in the basement is a cozy area for the mother daughter team to work. I like the placement of the tables facing each other!


Isn’t Leigh’s desktop perfectly organized! Her most used items are right at hand in a wide variety of storage containers. Their dark color has a unified appearance and is a nice contrast against the light desk top. Stamps, small hand tools, paper trimmer and papers all within easy reach.


Since Leigh stamps on all of her projects, she keeps her clear stamps right in front of her. They’re organized by manufacturer in Tim Holtz folders.


This industrial piece from Harbor Freight is such a clever idea for ink pads, twines, adhesives and other often used items.


An Ikea cart has been designated as her die cutting station. Once again well organized with the necessities right on hand!


Leigh, along with her son and daughter, put together this Expedit unit from Ikea. This endeavor is better known as the “Ikea workout” in the Penner home! I just love the beautiful bible verse (cut from vinyl using her Silhouette)  adorning her soft aqua wall.

Leigh has MANY more photos to share of her cozy space on her blog {To The Full}. She gives you a great breakdown of what she stores on her Expedit shelf along with some clever uses for hanging files! Stop by to say hi and while you’re there have a look around her blog. You won’t be disappointed!


Storage Solution Roundup: Washi Tape

It’s Cicily and I’m sharing a few Washi Tape storage ideas. Yes, I know, more Washi Tape. But really can you ever have too much? I didn’t think so! So I’m thinking you can’t ever have enough storage solutions either.

Actually I wanted to share Laura Vega’s new take on how she stores her Washi Tape. We featured her room HERE and I highly suggest you check it out.

On to the Washi Tape.

Laura needed a way to organize her tapes by Brand and came up with this solution after she had organized them for a class using large binder rings. With lots of left over rings, she realized this was the perfect solution for dilemma!

She labeled them with vellum tags and keeps them in a pretty  basket.



I also have another solution for you. I love this idea. Kimberley of  A Night Owl Blog used a spool thread holder she snagged at Goodwill for her ever-growing washi stash!



Want to see more Washi Tape solutions? Just search “washi” on our blog or check out CSI on Pinterest.



Just 1 Tip: Use a louver/vent cover to store your stamps

Hallo, Hazel all the way from Sunny SA here today to share a great tip.  I’ve got all my wooden stamps in drawers underneath my dining room table.  Why?? Because I like to see what I have and these were the only large, flat drawers in my whole house so I used what I had.  Problem is:  the drawers are HUGE – I can’t take them out and a dining room table doesn’t look very inviting when it’s drawers are hanging open.

What do you think about this?


An ordinary wall louver/vent cover that keeps air flowing through your home.

And now it’s a stamp rack:


My local hardware store sells them in plastic and metal.  I actually love the white option but if you want it to fit in with your custom color scheme – just paint it.  Pretty great idea don’t you think?

My idea comes from Better Homes and Gardens and the series is called “New Craft Storage Ideas Using Unexpected Items”.  If you want to see the rest of their ideas, just click here.

Thanks for looking at alternative craft storage options with me today.  Please leave a comment if you have an idea of your own ……………… I’d love to see and hear what you do.

Until we meet again ……………………and remember, ” Keep calm and store your stash!”




Storing Project Life and Leftover Kits

Hallo to all my fellow Craft Storage enthusiasts. Today I want to share a Project Life related idea.  You know how it is ………………. all the kits that you buy AND use (of course we crafters don’t buy ANYTHING we don’t need and use!!) and then there are the leftovers………………..

I’m a HUGE follower of Christine Newman’s blog, Fabulous Adventures of Listgirl and when I hopped upon this post, I made a note in my Craft Storage Ideas file to share it with you.

This is what her original stash looked like:

And the “after”. Arranged by kit and by color within the kit:

She calls herself a “one-kit scrapper” and  it works for me as well.  We’re busy – things to do, places to go, people to see, memories to make. When I get the time to do some crafting, I want everything on hand with the minimum of clutter on my desk.

In Christine’s post is a link to Barb Picinich’s blog, The Picnic Basket. She used the same method for her leftover kits.  Here is the link to the original post and this is what her sorted stash looks like:

I will still keep my latest kit on my desk – that way I know I have to give it a go but the leftover stash is going to be reincarnated ASAP.  It will take a bit of time but once done, I’ll share my effort with you right here on Craft Storage Ideas. Just keep checking back!! 

That’s it from me.  Thanks for hopping through Blogland with me and looking at what other crafters do to make life easier. I really enjoyed the ride.

Remember to leave some comments for me as well as at Christine and Barb’s blogs. We do appreciate them sharing with us!

Have a great day.



Just One Tip: Stamp Pad & Marker Storage!

Spring is here and for me that means Spring Cleaning! Well it should anyways.  This is Cicily the Pink Dalmatian Scrapper and I’m sharing “Just One Tip” with you today.

So while you’re cleaning and organizing keep this tip in mind.

The best way to store ink pads is pad side down. That way the ink stays at the top of the pad.  Some ink pads (like CTMH) flip closed so the pad is upside down. Otherwise actually turn your pad upside down. I do this with my Tim Holtz Distress pads.

This stamp storage from Organize More is perfect for either type of pad, just remember upside down.

Prize 3 - Organize More


I’ve seen some great marker storage ideas, but think gravity again. The best way to store markers is laying down flat. I don’t have a ton of Markers so I store mine in this Tim Holtz tube, laying down flat of course! The lid has flat edges, so the tube doesn’t roll.


Hopefully your spring cleaning and organizing leads you to more craftiness!




Room Tour with Kim Barrett

Let’s give a warm welcome to Kim Barrett! Her room is impressive – especially considering it was created using recycled materials!  Here’s Kim!



I’m a wife of 38 years, mother to four grown children and grandma to three. I live in beautiful Arizona and have worked for a major airline for the last 25 years.  I also have a small cake pop business that I began three years ago as a hobby.  I love anything DIY, cooking, baking, paper crafting and repurposing vintage pieces of furniture.




To truly appreciate my craft room, I believe I need to take you to where it all started. Here in the back of my husband’s truck.

 delivery of cabinets

A close friend of mine was remodeling her kitchen and was taking her old whitewashed oak cabinets to the dump.  I jumped at opportunity to save her that trip to the landfill.  My idea began with a clean slate and 22 kitchen cabinets that I needed to figure out how to make them work in an 11’x11’ empty room.  After figuring out a color to paint them, my new craft space was born. 




I was able to use all but two of the cabinets.  I did build a hutch to go over a base cabinet which allowed me to have open shelving.  My husband was nice enough to move all my outlets in the new craft room to counter height, giving me power in all the right spots.  Our biggest challenge was the layout as I wanted to be able to use all the cabinets.  We even made use of the cabinet that once sat over a stove making the perfect cubby for my flat screen TV.



finished hutchMorehutch

I’m one who loves to organize.  I prefer being able to see my supplies to some extent.  I also don’t care much for clutter, so I am a big fan of tiered stands and almost anything in which I can store items that will allow me to leave them in plain view. I absolutely love storage solutions.  Many items I purchase are not exactly designed for my storage solutions, but they are what I’m always drawn to. Our budget was (like most) to spend as little as possible, and do all the work ourselves.  The laminate flooring was the biggest cost at $300. The cabinets were free, and to bring them back to life was well worth the $50 for paint and glaze. 






One thing I would like to improve is the organization and storage of my paper supply. Being a bit of a scrapbook paper addict, I’m always buying paper, yet never seem to know what I actually have. I need a good 12”x12” paper solution, besides the plastic containers they are stored in at this time.  



Being organized, as I believe most will agree is a wonderful place to be and the journey getting there can be just as fun and rewarding.

Thanks for the opportunity to share!

You can follow me on Facebook at Cakepops101 and also Instagram Cakepops101


Don’t you love her space?  I think the idea of repurposing something that was bound for the dump is brilliant.  And such low cost, too!



Craft Room {Bower Power}

Today I am sharing a beautiful office/craft room I found at Bower Power.

Bower Power

This room functions as both an office for them as well as a place to sew, craft and blog. This is a pretty tall order for one room. The room, as well as almost everything in it got a fresh coat of paint, including this fantastic green bookcase and red chair. I love the subtle color on the wall with the pops of color in the furniture. The pieces really stand out but don’t make the space look too busy.

She corralled her crafting and sewing supplies into a shelving unit near her sewing machine to make it easy to do her projects.

But my favorite thing in the room (must be my inner office supply hoarder) is the giant white board she has on the wall. What a great place to write ideas, keep track of projects, etc.

Be sure to head over to Bower Power to see the amazing before and after. You won’t believe your eyes. Tell her Craft Storage Ideas sent you!


Product Highlight: Yarn Container

Today’s product highlight will be helpful for our readers who knit and crotchet. I am trying to teach myself to crotchet, and one of my biggest pet peeves is having my yarn get tangled while I am working. I also have cats and a 4 year old, so keeping my yarn contained is essential. I came across these great Snapware yarn containers at Jo Anns.

Snapware Yarn Container

Pretty ingenious, right? While I did a quick search for these containers in use, I found many DIY versions that work just as well.

Source: Hooked on Crafting

Source: Simple Joys

Source: Till We Quilt Again

Source: Chatter Box Jenn

Repurposing antibacterial wipes containers, oatmeal canisters and tupperware all work well to contain your yarn. I love that two of these examples were made pretty by using ceramic tiles or duck tape of all things! Whether you purchase a ready made container or create your own, your yarn will be safely stored while working on your projects!

How do you store your yarn while working on a project?


Welcome to My Little Studio ~ {Contributor Team: Lisa Elton}

Hi crafty friends! Part of my job as a Contributor here at CSI is to show you where others create with my creative space tours. But today I’m inviting you to join me in my little art studio! Yep you read that right I said {little}!! You see my creative space is in a closet. It’s a deep closet in our third bedroom that we claimed as our den when we moved to this house.


My amazing husband did all of the handy work here, installing the shelving, lighting and my desk.  As I said, this is a deep closet. In fact I can close the doors behind me while I sit in my pretty little Pottery Barn Tolix chair! I don’t do that, but I could! The stacking drawer sets on either side of the chair are white plastic with clear fronts. I covered a piece of poster board with polka dot fabric (of course! *wink*) and slid them right into place inside the drawer. This hides the contents and looks cute to boot!


My desk top holds my die cutting machine, a galvanized container from JoAnn that houses 8 1/2″ x 11″ colored cardstock in pretty geranium file folders, a red wire basket containing 3 Pottery Barn galvanized buckets and the clear ArtBin boxes I shared here that house my ink pads.

010 copy (1)

The top shelf holds lesser used item. The square plastic boxes in the center came from Archivers. They hold fabric and other miscellaneous craft supplies. The large galvanized tubs are from Northline Express and are actually wood bins. I found them online, they’re really light weight and have lids. One holds floral design supplies and the other gift wrapping supplies. I found the geranium nesting boxes at TJ Max. I keep curling ribbons, small seldom used craft supplies and larger rolls of ribbon in them. The silver photo boxes are from Ikea.


The Bisley file cabinets from The Container Store hold my wood block rubber stamps. This is a great storage vessel for them, they can stack two deep! A galvanized tray from Pottery Barn keeps my clear stamps and stick stamps neat and tidy! The tan stripe curtain covers two large steps up to the attic. It is on it’s way out when I find a nice white polka dot curtain or fabric to make my own!!

008 copy

The shelves on the left hold lots of paper crafting goodies! Jars of Washi Tape, twine, trims & buttons. You might recognize my Martha Stewart Recipe tins that hold my dies. The ribbon box next to them was a Christmas gift from my niece. The bottom shelf has wire baskets from Office Max. Visit my blog for more info and close ups of these containers.

So what do you think? Like I said, it’s little but it’s mine and I love it! With limited space I have to be organized, neat and tidy. A place for everything and everything in it’s place! Thanks so much for spending a bit of time with me in my studio today.